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Magic Industry Empire Volume 3 Chapter 39 - Sea port

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These words naturally couldnt be said to head Wein because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce hired these farmers because of the agreement signed with head Wein. It can be considered helping head Wein solve the daily living necessities for five thousand people in his territory.

Moreover, according to Xu Yis investigations and Cantonas understanding of the situation, although these five thousand people worked here and took the wages offered by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they were considered citizens of head Weins territory, so most of their wages were handed over to head Wein.

So head Wein could teach this lazy worker as he wished, but Cantona had to keep him even if he was dissatisfied with this lazy fellow.

After all, to head Wein, killing a person had no influence. At worst he could just change the person.

But for Cantona, even if that person was lazy, he was already used to using the agricultural magic machine after half a month, so he could be considered a skilled worker.

Even if he was dissatisfied with the work of the local farmers, he at least had some use. If they changed that person, he had to teach them from the beginning.

Looking at head Weins fat face, Cantona felt emotional.

A noble that was this repulsive and cruel could receive large amounts of benefits from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce each year because he controlled this land.

Other than the rent and the crop yield each year, the five thousand workers had a monthly salary of five gold coins. He took away at least twenty thousand of the twenty five thousand gold coins a month, which was over two hundred thousand gold coins a year.

Roughly calculating it, just by renting out this hundred thousand hectares of land, head Wein was gaining at least six hundred thousand gold coins a year.

Thinking of this large number, Cantona couldnt stop the pain in his heart.

If this money didnt need to be given to this fellow head Wein and used in other places, how many things could be done……

But Cantona was clear that this was the fee that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was spending to open the door to the Stantine Duchy.

But only someone as bold as Xu Yi would be able to have this kind of determination, right

At least Cantona wouldnt dare.

“Chairman Cantona, I still have a question.” Head Weins voice pulled Cantonas wandering mind back.

“Un What question does head Wein have Please ask.” Cantona quickly replied with a smile.

Head Wein pointed at the agricultural magic machines moving through the land and asked, “Those agricultural magic machines should be produced by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, right I wonder…..Is chairman Xu willing to sell those things to me”

Cantona laughed, “Of course. Head Wein, do you think that chairman Xu had me bring all these agricultural magic machines just to open this piece of land Let me tell you, chairman Xu had privately told me that I had to seize the chance to promote these agricultural magic machines. It would be best if all the nobles were to use them. Do you think he is willing to sell”

Head Wein immediately revealed a smile, “Thats good. Alright, chairman Cantona, can you help me tell chairman Xu that I want to buy a thousand various agricultural magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce I hope that he can help me solve this as soon as possible.”

Cantona shook his head with a faint smile, “Theres no need, chairman Xu will be here in a few days. Wouldnt it be better for you to tell him yourself when the time comes”

“Oh Chairman Xu is really coming” Head Wein immediately revealed a pleasantly surprised look, “Great! After chairman Xu comes, I will definitely take good care of him!”

Seeing the fat scrunch up on head Weins face when he smiled, Cantona couldnt help shaking his head. He thought that it was no wonder head Wein was happy to hear that Xu Yi was coming.

If someone knew that a person who could bring them six hundred thousand gold coins a year was coming, they would definitely be as happy as head Wein.

After discussing the land with Cantona for a while, head Wein was satisfied as he led his subordinates and maids away. Cantona thought for a bit before heading towards the sea.

This land was close to the sea and that place was gradually changing. Other than a ten meter tall sea gate that was a kilometer away from the cliff, there was also a road that connected this large piece of land to a port being built by the sea.

This coast was a small bay, blocking off monsoons and large waves, so it formed a natural harbour.

Xu Yi had Cantona lead people to open up this land, while also having the Amrit Chamber of Commerce send a construction team here to build a harbour.

After half a month, the harbour had taken initial shape, with a pier that had a steel frame that led into the ocean.

According to manager Riley from the Amrit Chamber of Commerce who was in charge, they only needed to finish the construction with the cement and the harbour would take shape.

But the Amrit Chamber of Commerce didnt have experience with concrete wharfs and building wharfs was hard enough, so manager Riley wasnt very optimistic about the progress.

It was a good thing that Xu Yi didnt rush them, even giving them a work period of five years.

This made Cantona and manager Riley confused when they were having a private conversation.

Since Xu Yi was not in a rush, why did he build this harbour so early

The more important thing was how would building this harbour help the Frestech Chamber of Commerce The Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt even have any ships……

Not to mention that even if they did, there were many rivers on the Sines Continent, so why would they sail into the endless sea that was filled with hidden dangers

When the two came to the Stantine Duchy, although they saw many fishing boats in the water, they never went past ten kilometers away from the coast. If they went any further, even the most veteran fisherman didnt dare go.

“Who knows…..Chairman Xu can see far further into the future, perhaps he might have some other plans.” Manager Riley gave a shrug with an uncaring look on his face, “Anyway, we are just doing work for him for money. As for what he is thinking, we dont need to care. At least in the two years that Ive known chairman Xu, Ive never seen him do any business that has lost him money, so this time shouldnt be an exception.”

Cantona looked at manager Riley in surprise. He thought that although he admired chairman Xu very much, he couldnt compare to the blind faith that manager Riley had.

“Dont look at me like this, even chairman Cruise is filled with admiration towards chairman Xu, so Cantona, you dont need to doubt it.” Manager Riley said with a laugh, “Look, if it wasnt for chairman Xu being skilled, would a small company like your Cantona Chamber of Commerce be able to receive a hundred thousand hectares of land Its a hundred thousand hectares! How much farmland does our Banta City have in total The farmland in your hands is more than all the farmland our Banta City nobles have.”

Cantona gave a bitter laugh, “Theres enough fields, but Im worried about whether we can earn money or not.”

Manager Riley rolled his eyes at him, “What are you worried about The field isnt being rented by your Cantona Chamber of Commerce, you just have to properly use the people to open the land and hand the grains over to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. You dont need to care if itll earn money or not.”

“Im not worried about myself, Im worried about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” Cantona shook his head, “Because I have calculated it, I found that even if there are three harvests a year here, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce will suffer a loss in the end. Youve never seen chairman Xu lose money, but this matter…..I think he will definitely lose money.”

“Relax.” Manager Riley patted Cantonas shoulder, “I just said it, chairman Xu is much better than us. Perhaps he might lose money from your point of view, but that is different from business because money can be represented by many things. Perhaps chairman Xu will lose a bit of money from this, but he will definitely receive something else. Only the two of us cant see it right now.”

Cantona looked at manager Riley in speechlessness, thinking that his faith in Xu Yi really was blind.

But thinking about it, this matter wasnt related to him. The Cantona Chamber of Commerce was a small company and instead of wondering if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would lose money, or if someone important like Xu Yi had made a mistake, it was better to study up on how to develop his own company.

Thinking of this, Cantona took manager Rileys shoulder and raised a brow before revealing a lewd smile, “Lets not talk about this. After work tonight, how about we get some wine together Ive heard that the figures of the Stantine Duchy girls arent bad, do you want to experience it together”

Manager Riley swallowed a mouthful of saliva, but he shook his head, “No, I have a shipment of new materials coming tonight and I have to have someone take care of it. Its better to do it myself to make sure nothing goes wrong.”

Cantona was a bit disappointed, “That really is a pity. I wanted to say that we could drink some more wine and become closer friends. Perhaps we might be working together in this place for a long time, it wouldnt be good if we didnt have a good relationship.”

Manager Riley laughed, “Relax, therell be a chance later. There are things to do now and when it is more relaxed, we can play however we want. Do you believe that after we take care of things here, head Wein will be inviting us When that time comes, wouldnt it be a single word from head Wein if you want to experience any girls”

Cantona thought about it before saying with a sigh, “Alright, well talk about it later. But whenever I see head Wein, I think that with how fat he is, if he presses down on a girl, he might squash her to death……”

Manager Riley smiled. When he was about to respond, he saw someone dashing over and stopped.

Seeing manager Rileys appearance, Cantona looked over and found that it was someone from the Cantona Chamber of Commerce running over.

That person came in front of Cantona and without time to rest, he said in a panting voice, “Its…..Its…..Its a fight!”

Cantona knit his brows, “What fight”

“Our…..Our…..people and…..and those……those lazy fellows……started a fight……”

Cantona was shocked.

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