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“Chairman Xu, is it hard to put up these street lamps” Princess Caroline pointed at the street lamps beside the road and asked Xu Yi.

“It isnt hard from my point of view.” Xu Yi replied with a smile.

“The meaning is that its hard from my point of view”

Xu Yi smiled, “Thats right. Although the technology for the street lamp isnt complicated, the only ones who have this technology right now is the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. So of course its hard for other people.”

“I heard that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has sold quite a few pieces of important technology before, it can be seen that chairman Xu is not someone who has to hold things in his hands. Then I want to ask right now, if we want to purchase the technology for the street lamps, what conditions do we need to give” Princess Caroline asked.

Seeing that Princess Caroline was revealing an attractive look and stance, Xu Yi shook his head with a faint smile, “Im very sorry, currently we do no plan on selling this technology because this technology includes some of the most advanced Magic Arrays that our company has developed, so we cant reveal them.”

Princess Caroline wasnt actually disappointed as she kept asking, “Then can you reveal other pieces of technology For example, the techniques for manufacturing the agricultural magic machines. I think that doesnt contain any specially important technology, right”

“Its a real pity that although those agricultural magic machines dont have anything that cant be revealed, to make those agricultural magic machines, the most important thing is not the technology, but rather the skilled workers making them. I think that…..other than our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, no other place has these qualified workers.”

“Its like this” Princess Caroline thought about what she had seen in the Falling Rain Valley in the past few days and found that Xu Yi wasnt lying to avoid the truth at all.

Those dwarves and humans who manufactured the magic production machines were all very skilled. Any one of them were not people that they could match.

After confirming this situation, Princess Caroline turned away and didnt raise this question, rather she kept walking around the Falling Rain Valley with Xu Yi.

After what seemed like a guided tour was over, Princess Caroline stopped and said to Xu Yi with a sigh, “Chairman Xu, although it really is a pity, I have to say that our tour of the Falling Rain Valley is over. Im afraid I must return to the Drake Duchy.”

Xu Yi nodded, “I regret this very much. I hoped that the princess could stay a few more days and understand our Frestech Chamber of Commerce better.”

Princess Caroline revealed a naughty smile, “Actually compared to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Im more interested in understanding you, chairman Xu. You are the most special man Ive ever seen and you helped me accomplish my dream from when I was young. If you werent married, I would definitely be determined to snatch you up. Of course, even now, as long as youre willing, I still welcome you to do something with me at any time……”

Xu Yi shook his head with a bitter smile, “Your highness, please stop teasing me. The beginnings of a cooperation has been made between us, so there are many chances to meet in the future. Im very worried that if you stay like this, there will be a day I wont be able to control myself and Ill do something that is unfair to my wife.”

Princess Caroline let out a bell like laugh, “Ha, ha, chairman Xu, you really are too cute. Ive already said it many times, this isnt anything special. Even your wife definitely wouldnt mind it.”

“But I mind it.” Xu Yi said with a serious look.

“Alright, alright, I know. Chairman Xu is a proper man, I promise I wont tease you in the future, alright” Princess Caroline gave a wink to Xu Yi. He could tell from a single glance that this promise was just something she casually said.

Seeing her expression, Xu Yi couldnt help feeling a headache.

If it was anyone else, he would just not meet them in the future and avoid them. If nothing unexpected happened, the Drake Duchy would become an important partner to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so it was impossible for Xu Yi to completely avoid her.

Seeing the expression on Xu Yis face, Princess Caroline laughed again before waving at Xu Yi, “Alright, chairman Xu, Anduin has already talked to you about the trivial matters. Lets end our private matters here and well discuss it again when we meet in Sowell City next time.” She revealed a teasing smile to Xu Yi after saying this. She came in two steps and said in a soft voice, “Next time Ill prepare the bed ahead of time, Ill just be waiting for chairman Xus honourable self to visit.”

After saying this, Princess Caroline didnt wait for Xu Yi to say anything as she turned around and entered the carriage prepared behind her.

After a while, Princess Caroline opened the window of the horse carriage and blew Xu Yi a kiss before the horse carriage quickly left the Falling Rain Valley.

Seeing Princess Caroline getting further, Xu Yi shook his head with another bitter smile.

Although this Princess Caroline always had an unconventional appearance in front of her, because of how straightforward and bold she was, Xu Yi couldnt really dislike her.

But thinking of how he would be harassed every time he saw her, Xu Yi couldnt help feeling a deep helplessness.

In the end, if girls were to become deviants, it was truly more terrifying than if men became deviants.

Not to mention such a beautiful deviant……

Completely different from Xu Yi who was giving a helpless sigh, when the horse carriage left the Falling Rain Valley and quickly sped across the road towards Banta City, Princess Caroline closed the window again. The smile on her face had disappeared without a trace and she became incomparably solemn, as well as having a dignity that couldnt be ignored.

It was like in the blink of an eye, she had turned from a female deviant into a real princess.

Seeing the change with Princess Carolines expression, Anduin sitting opposite her let out a sigh and sincerely said, “Your highness, it really has been hard on you the past few days.”

Princess Caroline shook her head, “No, it wasnt hard at all. This Xu Yi is a true gentleman, so he didnt make it feel awkward for me at all during the past few days.”

“But didnt we didnt achieve our goal in the end, right If we go back like this, we cant say anything to the Sack Kingdom.” Anduin said with a depressed look.

Princess Caroline looked at Anduin and gave a soft snort, “Why do we need to tell them anything Actually I was already against lord father working with those fellows from the Sack Kingdom. Even if we help them obtain the information they need on Xu Yi, how will they help us Our Drake Duchy has always been able to live in the balance between the Lampuri Kingdom and the Sack Kingdom, doing our best not to be partial to either side. Now that lord father has made this decision, I dont agree to it very much.”

Anduin knit his brows, “The duke has no other choice. Although our Drake Duchy could survive like this before, once the Lampuri Kingdom and the Sack Kingdom make up their minds, it would be hard for us to protect ourselves.”

“So Ive never approved of this kind of life. Compared to letting others control our destiny, it is better to control our own destiny.” Princess Caroline said.

“Its a bit too hard to do this.” Anduin said with a sigh, “Your highness, we are after all only a small duchy, we cant contend with two kingdoms that are stronger than us without any power.”

“I also felt that we couldnt do this before, but after being forced here to meet Xu Yi, I found that there is a trace of possibility.” Princess Carolines eyes filled with an excited look, “Anduin, you should know that last monthy the Sack Kingdom suffered a tragic loss against the Lampuri Kingdom at the Muerto Mountains last month”

“Un, its because the Lampuri Kingdoms northern armys equipment suddenly became very powerful, making it so the Sack Kingdom couldnt resist. This caused them to lose the Muerto Mountain Range.” Anduin said with a nod, “It is because of this that the Sack Kingdom reached a secret deal with the duke, giving us benefits to have the princess gain information.”

After saying this, Anduin paused before giving a sigh, “Actually I also hoped that the duke wouldnt make this decision. Your highness is not this kind of person to begin with, but to act like this because of the Sack Kingdoms staff officers……This undignified appearance really is hard for you.”

“This is nothing.” Princess Caroline shook her head, “If it can gain benefits for our Drake Duchy, even my body is considered nothing. But I have to say, the Sack Kingdom fellows really have underestimated this Xu Yi, he isnt a person that a simple beauty can capture. Moreover, after being with him for a few days, Ive found that it was a bit strange.”

“What is strange”

“I feel that…..Xu Yi doesnt seem to care about the Lampuri Kingdom. He said to me more than once that his greatest wish is for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines to spread across the continent, letting everyone of the continent live a comfortable new life.”

“This is just him boasting to you, right” Anduin curled his lips in disdain, “These words arent worth mentioning. Its good enough to cheat a little girl, but how could your highness be tricked”

“Why would he lie to me” Princess Caroline asked back, “Dont forget, I was clearly trying to seduce him, so he didnt need to use sweet talk to trick me. As long as he was willing, I could have had relations with him at any moment. Moreover, I could really feel the sincerity in his words, so I feel that whether it is us or those fellows from the Sack Kingdom, weve all misjudged him.”

Anduin looked at Princess Caroline in shock, “Your highness, you…..you wouldnt have really fallen for him, right”

Princess Caroline revealed a sweet smile, “To be honest, I might really like him a bit. But like he said to me, Im not as attractive to him as two iron mines. As for his attraction on me, it cant compare to my desire to see our Drake Duchy become much more powerful.”

“But you just said……”

“Right, Ive noticed that there is the possibility of our Drake Duchy becoming stronger from him.” Princess Caroline honestly said, “So this time, I really want to cooperate with him.”

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