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Magic Industry Empire Volume 3 Chapter 16 - Drake Duchy

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After discussing some details with chairman Vincent, Count Stagg sent people to bring Xu Yi to the side to talk like he had expected.

But what came to a surprise to Xu Yi was that after entering the room, other than Count Stagg, there were two people he didnt recognize.

“Come, chairman Xu, let me introduce you. These two are young miss Caroline and mister Anduin from the Drake Duchy.” Count Stagg saw that Xu Yi came in and stood up to introduce the others before pointing at Xu Yi and saying, “Young miss Caroline, this is the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu Yi.”

Xu Yi noticed that when Count Stagg had given his introduction, he had placed young miss Caroline first, which meant that her status was higher than this Anduin.

As expected, hearing Count Staggs introduction, young miss Caroline stretched out her slender right hand to Xu Yi as she revealed a bright smile, “Chairman Xu, Ive long heard your name and Ive always wanted to meet you. To be able to finally see you in person today, I really am very happy and honoured.”

When his eyes fell onto young miss Carolines face, Xu Yis eyes instantly lit up.

After coming to the Sines Continent for over five years, Xu Yi had seen countless beautiful young girls. Before this, he had never seen a girl who could compare in beauty to Still.

But now Still had actually met an opponent.

This young miss Carolines appearance was actually not worse than Stills by a single bit.

But she was different from the bright appearance that Still had. This young miss Carolines face was very gentle and with her calm as water eyes, she gave off a charming taste that was completely different from Stills.

Xu Yi reached out a hand to gently hold hers as he said with a smile, “Being able to receive the praise of a beautiful young miss like yourself, it really is my honour. But young miss Caroline, why did you always want to see me”

Young miss Caroline revealed a faint smile. She looked at Xu Yi with a charming gaze, “Of course its because Ive seen the magic machines your Frestech Chamber of Commerce produced, so I was curious about the person who could invent these magic machines. Chairman Xu, I really am very curious, just how did you invent these novel and easy to use magic machines”

“This……You can treat it as a flash of inspiration.” Xu Yi laughed before turning to Count Stagg, “Lord City Lord, you specially called me here and invited me to see these two honoured guests, it must be because you want to discuss something, right”

Count Stagg slightly knit his brows before relaxing them. He nodded with a faint smile as he indicated to Xu Yi and the other two to sit down.

After everyone sat down, Count Stagg said to Xu Yi with a soft cough, “Chairman Xu, I think I should first give you an explanation. During these days, there have been rumours all around Banta City saying that the agricultural promotion policies that Ive implemented, as well as replanning how to use land were all deliberately aiming at your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. I want to saw that that was not my intention, its just that some people have misinterpreted me.”

Xu Yi looked at the sincere expression on Count Staggs face and forced himself not to smile. He gave a slight nod before forcing himself to also say in a sincere voice, “I understand. If the Lord City Lord really wanted to aim for me and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, would our Frestech Chamber of Commerce be able to live well now Dont you think, Lord City Lord”

Count Staggs face twitched a bit before he gave a laugh, “Of course thats not possible. As the Banta City City Lord, although I believe that agricultural development is important, I also am not setting death traps for the companies of our Banta City. That is clearly something that isnt possible. So chairman Xu, you must understand this, or other people will misunderstand.”

“I understand.” Xu Yi nodded. He was too lazy to waste meaningless words with Count Stagg, so he continued by asking, “So Lord City Lord, lets talk business then”

“Alright, chairman Xu treats his time so preciously, no wonder you can be this successful.” Count Stagg praised before nodding at young miss Caroline and mister Anduin, then he continued talking to Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, when I introduced young miss Caroline and mister Anduin, I only told you their names and where they came from, but I didnt tell you their statuses. Now Ill introduce them to you. Young miss Caroline is Duke Drakes youngest daughter and mister Anduin is the business minister of the Drake Duchy.”

Xu Yi was a bit surprised before standing up again and giving a respectful bow to the two of them.

“So it was your highness princess Caroline, Ive truly been rude.”

Princess Caroline and Prime Minister Anduin both stood up to give a bow. Princess Caroline said with a faint smile, “This isnt a formal occasion, Viscount Xu does not need to mind.”

Because Xu Yi addressed her as a noble, Princess Caroline had turned “chairman Xu” to “Viscount Xu”.

Anduin also said with a nod, “Viscount Xu does not need to mind this. In fact, the princess and I came to see you in hopes of cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so we hope that you will remain aschairman Xu. Do you understand what I mean”

“Business cooperation” Xu Yi looked at Count Stagg in confusion.

This Count Stagg was clearly suppressing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, why did he take the initiative to bring in such guests

As for this Drake Duchy, according to the geography books that Xu Yi crammed, he knew that it was on the northeast border of the Lampuri Kingdom, while also sharing a border with the Sack Kingdom. It was considered a small duchy that was between the Lampuri Kingdom and the Sack Kingdom.

Although it was also a Duchy, the Drake Duchy was much stronger than the Stantine Duchy because being able to survive in a small crevice between the Lampuri Kingdom and Sack Kingdom for several hundred years, it could be seen that the ducal family had some skills.

But this Drake Duchy was connected to the Lampuri Kingdoms northeast border and Banta City was in the southwest of the Lampuri Kingdom, so there was close to a thousand kilometers between them.

This Princess Caroline and Prime Minister Anduin were clearly important people of the Drake Duchy, but they spent this long time and traveled this long distance to see Xu Yi, it could be seen that this was quite important.

But Xu Yi was very curious about the fact that if this was a normal business cooperation, this business minister Anduin would have been enough for meeting with Xu Yi, so why did this Princess Caroline also come

“Its because I really wanted to personally meet chairman Xu.” In front of Xu Yis question, Princess Caroline said with a sweet smile, “Ive been very interested in magic since I was young, but because I wasnt talented, my magic power has always been lacking. So I could only be interested in a few small toys made from magic. Since I was small, I imagined that since magic was so fantastic, it meant that fantastic things could be made from magic that could achieve things that humans couldnt do based on their own powers. There were few things like this on the continent before and I didnt have the skills to research them, so I always felt regret over this. But after seeing your Frestech Chamber of Commerce develop these magic machines, Ive found that my regrets have finally been fulfilled! Chairman Xu, can you understand my excitement when I saw those magic machines”

Seeing Princess Caroline approach and the excited smile that appeared on her face while she was talking, Xu Yi revealed a smile. He lifted his head a bit, to avoid seeing the patch of snow white skin on her chest if he looked down.

“I never thought that Princess Caroline had the same interests as me. Making these magic machines, it came from a fantasy I had since I was young. Being able to make all kinds of magic machines is a dream in my heart.”

Princess Caroline said with a sigh, “Chairman Xu, how good it would have been if I could have met you when I was younger. Then we could have grown up with the same dream and studied magic machines together.”

Xu Yi gave a soft cough, feeling that the words Princess Caroline said were a bit ambiguous.

Then again, he grew up on earth. Even if Princess Caroline had the same dream as him, it was impossible for them to grow up together.

“If Princess Caroline still has this dream, it isnt impossible to start studying magic machines now.” Xu Yi revealed a smile before turning to Anduin, “Mister Anduin, the business cooperation that you mentioned just now, what were you referring to specifically”

Anduin hesitated a bit before saying, “Chairman Xu, Ive heard that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is cooperating with the Rudson Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy”

“Yes.” Xu Yi nodded.

“Then chairman Xu, if our Drake Duchy wants to have a more intimate cooperation with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, are you willing to accept”

“I am just a merchant.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “As long as there is enough money, theres no problem with an intimate cooperation. But mister Anduin, what kind of cooperation are you talking about specifically”

“Un…..Ive heard that the Rudson Kingdom has purchased tens of thousands of agricultural magic machines from your company. Although our Drake Duchy also needs these strange agricultural magic machines, I feel that simply buying them will not solve the problem.”


“So I represent Duke Drake to sincerely invite your Frestech Chamber of Commerce to invest in our Drake Duchy. Not only to build a factory that manufactures agricultural magic machines, but also a factory that manufactures all the magic machines that your company produces.” Anduin said with a very grand wave of his hands.

“This idea isnt bad and I agree with this theory very much, but…..” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “The concrete operations arent too realistic.”

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