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Just the double switch design controlling the lamp at the door was of course not enough for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to demonstrate this new life concept.

Following Xu Yis explanation, the people outside gradually understood this so-called new life concept. It was to have people live in a different manner compared to before, combining all parts of their lives with various household magic machines, making things more convenient, quick, and comfortable.

For example, after passing through the lit up door, they could also press another switch and turn on the Magic Lamp hanging above the living room ceiling, lighting up the entire room.

After a day of work and coming home, if one wanted to drink a cup of soothing warm water, it was very simple. One just needed to press a switch to boil a pot of steaming hot water with the Magic Kettle in just five minutes. There was no need to drink leftover half warm water and there wasnt a need to do something as troublesome as lighting the stove to boil the water anymore.

It was also very easy to eat a meal. With a Magic Bread Maker or Magic Rice Cooker in the kitchen, one just needs to put the ingredients in and turn on the switch, then you can just wait for freshly cooked rice or bread to come out.

You also want to eat dishes That was also simple. With the Frestech Chamber of Commerces newly developed Magic Stove, one just needed to put in a Magic Crystal and press the switch, then there would be flames that would appear on the Magic Stove. There was no need to do something as troublesome as getting firewood to start a fire.

Moreover, the switch on the Magic Stove could be adjusted to change the size of the flame. That way, you could use a small flame to stir fry while having a small flame to boil.

Compared to the traditional firewood stove, the Magic Stoves biggest advantage was that it didnt take up much space.

It didnt need over a square meter of space and was as tall as ones waist like a giant firewood stove. The Magic Stove was less than forty centimeters long and less than thirteen centimeters tall, so it could be easily placed onto a desk and used for cooking.

What Are you worried about the fumes

Please, havent you had enough of the fumes with a firewood stove already The Magic Stove stove was much better, alright Because the flames of the Magic Stove were made from a Flame Magic Array, it didnt produce smoke like when burning firewood.

If one had to talk about the fumes that came from stir frying, it was very simple. One just had to use the newest Magic Kitchen Fan that was inside this room.

Putting the Magic Kitchen Fan above the Magic Stove, one just needed to press the switch when cooking and the Magic Kitchen Fan would automatically produce suction. The fumes created by the Magic Stove would all be sucked away and then dispelled through a special plastic pipeline that the Magic Kitchen Fan was connected to, not leaving a single bit in the room.

Alright, after making the food, you could take out some ale that you had already cooled in the Magic Refrigerator ahead of time, which you could enjoy with your freshly cooked meal.

After eating your fill and taking a rest, it would be very easy to sweat in the summer heat, so you had to take a bath, right

There was no need to worry, there was a special bathroom in the magic house. Moreover, with prepared pipelines, as long as you press the switch, the Magic Water Pump underwater would bring water from the underground water storage to even the highest attic.

The water storage could hold a ton of water, which was enough for a family of four to use all day.

If one didnt like using cold water to wash, it didnt matter. As long as one pressed the switch for the Magic Water Heater, one could enjoy a warm bath.

Alright, after taking a bath, there was something that you had to do yourself which was changing into clean clothes.

If youre too tired to do this, you can just wait a while, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce Magic Washer is currently being developed. According to what Xu Yi said, this new product will come out within the year and it would save you time on doing laundry.

So after working hard all day, you would find that as long as you lived in this magic building, there are few things that you would have to do yourself. You would be much less tired and you would also save quite a bit of time.

When one wanted to rest and needed quiet, one just needed to press the master switch and all the magic machines would stop working. The magic room would become silent and you could have a nice rest.

This kind of life, wasnt it moving

Xu Yi didnt know if people were moved, but he was certain that after he finished explaining, everyone here showed moved expressions.

When Xu Yi announced that the magic room was open and everyone was allowed to visit it, people desperately charged forward to be the first to experience the dream-like new life concept that Xu Yi described.

If it wasnt for Xu Yi tell everyone to calm down and to line up, this magic room that hadnt even been finished for a week would have been shattered by these wild people.

Seeing that Qurik was allowing five people to enter in the first batch, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and retreated into the darkness.

Although Qurik had taken the initiative to come after hearing Cantonas description, through the tests of the human resource staff and Kennard, they made certain that he was a person with a quick and clear mind, as well as someone who was good at talking. He was very suited for being responsible for this new life concept magic room and to guide people through it, so Xu Yi was assured of leaving it to him.

“Chairman Xu, are we setting out now” After Xu Yi walked behind the magic room, Delil came out of the darkness.

Xu Yi looked at the sky and found that the crescent moon was halfway up. He gave a nod, “Lets go.”

The two went out the back door and walked to a different peaceful alley. They entered the horse carriage that was already waiting there and headed towards the City Lord Manor.

After the carriage set off, Xu Yi looked over Delil sitting in front of him. Seeing the tense look on her face, he couldnt help saying with a smile, “I thought that you elves never got nervous.”

“Chairman Xu, please stop teasing me.” Delil shook her head with a bitter smile.

Although she was the candidate that elder Illusia specially chose to be in charge of negotiating for the Night Song Tribes rubber processing factory, so that meant that she was rather good with dealing with people.

That was only within the Night Song Tribe. When she began dealing with humans and even starting dealing with business that was very difficult for elves, there was quite a bit of pressure on her.

Last time when Delil came to Banta City to fill out the applications to create a rubber processing factory with Still, even though she had Stills help, she had encountered many problems. So this had made her feel very nervous.

“Actually theres no need to be nervous.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “You dont need to treat this matter as that complex, the trade business of us humans is just buying and selling. You are representing your rubber processing factory right now, so the position of your factory is just selling rubber products. So you just need to think about how to sell these things and what price to sell them at, you dont need to think about anything else right now. You can slowly learn about the process when you encounter them later.”

“Un, many thanks for chairman Xus guidance.” Delil nodded before knitting her brows, “But we dont know what we can sell right now because no matter what rubber product we make, it is all assigned to us by chairman Xu.”

“This…..” Xu Yi thought for a bit before looking out the window for a while and suddenly calling for the driver to stop. He then waved his hand to Delil, “Come and take a look.”

Delil was confused as she came out of the carriage with Xu Yi, but then she entered a clothing store that wasnt closed yet with Xu Yi.

This clothing stored clearly didnt have any business and a thirty year old woman was bored leaning over the counter right now. When she heard people coming in, it was like she had changed as she immediately revealed a smile and came forward.

When she was about to greet them, she suddenly saw that it was Xu Yi who came in. The smile on her face twitched before it bloomed even brighter as she exclaimed in an exaggerated voice, “Chairman Xu, why are you here”

“What Im not welcome” Xu Yi laughed. He looked around and found a Magic Air Conditioner that seemed new on the wall. He pointed at the Magic Air Conditioner and asked, “Big sister Sara, when did you change your Magic Air Conditioner”

This store was the one that Xu Yi had gone shopping in with Still last year, the store owner was a woman named Sara.

Last year she had complained to Xu Yi that the Magic Air Conditioner she used was rusting and Xu Yi had told her that they would be making a rust resistant Magic Air Conditioner soon.

Now it seemed like she had decisively decided to exchange for a SIlver Leaf Alloy Magic Air Conditioner.

“I exchanged it when your Frestech Chamber of Commerce was doing the new Magic Air Conditioner event, now its already been here for over a year.” Big sister Sara replied with a smile. Then she looked over at Delil who was following behind Xu Yi with a curious look and asked, “Chairman Xu, are you planning to choose clothes for this elven young miss today”

Because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, although the people of Banta City were still a bit surprised when seeing elves, their reactions werent as intense as before.

Especially someone like Sara who operated a clothing store. She often saw the female elf workers of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce come here to buy human clothes, so naturally she wasnt surprised at all to see the elven girl following Xu Yi.

To be honest, she was more curious why Xu Yi would be appearing here today.

Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce left Sandton Manor and developed in the Falling Rain Valley, Xu Yi hadnt appeared in Banta City for several months.

“No, Im just taking her around for a look. Perhaps not long from now, your store will be using things personally made by elves.” Xu Yi replied with a smile before turning to look at Delil, “How about it Do you see anything that you can make”

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