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The two humans and two dwarves were stunned when they looked in the direction of the voice. They saw space distort as several figures slowly appeared.

Xu Yi looked closer and was shocked.

“Elder Illusia, why are you…..” Xu Yi looked around, “Why did you leave the Falling Rain Forest”

Elder Illusia revealed a faint smile, “Chairman Xu, could it be that you thought that I spent my entire long life in the Falling Rain Forest”

Xu Yi revealed an awkward smile, “Of course not. But since I first met you two years ago, I have never seen or heard of you leaving the Falling Rain Forest, so Im not used to it when the first time comes.”

After saying this, his eyes fell onto the elves that came with elder Illusia. He revealed a smile to Agnes standing by elder Illusia before looking at the three girls from the Moon Shadow Tribe, as he asked them, “Three beautiful ladies, have you finished your inspection of the Night Song Tribe”

The female elf in the middle who was slightly taller said with a nod, “Yes, we already understand how the Night Song Tribe cooperates with you humans. Now weve asked elder Illusia to bring us along so we can discuss with chairman Xu on how to experience living together with you humans officially.”

“Thats very simple.” Xu Yi said in a relaxed voice, “There are many Night Song Tribe elves who are working in our company, they are currently learning and experiencing how to live with humans while working at our company. If youre willing, we also welcome you to join our company. I will do my best to help you.”

“No, we arent planning to join your Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” This female elf whose name Xu Yi remembered to be Stasia shook her head, “Our Moon Shadow Tribe is different from the Night Song Tribe. We have had contact with humans normally in the Stantine Duchy, so we dont need to adapt to this. According to the instructions of the elder, we need to experience officially living together with you humans.”

“Oh Then what do you have in mind or what do you have to propose” Xu Yi asked in a curious voice.

The three Moon Shadow Tribe girls looked at each other before Stasis replied, “According to what Agnes said, there are five elves from the Night Song Tribe who are working for the Armani Chamber of Commerce in Banta City. We want to be like them, we want to experience working for a human company other than your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Chairman Xu, can you help us with this”

“You want to enter other companies” Xu Yi looked over the three elven girls. Seeing their expectant looks and the trace of excitement in their eyes, he couldnt help wanting to laugh.

These three elven girls, it cant be that they were like human girls who treated this thing as an adventure, right

“Right.” Stasia nodded.

“Alright, you can talk to Still first and have her act as an agent for you, helping you take care of all the basic procedures.”

The three Moon Shadow Tribe girls were brought to Still be Agnes and Xu Yi had the time to ask elder Illusia, “Elder Illusia, did you intentionally keep them in your tribe for so long”

“I thought that your first question was about how to increase your lifespan.” Elder Illusia said with a faint smile, “Chairman Xu, arent you curious about what I just said”

Xu Yi laughed, “Of course Im curious. Although I talked about it so easily you chief Siluka, of course Im afraid of death as a human. Not to mention that it will take a long time to achieve my dream and it is hard to see this dream achieved with the lifespan of a human, so I want a method that can increase my lifespan. But the lifespan of a race is limited, so I cant just increase it, right”

“No, it isnt that you cant increase it.” Elder Illusia shook her head.

Xu Yi doubtfully looked at elder Illusia, not understanding why she insisted on this question. Thinking about it, she asked, “It cant be that youre hoping that Ill become a Great Magician, right Although becoming a Great Magician can increase lifespan normally, it is only an estimate and theres no accurate number to how much it increases it by. The Great Magicians in the history of the Sines Continent generally lived to be over a hundred, but most of the Great Magicians only lived for ten more years.”

“The lifespan of a Great Magician naturally isnt long, but the lifespan of an Arch Magus is different.” Elder Illusia said, “The recorded lifespan of human Arch Magus on the Sines Continent is over two hundred years. Other than that, the lifespan of human Grand Magus even surpasses the average lifespan of us elves.”

Xu Yis mouth twitched as he waved his hand, “I dont even dare think about becoming an Arch Magus, not to mention a Grand Magus. I remember that since humans learned magic from the elves, it has been more than five thousand years and there are less than a total of twenty Grand Magi Do you think that I could become one of those legends If you said that I would become a legendary merchant, that would be more credible.”

“Humans are a race filled with miracles and possibility. Chairman Xu, although your talent for magic isnt outstanding, Grand Magi arent people who all had outstanding talent for magic. Based on my understanding towards seven human Grand Magi, they were able to become Grand Magi because of opportunity more so than talent.” Elder Illusia said with a serious look.

Xu Yi looked at elder Illusia with a confused look and he finally couldnt help asking the question in his heart.

“Elder Illusia, why do you care that my lifespan is so short”

Elder Illusia looked at chief Siluka and chief Monto on the side before saying with a faint smile, “I think the two chiefs understand why I care this much.”

Seeing Xu Yi look over, chief Siluka paused for a bit before saying, “Chairman, you are a rare person who can honestly cooperate with us dwarves and improve the lives of us dwarves. Just like you said earlier, if youre no longer here, it will greatly affect us. If possible, I hope that you can increase your lifespan so that we dwarves can cooperate with you for a long time, allowing our clansmen to keep this good life. I think…..that elder Illusia should have these thoughts.”

Elder Illusia gave a slight nod, “Right. Chairman Xu, you are a rare human trusted by us elves. Based on your performance and my observations, you have won my complete trust. This is a very rare matter, so whether it is for our Night Song Tribe or for me personally, I really hope that you can live a long life. To be honest, the current you is very important to our Night Song Tribe. If youre not here, I cant guarantee that we could keep cooperating with humans.”

Xu Yi looked at the serious chief Siluka and chief Monto before looking at the calm looking elder Illusia who didnt seem to be joking at all. He couldnt help rubbing his nose in embarrassment as he said, “You place such importance on me, I really feel quite a bit of pressure. Lets talk about these distant things in the future. Elder Illusia, lets discuss business. I think that for you to leave the Falling Rain Forest and to come here to see me, you should have something important to discuss with me. If theres anything that I can do for you, I would be happy to do so.”

Elder Illusia revealed a faint smile, “Alright, chairman Xu. This time, I came out of the Falling Rain Forest to see the atmosphere of this Falling Rain Valley. Ive heard Agnes say that this is the Frestech Chamber of Commerces production base”

“Yes, our companys main production base is here. It could be considered the core of our company.” Xu Yi replied.

“Then are factories that dont belong to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce allowed to be established here” Elder Illusia asked.

Xu Yi was surprised, “Why are you asking this”

“Its because I want to ask chairman Xu, if our Night Song Tribe were to open a factory in the Falling Rain Valley, are we allowed to do so” Elder Illusia asked.

Not only Xu Yi, chief Siluka and chief Monto on the side were also stunned.

Xu Yi looked at elder Illusia in a daze for a while. After a long time, he swallowed his saliva and with great difficulty, he said in a voice of disbelief, “Elder Illusia, you…..youre saying that your Night Song Tribe is planning to open their own factory Did I hear wrong!”

“No, you didnt hear wrong. Our Night Song Tribe indeed wants to open our own factory.” Elder Illusia looked at Xu Yi and was confused, “Why is chairman Xu so surprised Could it be that it is so unbelievable that our Night Song Tribe would open a factory”

“This…..It is indeed difficult for me to link elves with opening a factory…..” Xu Yi honestly admitted, “This is because in my memories, elves are noble existences and something like opening a factory is something that a crude human merchant like me would do. It really is too hard for me to link the two together.”

“This is your human misconception of our elf race.” Elder Illusia said, “Actually we elves also need to live normal lives, just like humans. We elves also need food, sleep, to excrete, and even copulate. Many things that humans do, we elves do the same. Why is it strange for us to open a factory like the humans”

Xu Yi shook his head. Although elder Illusias words were reasonable, it was still too shocking.

If a human had to think about it, they would never associate elves with opening a factory.

Xu Yi had to sort the intense emotions in his heart with great difficulty. He shook his head and said, “Alright. The Falling Rain Valley is big enough, so if the Night Song Tribe is willing to open a factory, I can represent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to welcome and support you. But elder Illusia, what kind of factory are you planning to open”

“The only technology our Night Song Tribe has right now is the production of plastic, so we can only open a plastic processing factory.” Elder Illusia replied, “Other than that, Agnes has told me that rubber processing is similar to plastic processing, so I also want to work in rubber processing.”

Xu Yi looked into the distance where Still was talking to the three elf girls from the Moon Shadow Tribe. Other than Agnes who had revealed a part of this, these three fellows couldnt escape responsibility.

After thinking about it, Xu Yi nodded to elder Illusia with a smile, “Since elder Illusia has these thoughts, I welcome it very much. Compared to working in our human company, participating in trade with humans will make it easier to deepen the elves understanding of humans, also making it easier to live with us humans.”

Elder Illusia gave a slight nod, “This is also the main reason why Im considering this.”

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