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The horse carriage slowly entered the Falling Rain Valley. Xu Yi didnt go inspect the various factories like before and directly went looking for chief Siluka and chief Monto.

The two dwarven chiefs were contacted by Xu Yi ahead of time and when they saw him coming over with Still, they immediately understood his intention.

“Sir chairman, I dont feel like there is a need.” Siluka looked over the document that Still had handed him for a while before saying with knitted brows, “You and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce are trusted by all the dwarves. Since we have already signed a contract with you, why do we need to go through all the trouble of signing another contract with young miss Still”

“In other words, isnt this just troublesome” Chief Monto on the side also said, “We dwarves keep our promises and since we believe in sir chairman, there isnt even a need to sign a contract. Not to mention that going through all these procedures just makes my head swell.”

Xu Yi looked at chief Montos head that was bigger than his and he couldnt help smiling as he said, “It is my honour that you two choose to believe me, Im very happy. If it was just you cooperating with me, there is indeed no need for a contract. But you cant guarantee that all the dwarven brothers trust me like you do, right Moreover, even I cant guarantee that I wont change in the future, even changing the things that I promised you. So that means that my taking care of everything, it will be a safeguard for the benefits of the dwarven brothers.”

“Xu Yi is right.” Still took over, “You cant completely believe in oral agreements. There is also another important problem, its that the contract that you and the other dwarven brothers signed with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce before doesnt conform with the kingdoms laws, so it isnt protected by the laws. That means that if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wants to go against the contract and fire any dwarves, you wont be able to resist.”

“I believe in the chairman, he wont do this.” Chief Siluka said in a certain voice.

“My too.” Chief Monto also said.

“It isnt a matter of believing in Xu Yi or not, the validity of the contract is another thing.” Still said, “Two chiefs, could it be that youre not worried that Xu Yi will change his mind in the future”

Siluka looked at Still before asking in a confused voice, “Young miss Still, youve just gotten married to the chairman, so why does it feel like you trust him less than us You keep saying bad things about him”

“Thats right, young miss Still, it cant be that a problem has occurred between you and the chairman, right…..” Chief Monto asked with a puzzled look.

Still was speechless from what they said and she suddenly turned to hit Xu Yis arm. She said in an angry voice, “Its all your fault, you had to have me take care of this matter. Now the two chiefs are doubting our relationship!”

Xu Yi laughed as he quickly explained to the two chiefs, “The two of you mustnt misunderstand, Still didnt want to do this, but I forced her. Still is right, this matter will ensure the benefits of the dwarven brothers, it isnt about whether you trust me or not. As the chiefs of the Angola and Norma Tribes, you should first think about your clansmen first and then the benefit of the dwarf race itself, so I advise you to seriously consider this and its best if you sign this contract.”

Chief Siluka and chief Monto looked at each other before giving helpless nods, “Since the chairman is insisting on us doing this, then well agree.”

Seeing that chief Sikuka and chief Monto were signing the delegated authority contract that Still took out, Xu Yi gave a nod. Then he had Still take out another series of contracts which he had chief Siluka and chief Monto sign.

Just like Still had said, although the dwarves had signed a contract before working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, because the Lampuri Kingdom didnt have a law about other races working in human companies, the contract wasnt protected by the kingdoms laws.

This meant that in theory, as long as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wanted it, they could dismiss dwarven workers without giving any reasons and they wouldnt shoulder any responsibilities.

Although this was only in theory and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt want to give up any dwarven workers that had strong techniques and knew how to work hard, Xu Yi was someone who transmigrated from earth and he placed importance in this kind of safeguard. That was why after he convinced the kingdoms government to give labour cards to other race workers, he also proposed a set of laws related to other race workers to Seveni.

A while ago, when Seveni came to see Xu Yi, she told him that the Royal Parliament had already passed the other race worker laws that he had proposed before.

According to these laws, when human companies of the Lampuri Kingdom hired other race workers, they had to apply for labour cards for them first. Then they had to undergo a series of identity registration and security checks before they could become a recognized worker of a human company, being treated the same as a normal human worker.

But this procedure was a bit complicated and to let the Lampuri Kingdom that had a human society, as well as no experience hiring other race workers before, it really was forcing them out of their element.

If they allowed the companies who hired the other race workers to do this, although it was theoretically possible, it would be too tedious since the government would have to check with every human company. Therefore, the Royal Parliament had rejected this.

In the end, Seveni proposed Xu Yis idea to the Royal Parliament, which was authorizing a special organization to conduct these procedures according to the situation.

This organizations current full title was the Lampuri Kingdoms other race hiring management department, it was mainly responsible for taking care of related matters when human companies hired other race workers.

This department didnt directly talk to the other race workers, rather the human agents of those other race workers.

In other words, if other races wanted to work for human companies, they had to find a human agent, who would take care of all the related procedures for them. Otherwise, the government wouldnt acknowledge them.

Because the agent cant be from the company that hired the other race worker, after consulting with Xu Yi and Seveni, Still created a company in the end that specializes in representing other races for money, helping the other race workers enter human companies.

Xu Yi was currently the most trusted human by other races in the Lampuri Kingdom and Still was his wife, so she had a natural talent in obtaining the trust of other races.

For example, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces dwarf and elf workers, if they knew that Still was to be their agent, they definitely wouldnt have any problems.

From what chief Siluka and chief Monto could see, this actually was completely unnecessary.

They had complete trust in Xu Yi. When Xu Yi represented the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to sign a contract with them before, they were very disdainful, confused, and even angry, feeling that Xu Yi didnt believe in them.

Now that this was becoming even more complicated, naturally they were a bit unwilling.

But with Xu Yi and Stills patient explanation, the two dwarven chiefs understood. Human society was different from dwarven society, the dwarves found these procedures to be complicated, but since they were choosing to work in human companies, they should follow the human customs.

But when Still took out the contracts to explain to the two chiefs, the two of them directly rejected her. They took the pen and signed their names on the contracts.

Seeing the actions of the two chiefs, Xu Yi couldnt help saying with a smile, “Chief Siluka, chief Monto, youre signing without even reading the contracts, arent you afraid of me selling you”

Chief Siluka laughed, “I believe in the chairman, what is there to fear.”

“Thats right. Even if you do sell us, do we really have to follow it At worst well bring our brothers back to the mountains and we can just live like before.” Chief Monto said.

Xu Yi helplessly shook his head, “Its different compared to before. Two chiefs, you have to admit, the lives of the dwarven brothers are much better now. Could it be that you want them to abandon this kind of life and return to a life where they couldnt even drink any wine”

Chief Siluka and chief Monto looked at each other before shaking their heads with bitter smiles.

“Thats right, since the brothers started working for the company, their lives are much better than before. To let the brothers live the same bitter lives as before, they wouldnt be willing at all.” Chief Siluka said in an emotional voice before asking, “But how is it related to us signing these contracts After being with the chairman for close to two years, even if we dwarves dont understand humans, we still know that the chairman is trustworthy. So as long as you are here, there are no problems at all.”

“But what if Im no longer here” Xu Yi asked back, “First lets not mention the possibility that I might no longer be the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman, this is a question that you cant evade. I am a human in the end, I will die eventually. The lifespan of us humans is at most a hundred years, its far from being able to compare to you dwarves and elves with your hundreds of years. When I die, I think most of the dwarven brothers will still be living. Do you think that there will be another human you can trust as much as me”

Hearing Xu Yi keep mentioning “dying”, Still on the side couldnt help reaching her hand out to tightly grab Xu Yis and leaned in closer to him.

The two chiefs were also stunned. After looking at Xu Yi for a bit, they scratched their heads, “This is indeed a problem.”

When Xu Yi was about to explain his real intentions to the two chiefs, there was a voice that suddenly sounded from beside the three of them.

“Since chairman Xu is worried that your lifespan is too short, you can just increase it.”

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