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Because the Lampuri Kingdom was in the southwest, the city that was closest to the south, Banta City welcomed summer earlier than the other cities of the kingdom.

Xu Yi had arrived in Banta City in June two years ago, back then Banta City was as hot as the middle of the summer already.

Now that Banta City was entering June, the weather was slowly becoming warmer.

But this special climate that the other cities didnt have created a special environment in Banta City.

When June came, the large patch of summer fruit plants near Koror Village had matured and it was harvest season.

Just like past years, the beginning of June was a good time to harvest sand pears and star fruits. The villagers of Koror Village were the same as past years, they were busy in their orchards, making use of this time to harvest the fruits.

But different from previous years, where the harvested fruits were immediately sent to Banta City or the nearby cities like Karma City or Saltan City to sell, the sand pears and star fruits that the Koror Village villagers harvested this year were sent to the canned fruit factory built near the village and they were exported at all.

This was because when the canned fruit factory was built, all the fruits in Koror Village were bought by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce using last years market price. They would all be turned into canned fruit.

After the sand pears and star fruits were sent to the factory, they were first boiled. After they were boiled, they were packed into glass jars that were sealed with iron lids.

As fruit kept being sent to the factory, the sweet fragrance of fruit being boiled drifted out and there was an enticing sweet smell that covered the entire Koror Village.

Still took a deep breath of this sweet air and couldnt help saying with praise, “This smell is just too good, I even want to live here.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Its not a problem to smell it for a bit, but if you smell it all day, do you believe that you would feel disgusted after seeing fruit not long after”

“Is it that exaggerated” Still doubtfully looked at Xu Yi. She took a deep breath when they approached the factory and had an infatuated look, “Such a sweet smell, how could I get tired of it”

Xu Yi laughed as he teased, “Then do you want to stay here and work for a week to see if youll get tired or not”

Still scrunched up her little nose and didnt seem convinced. A chubby middle aged man wearing a white work uniform said with a smile, “Sir chairman is right. Madame Still, if you stay here, no matter how nice this smell is, it will become a bit disgusting. Look, all the workers are wearing masks. First, it is because of sir chairmans strict health regulations and secondly, its to block out the smell even if its just a little bit.”

“Really” Still looked at the workers boiling the fruit in the factory and she saw that there were large masks on the faces of all the workers. She curiously took a mask and began sniffing all around.

Seeing that Still was interested in a tour, Xu Yi couldnt help smiling. He didnt go with her and asked the middle aged man who had just spoke, “Factory head Will, the factory has been operating for half a month now, is it going smoothly”

Factory head Will responded with loud laughter, “Because we werent experienced at first, there were quite a few problems, but with sir chairmans guidance, it wasnt that troublesome. Now the factory is running very smoothly and the workers are very enthusiastic.”

“Its good that its smooth. Then do you think you can complete the Walmart Chamber of Commerces first batch within the month” Xu Yi asked.

Hearing this question, factory head Will hesitated a bit.

“This…..Right now we can only produce less than two thousand cans of fruit each day, but the Walmart Chamber of Commerces first batch is for a hundred thousand cans…..Im afraid this is a bit difficult……”

“You have to think of a way to overcome if there is difficulty.” Xu Yi said without any courtesy, “This is the Walmart Chamber of Commerces first batch of orders. If there are problems with the first batch, it will affect our future deals. So factory head Will, you have to properly think of a way to increase the efficiency of our workers.”

“Definitely, definitely.” Factory manager Will kept nodding, “Since its the order of sir chairman, I will definitely do my best to achieve it.”

“It isnt related to if its my order or not.” Xu Yi shook his head, “Although this canned fruit factory is a factory under our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the workers in the facoory are all villagers of Koror, Kambia, and Mexilan Villages, using the fruit harvested from Koror Village. If this factorys efficiency is good, the ones who benefit the most are these three villages, especially the villagers of Koror Village. So no matter what, just based on the benefits to you villagers and your villages, you have to do well.”

“Understood!” Factory head Will gave a strong nod, “Sir chairman, I will definitely do my best to properly handle this factory!”

“Alright, I believe you.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile as he patted factory head Wills shoulder before reminding him, “Of course, before raising efficiency, you have to ensure quality. You know that this factory is making edible things and if it isnt done safely, it might take someones life.”

Seeing how serious Xu Yi was, factory head Will firmly agreed.

After saying a few more things, Xu Yi and Still went around the canned fruit factory being led by factory head Will before leaving Koror Village. Their carriage headed down the Falling Rain Road, heading towards the Falling Rain Valley.

Still turned back to look at Koror Village disappearing into the distance before asking Xu Yi, “Why did you go to this canned fruit factory in the middle of nowhere If I had to say something, this canned fruit factory should be the most unrelated place to magic machines under the company right now.”

“Its because its unrelated to magic machines that I chose to come here.” Xu Yi replied with a smile, “Since I announced that I wanted to give up completely and no longer manage the company, then I have to show it. But if I completely ignore everything and run off on a honeymoon with you, the people of the company will feel worried.”

“Humph, what is there to worry about Could it be that only they are allowed to take a vacation and youre not” Still said with pouty lips.

“This is not a problem of taking a vacation, it is related to confidence. If I dont care about anything, certain people will feel that Im really planning to give up. Then Im certain that many people in the company will lose trust in the company and large problems will occur.” Xu Yi said.

“I couldnt tell, but youre quite narcissistic.” Still poked Xu Yis cheek, “Chairman Xu, based on your words, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce cant keep going without you Arent you too arrogant”

“I am this arrogant.” Xu Yi laughed, “Do you dare deny that my words arent facts”

Still wanted to refute Xu Yi, but she found that she couldnt do it.

This was because Xu Yis words were facts.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce could lack anyone, it couldnt lack him as the chairman.

It wasnt exaggerated to say that Xu Yi was equal to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The reason why this company that was established two years ago could expand this quickly, becoming a pivotal company in Banta City in this short period of time, even having a certain influence on the entire Lampuri Kingdom was all because of Xu Yi.

If they lacked anyone else, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could keep operating, but without Xu Yi, there would be large problems that occurred like Xu Yi said.

Seeing Stills speechless appearance, Xu Yi laughed. He pinched Stills face and said, “So, I want to make my attitude clear to everyone. It makes it easier for Kennard to take care of managing the company and it lets people understand that I am still the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman. It is very hard to assure people, but thinking about it, I found that this canned fruit factory is a very good choice. Because the canned fruit factory isnt related to the main business of my company, if I come to inspect this place, it wont affect Kennard taking care of the main business. Moreover, did you not notice When I was talking to factory head Will, not a single word as related to how the factory was managed.”

Still tilted her head to think and found that Xu Yi was completely right.

But thinking about it, Still couldnt help knitting her brows and saying with a soft sigh, “Why are you going through all this trouble Everyone understands that you are the only chairman of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, no matter what you do, it is impossible to reduce your standing in everyones mind. Thinking this much about it, arent you tired”

Xu YI gave a shrug, “Its because Im tired that I have to do everything I can to increase Kennards authority. Only then can I let Kennard take care of management for me and I can have the time to do other things. Look, if this was before, how could I have a whole day to spend with you Arent you happy”

Still revealed a sweet smile and kissed Xu Yi before saying in a gentle voice, “Of course Im very happy. If you can be more relaxed and dont have to worry about all kinds of things like before, how could I not be happy.”

Xu Yi kissed her back before revealing a smile. He looked out the carriage and he gave a sigh in his heart.

Although on the surface, he could withdraw from managing the company, having more time and effort.

But in reality, as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce kept developing, there were more and complicated things that he had to take care of as the chairman.

Moreover, these things involved many variables. If one thing was done wrong, it could create a large problem.

Compared to before, he actually wasnt that much more relaxed.

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