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Magic Fan


Xu Yi let out a long breath and put down the tools in his hand. He wiped the sweat off his face, but his hand felt very strange. Looking at it, his hand was covered in grease. By wiping his face, he turned his face into that of a large tabby cat.

Xu Yi actually didnt care at all about just, he just began laughing. His heart was filled with joy as he looked at the strange lump of iron on the table in front of him.

This lump of iron was not normal looking. This thing had a rectangular base with a hollow space above it. There were very large iron rods stuck together in this gap and there were three fan blades evenly distributed around the center.

This was clearly the electric fan he had developed.

Xu Yi had spent half a month before developing this electric fan that worked using a Magic Array.

What he spent the most time on was not the most important power supply, but rather the outer design of the electric fan.

After solving the most important problem of having a Magic Array as a power supply, Xu Yi found another important problem. It was hard to imitate the outer coating of electric fans on earth for this electric fan because this world didnt have a perfect plastic and alloy production technique.

Helplessly, Xu Yi could only replace it with iron.

It was because this worlds forging technique couldnt compare to that of earth, this electric fan looked a bit strange and could even be called ugly.

“Its fine, the requirements arent too high, its fine as long as it can be used.” Xu Yi shrugged his shoulder as he comforted himself.

After carefully looking over it twice, Xu Yi a multicoloured Magic Crystal that was the size of his thumb. He carefully placed it in the mouth on the back of the electric fan before closing it up.

It was only a simple action, but Xu Yi was covered in sweat. After wiping his face, he raised his right hand with a serious expression and reached out his index finger. After a moment of hesitation, he finally pressed down.


With this clear sound, the switch of the electric fan was pressed. Xu Yi immediately felt a trace of magic running through the electric fan and after a while, the Magic Array on the surface released a light green glow that went into the slits of the fan.

Xu Yis eyes were wide as he stared at the fan blades.

After a while, the three blades suddenly moved and began to slowly rotate.

The fan blades were rotating very slowly at first, but not long after, it became faster and faster. Gradually, the three fan blades couldnt be seen at all as they became one.

With the high speed turning of the fan blades, there was a light breeze that drifted out of the blades. They blew across Xu Yi covered in sweat and instantly a cool feeling passed through his body.

Xu Yi enjoyed it for a while before suddenly clenching his fist.



When they saw Xu Yi bringing the electric fan in, the people in the laboratory all cast curious glances at him.

What is with this fellow today Not to mention his funny face, he was bringing in this strange lump of iron. What did he want to do

“Hey, Xu….Xu Yi, what is this thing” Rem couldnt push down his curiosity and pointed at the electric fan Xu Yi was holding as he asked this question.

“This, its…..” Xu Yi thought about it and suddenly thought that the name electric fan wasnt right, “Its a Magic Fan, I made it in my free time.”

“Magic Fan” Everyone was even more confused.

Rem looked at the fan and couldnt feel any magic from it, so he became even more curious.

“What can this thing do”

Xu Yi laughed before looking around and finally placing the fan on the table in front of Rem.

“Hasnt it been very hot the past few days I wanted to make something to help everyone cool down.”

After saying this, Xu Yi pressed down the switch.

The people in the lab were all magicians, so naturally they could immediately feel the flow of magic coming from the Magic Array inside the Magic Fan. But this flow of magic was quite weak, so it could be seen that it was quite a low grade Magic Array.

But then everyone was surprised to find that the three strange blades of this thing began to rotate and it began moving faster and faster.

“Wa! Theres wind!” Xu Yi had just placed the fan down in front of Rem, so naturally he was the first one to feel the wind being blown out of the fan. He could out in shock, “So cool!”

“Wind” Everyone saw that Rems magic robe was beginning to move, like it was being blown by wind. They couldnt help themselves as they all came over.

When they came in front of the fan, everyone immediately felt the cool breeze.

It was very hot today and everyone had sweated quite a bit, so now that there was a breeze blowing over them, their body felt quite cool.

After enjoying it for a bit, everyone began questioning Xu Yi.

“Hey, Xu Yi, how is this moving Is it because of the Magic Array inside it”

“It cant be, right The Magic Array is fine, but how could it move this thing Ive never heard of a Magic Array with this kind of effect.”

“That must be something Xu Yi discovered himself. Isnt that right, Xu Yi”

“Discovered himself Xu Yi, youre actually this skilled in Magic Arrays You can actually research new Magic Arrays”

“Thats right, you can actually develop your own Magic Arrays Then why is your magical power still so low”


These people asked questions for a while. Most of the questions were about Xu Yis magical power, there were few people that questioned him on the principle behind the Magic Fan.

This was normal for the Sines Continent. In this magical continent, application of magic was rarely focused on by magicians.

Wella who was the last one to ask about the Magic Fan hit the nail on the head.

“Xu Yi, there should be a Magic Crystal inside, right Otherwise, you cant maintain the Magic Array for this long.”

“Right.” Xu Yi pressed the switch and stopped the fans movements. He opened the mouth on the back and took out the small Magic Crystal that was much dimmer after having its magic consumed.

Wella looked at the thumb sized Magic Crystal in Xu Yis hand and her pupils trembled.

“If Im not mistaken, this Magic Crystal should be a medium grade one, right”

Xu Yi spread his hands with a bitter smile, “I couldnt afford to buy a High Grade Magic Crystal.”

Wella nodded. She took the Magic Crystal from Xu Yis hand to look it over before pointing at the Magic Fan.

“Xu Yi, can you take apart that…..Magic Fan and let me see the Magic Array inside it”

Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “You can disassemble it, but it would be hard to reassemble.” Seeing the disappointed look on Wellas face, Xu Yi added, “But its very easy if you want to see the Magic Array. I have blueprints here, you can see them at any time.”

“This…..” Wella hesitated for a second before suddenly making up her mind. She pointed at the Magic Fan and said, “How about you sell this Magic Fan to me”

Everyone was stunned.

Rem couldnt help asking, “Wella, what are you buying this for If youre interested in the Magic Array inside, didnt Xu Yi say that you can see it at any time”

Wella shook her head, “This is not the same.” She ignored everyones surprised gazes after she finished and looked at Xu Yi, as she honestly said, “Give me a price.”

Xu Yi saw Wellas serious expression and felt a bit awkward.

It seemed like this Wella was really obsessed with magic and as long as she saw something new, she would immediately want to research it.

But as for a price…...

If it was just the price of materials, the main expenses for the Magic Fan is the frame itself. Including the wooden base and the iron structure, it would cost less than thirty silver coins.

Then adding in the labor costs, including the fee for the blacksmiths, it would be less than two gold coins added up together.

But in addition to these costs, the most important was the research cost.

In order to develop this Magic Fan, Xu Yi had spent half a months time, spending almost all his free time on this. In order to develop the perfect Magic Array for this, he used over a hundred sheets of paper.

Not to mention building a frame that would work perfectly with the Magic Array. This mechanical engineering knowledge that surpassed anything on the Sines Continent, it was something that they couldnt attach a value to.

Seeing that Xu Yi was hesitating, Rem became unhappy. He said with a frown, “Hey, Xu Yi, this is only an iron frame, how much could it be worth Since Wella wants it, why dont you sell it to her Just give a price, Ill pay it.”

Wella looked at Rem with a frown, but she said nothing.

Although she was very curious towards the Magic Fan, she also didnt think this strange looking thing would be worth that much.

Who would have thought that after Xu Yi thought about it, he raised up two fingers, “Since we are coworkers, if you really want to buy it, then itll be two gold coins.”

This price could be considered Xu Yi giving up the research cost and just treating this Magic Fan as a normal product.

He was not worried that she would be able to see through the mysteries of this Magic Fan after buying it. Perhaps she could easily see through the Magic Array, but this simple looking Magic Fan contained modern era technology, so she couldnt see through it no matter what.

However, the price that seemed fair Xu Yis heart made everyones eyes pop out.

“Two gold coins” Rem stretched his arms out in an exaggerated manner, “I say, Xu Yi, are you crazy This is only a piece of iron! Although you being able to think of something like this is pretty good, how could it be worth two gold coins”

Everyone agreed with him, they all felt that the price Xu Yi set was too much.

Although Wella didnt say anything, her deeply knit brows made her thoughts very clear.

Xu Yi let out a sigh and felt helpless.

The people of this world didnt understand modern technology at all, they naturally couldnt understand its value.

Based purely on the perspective of a magician, the Magic Array inside this Magic Fan really wasnt worth two gold coins.

But as a high level mechanical engineer from earth, Xu Yi had his pride. He definitely wouldnt allow something he worked hard to research be sold that cheaply.

So he could only give a shrug, “Since you cant accept this price, then forget it. Anyway, I felt that the lab was very hot, so I took it out to let everyone use it.”

Everyone looked at Xu Yi with strange gazes. This fellow, since he could take it out and let everyone use it for free, why didnt he just use it to create some favour with Wella by selling it to her for a low price

Wella hesitated for a bit. When she wanted to keep persuading Xu Yi, a clear and beautiful voice came from outside the door to the lab.

“Two gold coins, Ill buy it.”-

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