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Like the legends said, although the elf tribe had an equal number of males and females, the ones in important positions were normal female elves.

The Night Song Tribes elder illusia was a female elf and the Moon Shadow Tribe had three elders who were all female elves.

Elder Lisanya Shadow Song was the eldest of the three elders, so she was the elder with the highest position.

According to what elder Illusia had told Xu Yi, she was already close to four hundred years old and she was several decades older than elder Illusia.

But just based on her appearance, she wasnt that different from a human girl who was in her early twenties. She seemed quite close to elder Illusia when it came to age.

Because of the letter elder Illusia sent, elder Lisanya Shadow Song wasnt as vigilant and hostile towards Xu Yi as the average elf, rather she looked at Xu Yi with eyes filled with curiosity.

“Human, based on your appearance, there isnt anything special about you. Although you are a human magician, I can tell that you arent that strong. Im very curious, why does Illusia have such a different view of you” Elder Lisanya Shadow Songs first words directly expressed the curiosity in her heart.

Xu Yi replied with a smile, “Elder Shadow Song, I think that Agnes has told you many things about me in the past few days.”

“Yes, Agnes seems to like you very much. She has told me all about your merits, she even feels that you saved the entire elven race.” Elder Lisanya Night Song looked over Xu Yi again before shaking her head, “But I dont see this possibility.”

“Elder Shadow Song, this matter cant be seen that easily. Of course, I dont feel that its as exaggerated as Agnes says it is. Only I feel that if the elf race didnt close itself off and lived in harmony with us humans, there wont be any dangers to the elf tribe and there wouldnt be anything to save.” Xu Yi said.

“Live in harmony with humans” Elder Lisanya Shadow Songs expression was a bit depressed as she thought of the past, “Before the race wars, humans did indeed live in harmony with elves for a long time. But after the humans felt they were strong enough, they immediately declared war without a care. Since then, there has been no chance of humans and elves living in harmony.”

“You care too much about history.” Xu Yi said without any politeness, “Although we humans also respect history, we humans also know that history is just history. Things in the past have already passed. Now that there has been several thousand years since the race wars, the grudge between humans and elves have already disappeared. Since the Night Song Tribe elves can live in harmony with us humans, I think that the elves of other tribes can do the same.”

“I do admire Illusias courage, she actually conquered her heart for the sake of her tribes survival. But…..Our Moon Shadow Tribe isnt facing the same dangers as the Night Song Tribe, so we can still survive even if we dont live with humans. So, human, I have met you because of Illusias letter, but I feel there is no need to continue this. Please leave.”

Seeing the calm expression on elder Lisanya Shadow Songs face, Xu Yi couldnt help cursing in his heart.

These elves, although they seemed to be uncaring, to Xu Yi, it was clearly their pride.

The elves of the continent were clearly facing a matter of life and death, but she said that they werent in any danger at all.

Should it be said that the elves were too proud or she didnt notice the issue at all

Thinking of how the Moon Shadow Tribe had three thousand elves and how they acted with the humans of the Stantine Duchy, Xu Yi felt it was more likely that it was the latter.

After all, Xu YI knew many elves. Even if they were proud, they had the same advantage which was that they recognized facts.

Since elder Lisanya Shadow Song said that she didnt think the Moon Shadow Tribe was in danger, this must mean that she really felt this way.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi felt that he shouldnt beat around the bush with her. After thinking about it, he directly asked, “Elder Shadow Song, you say that your Moon Shadow Tribe isnt in danger, then I want to ask something. May I ask…..How many elves does that Moon Shadow Tribe have right now”

Elder Lisanya Shadow Song asked back in surprise, “What are you asking this for”

“Because the population is a measure of the races prosperity. If the population of a race keeps growing, that means that the race is in the process of increasing their prosperity. If the population keeps falling, it means that the race is facing a crisis. Elder Shadow Song, has the population of the Moon Shadow Tribe increased or dropped in the last ten years or hundred years”

Elder Lisanya Shadow Songs expression changed slightly.

As the oldest elder of the Moon Shadow Tribe, she was very clear that the Moon Shadow Tribes population hasnt changed much in the last ten years, but compared to a hundred years ago, the Moon Shadow Tribe didnt even have 90% of the same population!

In just a hundred years, the Moon Shadow Tribe had lost at least a tenth of their population.

Based on this trend, perhaps in less than a thousand years, the Moon Shadow Tribe would naturally disappear from the continent.

Seeing the expression on elder Lisanya Shadow Songs face, Xu Yi knew that his guesses werent wrong.

Actually it wasnt just the Night Song Tribe or the Moon Shadow Tribe, it should be said that after the race wars, the population of the elves on the continent kept decreasing.

The reason why elves were rarely seen on the Sines Continent, other than elves being unwilling to contact humans, the more important reason was that elves were becoming even more scarce.

According to this trend, in just another thousand years, the elves would become a rare race like the pandas in China on earth.

It was because of this terrifying trend that after elder Illusia met Xu Yi, she began chasing the possibility of elves living together with humans. She wanted the elves to return to the continent and give the elves a new lease on life with a new lifestyle.

Elder Illusia made such a bold choice because of the Night Song Tribes crisis and the Moon Shadow Tribe wasnt facing a crisis right now, so elder Lisanya Shadow Song didnt spare this idea a thought.

But when Xu Yi mentioned this question, elder Lisanya Shadow Song couldnt help facing this fact.

At this time, she suddenly remembered something elder Illusia had mentioned in her letter.

In the letter, elder Illusia had said that since they started cooperating with humans, the Night Song Tribe actually had three newly born elves in just a short year!

For the Night Song Tribe with a population of less than a thousand elves, this was a birth rate that was unimaginable!

Even back before the race wars, when the elves were at their peak, the entire elf clans birth rate never surpassed one in a thousand. Now for a small elf tribe like the Night Song Tribe, it actually reached three in one thousand!

If adding in the fact that the elves had several times the lifespan of humans, this birth rate was close to reaching that of humans!

Elder Illusia wasnt clear what the reason for this change was, but she had pointed out in her letter that whether it was this change in the birth rate or the change with her tribes clansmen, it all happened after the appearance of this human called Xu Yi.

Although she didnt know the reason, perhaps this Xu Yi was the key.

Thinking of this and thinking about how there was the possibility of elves producing as fast as humans, elder Lisanya Shadow Song looked at Xu Yi with a friendlier gaze.


Three days later, Xu Yis group returned to Samara Town.

Compared to when they left, other than Xu Yi and Agnes coming back, there were the two maids that head Wein had given Xu Yi and three female elves that had come from the Shadow Song Tribe.

These three female elves had followed Xu Yi back to the Lampuri Kingdom because of elder Lisanya Shadow Songs orders.

According to what elder Lisanya Shadow Song said, these three female elves were envoys she sent to the Night Song Tribe. Other than giving her regards to elder Illusia, they would also be following Xu Yi for some time, learning about the human world like Agnes.

Xu Yi didnt object to this, he didnt have any hope that a simple meeting would allow him to cooperate with the Shadow Song Tribe.

To let elder Night Song understand his cooperation model with the Night Song Tribe with these three elves and then make her decision afterwards was also good.

But what he couldnt understand was why elder Lisanya Shadow Song sent three elves at once and why they were all beautiful female elves.

The strangest thing was that properly speaking, she should send elves with enough experience for this, but she had sent three elves who werent even a hundred years old yet.

Changing it into human years, it meant that they werent even twenty years old.

Three silly girls who werent even twenty years old, what could they understand

Xu Yi had many questions about this, but looking at Agnes beside him, he took back those questions.

Back then, elder Illusia had sent Agnes who wasnt even an adult in human years yet. What elder Shadow Song was doing now was probably a simple imitation of this.

Of course, this wasnt a problem for him.

Rather he just wanted to show what the cooperation between him and the Night Song Tribe was like to elder Lisanya Night Song. These young girls would give the most simple reports, so it would be easier for elder Shadow Song to understand.

As for the final result, Xu Yi was feeling very confident.

Especially when he saw that the road that led to the Black Rice Wasteland outside Samara Town was almost done.

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