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“Chairman Xu, come and have a cup of our special fruit juice. I guarantee it will be even better than drinking wine.” Swain Wein revealed a smile and his small eyes were completely wrapped up in the fat on his face, not revealing anything at all.

Xu Yi raised his cup to him and Anklo. The juice in the cup was a bit fragrant and it tasted like mango juice when he drank it.

Compared to drinking wine, he actually preferred drinking fruit juice.

Drinking wine would make people dizzy and this was not something that Xu Yi who always liked to stay sober and sharped liked to do.

When he put down the cup, the young maid behind Xu Yi quickly came forward to fill it up.

Seeing the pieces of clothes that didnt even cover up the key portions of the girls figure, Xu Yi couldnt help secretly shaking his head.

The Stantine Duchy was poor, but that was just for the normal people. For a great noble like the head of the Wein Family that controlled a large part of the northern duchy, he was living quite the luxurious life.

He was even living a more extravagant life compared to the nobles of the Lampuri Kingdom.

Although the Lampuri Kingdoms nobles were still promiscuous, they at least didnt have underage girls entertain guests while close to being naked.

“Chairman Xu, for an honoured guest like you to come here, it really is my honour. Come, lets drink another cup.” Family head Wein raised his cup again with a smile.

When Xu Yi finished, head Weins small eyes turned over to Anklo before saying to Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, I heard sir Anklo say that you have come to our Stantine Duchy this time because you are planning to invest in our duchy”

Xu Yi was a bit surprised that he had jumped into this topic. He thought for a bit before saying with a nod, “Thats right.”

“Then may I ask chairman Xu, on your way here, do you feel that there is anything in Wein City worth investing in” Head Wein asked.

“This fellow really is straightforward.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Head Wein, I cant answer this right now, but based on what Ive seen already, there is potential for investment. If possible, I very much hope that I can invest.”

This sounded like polite words, but these were Xu Yis heartfelt words.

Just based on the rich natural resources he saw on the way here, this place had many money making opportunities worth investing in.

The biggest barrier was actually the people who lived here.

If he wanted to invest here, he had to hire the local workers.

But based on the situation that Xu Yi saw, he didnt feel relieved hiring local workers.

Head Wein didnt treat Xu Yis words as polite talk and kept asking, “Then if chairman Xu was to invest here, what plans do you have”

Seeing that Anklo put down his cup to pay attention, Xu Yi thought about it before saying, “Currently speaking, I very much want to create a canned fruit factory here and a rubber processing plant. As for other things…..I dont know for now, I need to decide after examining further.”

“Canned fruit factory Rubber processing plant” Head Wein and Anklo looked at each other. He couldnt help asking, “I know about rubber, but what is a canned fruit”

“Eh…..To put it simply, its cutting the fruit into slivers and mixing it with fruit juices in a glass jar or an iron can before being sealed. This canned fruits benefit is that it can maintain the taste for a long time and after it is made, it can be transported to other countries to be sold. I think it should be quite welcomed.” Xu Yi said.

Head Wein and Anklos eyes instantly lit up.

“Theres this method of preserving fruits”

Head Weins face fat even began trembling with excitement as he kept asking, “Chairman Xu, if there is such a good method, we can sell our fruits! Theres so much fruit that goes rotten each year that it pains me dearly! Chairman Xu, you must come and build a canned fruit factory here! No matter what requests you have, I will agree to it all!”

Anklo gave a soft cough, stopping the excited head Wein from charging at Xu Yi.

“Chairman Xu, may I ask, what is the rubber processing plant that you mentioned”

“Of course.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Mister Anklo, I think that you should know that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has a tire factory, right”

“Un, I do.” Anklo nodded, “When I was in Banta City, I found that the horse carriages had all changed to tires. I even sat on some and found that after they changed to tires, the horse carriage was not only more steady, it also ran much faster. Actually, I was planning on buying a few tires to bring back and put them on my horse carriages, but there were too many things to do that I forgot about them.”

“It seems like you know about the benefits that tires bring.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Our company currently uses a special material to make the tires and this special material has similar characteristics as rubber. Because I couldnt find rubber trees in the Lampuri Kingdom before, I had to use this special material. Now that Ive seen all these rubber trees, I have to consider if I can replace the special material with rubber.”

“You can! Of course you can! You definitely can!” Head Wein shouted before Anklo could speak, “Chairman Xu, you just need to worry about opening the rubber processing plant. As long as you come, it will be the same as the canned fruit processing plant, we will prepare anything that you need!”

Anklo slightly knit his brows. Head Wein speaking before him made him a bit uncomfortable, but he didnt say anything and just waited for Xu Yis reaction.

Xu Yi didnt react, rather he just nodded with the same faint smile, “Since head Wein is this inviting, I certainly will not disappoint your good intentions. I will be seeing the duke later with mister Anklo and if everything goes smoothly, I will seriously consider this matter.”

Although Xu Yi didnt give an affirmative response, head Wein treated it like Xu Yi had agreed. His eyes narrowed as he smiled, making him look quite funny.

Xu Yis replies were airtight, so Anklo naturally couldnt say anything.

So this welcome dinner that wasnt especially grand came to an end with a happy atmosphere.

After they finished dinner, it was already dark outside.

Xu Yi was a bit tired after sitting in a horse carriage running on the Stantine Duchys poorly made roads, so with the pretext of wanting to get some rest, he rejected head Wein and Anklos invitation to participate in a bonfire outside Wein City.

When he took a bath, he was surprised and not surprised to see that head Wein had sent two maids to take care of him.

Xu Yi wasnt used to it at first, but the two maids explained that this was the lord heads orders. If he didnt let them take care of him, they would definitely be killed later. Xu Yis heart softened and he let them take care of things.

It was a good thing the two maids were trained, so they didnt do anything when Xu Yi was taking a bath, otherwise Xu Yi wouldnt have been able to stop himself.

After he finished his bath, the two maids naturally indicated they would go to bed with him.

Xu Yi thought about it and agreed to them coming to his room.

But when the two maids took off their clothes, they both felt faint at the same time and lost consciousness.

Xu Yi caught the two girls falling down and put them on the bed before covering them with the blankets. Agnes who had suddenly appeared in the room to use elven magic to knock out the two maids gave a nod, “Lets go.”

Agnes looked at the two maids in bed and hesitated a bit before asking, “Chairman, the illusion magic can make them see illusions, but it wont affect their bodies at all. If you really want to cheat others, I suggest you do something to their bodies.”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes, “How will I do that Do you want me to make a move on them What a joke.”

Agnes looked at Xu Yi and suddenly clapped her hands, “Oh, I remember now. Chairman, you said last time that because humans are shy, they dont like having others nearby when copulating, right Its fine, Im not a human.”

Xu Yi snappily looked at Agnes, “We humans are shy, but could it be you elves arent the same I dont believe that when you elves copulate, you like having others watch you!”

Agnes seriously shook her head, “We elves do not copulate like you humans.”

Xu Yi was stunned, this was his first time hearing this.

“Then how do you elves reproduce Moreover, Ive seen that you elves have the same marriage relationship as us humans.”

“The method that we use to give birth to descendants…..” Agnes tilted her head to think before shaking her head, “I dont know. The elder said that Im still young. I have to be at least a hundred before considering giving birth to descendants.”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes again, thinking that it really was a waste of time explaining this to an elf.

“Alright, lets stop talking nonsense. You dont need to care about putting the two girls here, I didnt plan on hiding everything from them. Agnes, how is your Shadow Dive Spell now Can you guarantee you can bring me along”

Agnes hung her head in a depressed manner and said, “Not that well.”

“What does that mean You dont have confidence in bringing me out” Xu Yi asked.

“It should be fine if its just going out of the manor.” Agnes replied.

“Thats fine. Lets go.”

“Un.” Agnes replied as a faint green glow came from her body, surrounding Xu Yi as well.

In an instant, the two of them disappeared without a trace from the room.

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