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As the horse carriage kept moving forward, Xu Yi found more and more. The Stantine Duchy was very rich in terms of natural resources.

Not only were there various kinds of fruit trees that bloomed around them like they were worthless, Xu Yi looked into the distance to find large cacao trees and coffee trees. But more importantly, there were even rubber trees blotting out the sky!

Seeing this scene, Xu Yi didnt even have time to be surprised at the various kinds of tropical plants that grew in the Stantine Duchy just like one earth, he was just completely shocked.

With such rich natural resources, why was the Stantine Duchy this poor

Before coming to the Stantine Duchy, whether it was from the books of the continents, or from people who had described the Stantine Duchy, or even if the descriptions of Anklo who came from the Stantine Duchy, they all gave the same information. The Stantine Duchy was a very weak country that was very poor.

Before coming to the Stantine Duchy, Xu Yi was already prepared to see a country that was wrecked by hurricanes and tsunamis all year round.

But he never would have thought that the Stantine Duchys land was not only not barren, it was even more bountiful than he thought.

With these rich natural resources, it was like a precious gift to them from the heavens!

If this was placed on earth, this country might not be rich, but they would be described as broke.

But on the way here, Xu Yi saw the scattered Stantine Duchy citizens through the window of his carriage. Based on the tattered clothes they wore and the wrecked log cabins they lived in, their lives were indeed quite bad.

This really was something that Xu Yi couldnt understand.

With this kind of natural resources, even though there was a limit to the Sines Continents transportation network and they couldnt deliver these resources out to make money, the citizens shouldnt be in such a destitute condition, right

With these doubts, Xu Yi began to shift his attention from the rich plants outside to the people of the Stantine Duchy.

When the carriage finally came to a place that was like a town, Xu Yi jumped out and looked over the scene in front of him, as he finally understood.

Although the Stantine Duchy citizens had rich natural resources, perhaps it was because they had rich natural resources that they became this poor.

This reason sounded very strange, but it was a very suitable analysis.

When he was still back on earth, Xu Yi had gone to many tropical and subtropical countries when he went on inspections. For example, he had gone to the southern China peninsula and the Indian peninsula many times before.

In those countries, Xu Yi had found a similarity which was that those people were very lazy.

For the same construction project, perhaps it would only take a company in China two to three months to complete, but in those countries, not mentioning the low efficiency of the governments, just with the laziness of the workers themselves, it was enough to stall the project for half a year without finishing it.

Because of this problem, there were many managers who had secretly complained to Xu Yi.

Clearly they only had to learn how to use a few machines and they would just work by sitting inside and controlling those machines, but those workers refused to learn how to do the most basic work.

And if you made them do physical labour, they would slack off.

Because the efficiency of those workers were very low and delayed the progress of the project, there were many companies who had directly spent a large amount to recruit large numbers of workers from China.

Even if their contracts with the local government meant that they had to recruit a certain amount of local workers, those companies would rather spend more money and just pay those workers for nothing, not relying on their efficiency at all.

Xu Yi thought of the complaints of those managers and the local conditions of those countries, comparing them to the scene in front of him before making this judgement.

The Stantine Duchy was this poor, but ignoring all other reasons, the most important reason was that the people were too lazy.

Looking in from the entrance of this town, although there were quite a few people, whether they were strolling on the streets, sitting in a corner, or sunbathing on the ground, each person gave off a lazy feeling.

It was like as long as there was nothing important to do, they definitely would not waste any energy doing anything.

Although there were a few stalls in the streets, most of the time they had no customers. The bosses of those stalls didnt seem to care and didnt waste energy calling out. They even went as far as covering their eyes and going to sleep!

Xu Yi thought about it and found that he could understand the thoughts of these normal people.

Perhaps on earth where one could say that all things are equal, normal people had hopes of climbing up the ladder.

But the society of the Sines Continent was very backwards with a deep rooted social class concept, so normal people would never think of going against nobles.

So for the average person, being able to fill their stomachs and living normal lives was their first goal.

For the Stantine Duchy that had rich natural resources, if one was hungry, they could just pick some fruits from the fruit trees by the side of the road to fill their stomachs.

Since there was no pressure to survive and no hope to climb up the ladder, a normal person naturally would just eat and wait to die by the side of the road.

Of course, understanding didnt mean accepting it.

Seeing the scene in front of him, Xu Yi had the same feeling when he inspected those peninsulas, feeling sad and angry at these normal people.

If they worked hard and were a bit more diligent, at least their lives could become better, so why didnt these fellows work harder

Anklo on the side saw that after Xu Yi got out of the carriage and was silent with a bad look on his face after seeing this town thought that Xu Yi wasnt satisfied with this environment, so he quickly said, “Chairman Xu, lets just rest here temporarily today. Ive already contacted the City Lord here to have him receive you in his manor. The environment of his manor is much better, you dont need to worry.”

Xu Yi was too lazy to explain his thoughts to Anklo, so he shook his head and headed into the town.

Seeing Xu Yis actions, Anklo was stunned before quickly following him.

This town only had six streets and they were all very short. This town wasnt even a tenth of the size of Banta City, so Xu Yi had gone from one end to the other in less than half an hour.

After going around the town, Xu Yi fell into deep thought before asking Anklo, “What is the scale of this city in your Stantine Duchy”

Anklo was stunned before revealing an awkward smile and hesitantly replying, “This is the largest city in the north of our duchy…..”

Xu Yi was stunned. He raised a brow and looked at the city behind him again. He couldnt stop the absurd feeling that was rising from his heart and the twitching on his face.

This place that couldnt even compare to a small town on earth was actually the largest city in the north of the Stantine Duchy

What a joke!

Although Xu Yi tried his best to stop himself from revealing a strange expression, Anklo could only awkwardly explain, “Chairman Xu, our Stantine Duchy strictly speaking has no concept of a city. This city is just to make it easier for the nearby people to trade and since it isnt the day of a market, it doesnt seem like there are many people. But if you come here on market day, this place becomes rather lively…..”

Anklo explained for a while, but he really couldnt say anything else.

He frequently went to the Lampuri Kingdom and not mentioning Anvilmar City, just Banta City that Xu Yi came from was already bigger than all the cities in the Stantine Duchy.

Explaining this in front of Xu Yi, it just became worse as he kept going.

Seeing Anklo becoming more quiet and looking more awkward, Xu Yi gave a sigh and turned to stop looking at this pitifully small “city”. He said to Anklo, “Alright, bring me somewhere to rest. After sitting in a horse carriage for a day, Im a bit tired.”

Anklo quickly called the three horse carriages behind them over and asked Xu Yi to get in. They went on the only road that was considered rather wide and headed to the south.

The City Lord Manor that Anklo mentioned actually surprised Xu Yi. It was very large and there were many buildings in the yard, taking up a large space, looking quite magnificent.

Although it couldnt compare to the noble manors outside Banta City, with how wide it was, with the mountains and ponds it had, as well as the rather well built log cabins, the environment really didnt seem bad.

According to Anklos introduction, the owner of this manor was this citys City Lord and this city took his familys name.

His family was called the Wein Family and this city was called Wein City.

The current head of the Wein Family was the owner of the manor called Swain Wein. He was a round middle aged fat man who wasnt that tall.

After seeing Anklo and Xu Yi, Swain Wein had a very friendly manner and was very flattering in front of Xu Yi.

When flattering someone, he definitely wanted something.

This Swain Wein treated Xu Yi like this, so of course he had some requests for Xu Yi.

But Xu Yi didnt know what kind of requests he had for now.

But this question was soon answered at the welcome banquet set out for him.

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