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Setting off for the Stantine Duchy from Samara Town required them to pass through the Black Rice Wasteland, but they went in the opposite direction of the Voller Tribe.

Although Anklo was very sincere with Xu Yi, he didnt go overboard, only bringing a few assistants and three carriages.

He thought that Xu Yi would bring some assistants, but he never expected Xu Yi to bring no one other than Agnes as his assistant. So the third carriage was completely empty.

The small motorcade left Samara Town and headed in a southwest direction. After going through fifty kilometers on the Black Rice Wasteland, Xu Yi felt the topography begin to sink and the temperature of the surrounding air begin to rise.

After leaving the barren land of the Black Rice Wasteland and not long after entering a forest, Xu Yi began to feel hot and couldnt help taking off his thick fur coat.

Seeing Xu Yis action, Anklo who was in the same carriage couldnt help saying, “Chairman Xu, this is your first time in our Stantine Duchy, so you might not be familiar with the climate of our duchy. Actually the climate of our duchy is very different from most countries on the continent. There isnt a single period of time here that will make people feel cold and although it is winter right now, the temperature is actually a bit higher compared to your Lampuri Kingdoms spring or fall.”

Xu Yi wiped the sweat off his forehead and gave a nod, “I can feel it. Based on this topography, your Stantine Duchy should be in a valley and since it is close to the ocean, as well as being the most southern part of the continent, it isnt strange to have this kind of climate.”

Anklo was a bit surprised, “It seems like chairman Xu is very skilled in geography, you truly are wise. No wonder her highness Seveni always praised you when she mentioned you to me.”

“Her highness mentioned me in front of you” Xu Yi asked in a surprised voice.

Anklo revealed a faint smile, “At first I mentioned you to her highness, but I never thought that mentioning chairman Xu, her highness would suddenly be in a great mood. She kept commending chairman Xu in front of me, she holds you in the highest esteem. It was also her highness words that filled me with confidence in finding chairman Xu.”

Sevenis form appeared in Xu Yis mind as he said with a smile, “What if Im not as good as her highness says, wouldnt this be a wasted trip”

“No, Ive gone to the Lampuri Kingdom many times and have fortunately met her highness quite a few times. This was the first time her highness had praised someone like this. I had already done my own research on chairman Xu and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but with her highness confirmation of chairman Xu, it has only given me more confidence and wouldnt affect my decision.”

“You really are too polite.” Xu Yi waved his hand. He thought for a bit before saying, “Mister Anklo, actually even at this point, I still cant think it through, what do you want from me and our Frestech Chamber of Commerce We are after all just a small company, Im afraid we cant do much to change the situation of the Stantine Duchy.”

“Change starts bit by bit.” Anklo said with a serious look, “The Frestech Chamber of Commerce is not the biggest company in the Lampuri Kingdom, but it is the company with the greatest power to bring change. Ive carefully researched your company and found that the reason why there was such a large change in Banta City and the surrounding cities could be considered as the appearance of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. So I thought that as long as I invited the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, or rather invited chairman Xu to our Stantine Duchy, there would definitely be some kind of change.”

Seeing the determined look on Anklos face, Xu Yi said with a bitter smile, “Mister Anklo, although I do have confidence in bringing some changes to the Stantine Duchy, you saying this really puts pressure on me.”

Anklo revealed a faint smile, “Chairman Xu, could it be that youre someone who is afraid of pressure”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Alright, Im not that afraid and even hope there is pressure because I always believed that pressure is a form of drive. Un….Since there is pressure, then we should discuss how to change this pressure into drive. Mister Anklo, I want to ask something first. What is the road situation around the three mines that the Stantine Duchy wants to sell me like”

Anklo replied without hesitation, “There are roads connecting the two iron mines and as for the copper mine, because no one cared about it before, there isnt a road connecting it right now.”

“Theres no road at all” Xu Yi couldnt help knitting his brows.

Actually, of the two iron mines and the copper mine the Stantine Duchy was planning to sell to him, Xu Yi felt the copper mine was more important.

Now that there was success with developing the generator, the next step would be to create larger generators and then popularize the use of electricity.

To popularize electricity, there was a large demand for copper.

He couldnt get enough copper in the Lampuri Kingdom for now and there werent any large copper veins in the mine near the Voller Tribe, so Xu Yi could only put his hopes into the Stantine Duchys copper mines.

If the road conditions around this copper mine were too lacking, it would greatly affect his plan.

Seeing the expression on Xu Yis face, Anklo quickly said, “Chairman Xu, be assured. Although there isnt a road connected to the copper mine right now, our Stantine Duchy is covered in plains and the area around the copper mine is very flat, so it wont affect the mining process too much.”

“Un…..It would be best if it was like this. As long as a road can be built, everything can be discussed.” Xu Yi said with a nod.

“Speaking of building roads…..” Anklo hesitated a bit before asking, “Chairman Xu, are you planning on building roads in our duchy”

Xu Yi was surprised, “Isnt building roads something your duchy should do Why are you asking me”

The smile on Anklos face became a bit awkward, “This…..Actually the cost of building roads is too high and our duchy cant afford it.”

Xu Yi looked at Anklo in disbelief, “Even building a hundred kilometer road only costs three hundred thousand gold coins, why cant you afford that”

The smile on Anklos face became even more awkward, “Actually…..Perhaps chairman Xu will laugh at this, but our duchys income last year was less than two hundred thousand gold coins…..”

Xu Yi was speechless.

Although he knew that the Stantine Duchy was weak from the various sources of information he obtained, Xu Yi never would have thought that it would be this weak.

A duchy didnt even have a yearly income of two hundred thousand gold coins! It couldnt even compare to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces half month of profits!

No wonder Anklo, this trusted subordinate of Duke Stantine and an important character of the Stantine Duchy was this friendly and even submissive when he was facing Xu Yi.

On earth, this would be called money is power.

The Stantine Duchy was this poor, so Anklo naturally couldnt have an attitude in front of Xu Yi.

Seeing the awkward smile on Anklos face, Xu Yi couldnt help thinking of those officials in rural areas meeting potential investors that were interested in developing the area.

Perhaps to Anklo, Xu Yi was a god of wealth that he had worked hard to invite. Of course he would do everything he could to have Xu Yi invest, so he was as polite and friendly as possible.

But thinking about it, even the Lampuri Kingdom that was stronger than the Stantine Duchy only had a yearly income of two million gold coins. For the Stantine Duchy to have an income of two hundred thousand gold coins, that was actually already quite good…..

Xu Yi gave a sigh in his heart. His expression didnt change on the surface as he said with a nod, “Alright, when we reach the mountains, I will consider if there is a need to build roads. After all, just a normal road connecting the mines will be of great help to us when we mine the vein.”

Hearing Xu Yis relaxed tone, Anklos expression froze for a second before he quickly nodded with a smile, “As long as chairman Xu needs something, everything can be discussed.”

Xu Yi looked at Anklo. So if I take out enough money, your Stantine Duchy would sell the entire duchy to me

The horse carriage left the Black Rice Wasteland and entered the territory of the Stantine Duchy.

With the gradual increase in temperature, the scenery around them quickly changed.

In the beginning, the roads were surrounded by all kinds of plants that would be found all over the Lampuri Kingdom. As they continued forward, the plants gradually changed into tropical plants that could only be found in tropical climates.

Xu Yi had transmigrated onto the Sines Continent for five years now, so he knew that there were many different things about the Sines Continent and earth, but there were also many similarities.

For example, when it came to plants. There were many plants on the Sines Continent that Xu Yi had never heard about on earth, but there were many plants on earth that the Sines Continent also had.

For example, as Xu Yi looked at the trees on the sides of the horse carriages, he would find banana trees, mango trees, and pineapple trees…..

All the way in the distance, he could even see some tall coconut trees.

Xu Yi watched for a while before he couldnt help pointing at the plants and asking Anklo, “Your Stantine Duchy has this many precious resources, why is your income so low”

“Precious resources” Anklo asked back in a stunned voice, “What precious resources”

“These arent previous Not mentioning anything else, if you sell the fruits of these trees to other places, you can earn quite a bit of money.”

“Youre talking about those fruits” Anklo looked at the fruits Xu Yi was pointing at before revealing a bitter smile, “Chairman Xu, we know that people of other countries like these fruits, but the problem is…..how do we transport them”

Seeing Anklo spread his hands with a helpless look, Xu Yi was stunned, but he quickly reacted.

The Sines Continent wasnt earth, there wasnt the strong transport ability of sending something in just a day or two to sell.

Although these tropical fruits were very good, with the current transport capabilities of the Sines Continent, not mentioning further places, the fruits would all rot on the road just transporting them to the nearby Lampuri Kingdom.

Xu Yi saying that the Stantine Duchy was wasting their treasures was actually a bit unreasonable.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi calmed down. He thought for a bit before saying to Anklo, “If I had a method to transport these fresh fruits, what would you think”

Anklos eyes immediately lit up and he slapped his leg as he shouted in a joyful voice, “Look! Chairman Xu, this is what I was talking about! You will definitely bring changes to our Stantine Duchy!”

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