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Magic Industry Empire Volume 2 Chapter 105 - Hungry market

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The second day that Xu Yi came to Anvilmar City, it was also the first day of the Magicians Guilds certification exam. When large numbers of magicians came for the Magicians Guilds certification exam, on the busiest street of the Anvilmar City, there was a giant store that started business.

This store took over a thousand square meters on the most prosperous street in Anvilmar City, it attracted countless luxurious horse carriages with all kinds of noble crests on them when it started doing business, so it attracted many peoples attention.

When everyone saw the sign that hung on that store, they were all stunned. There was a familiar word on the sign which was “Walmart”, but the following “household magic machine shop” while being words that everyone knew, they didnt understand at all.

Thats right, the name of this shop was actually the Walmart household magic machine shop.

Of course, these people didnt understand for only a short period and very soon, many people reacted.

This was because half a month ago, the Walmart Chamber of Commerce had already put up advertisements in all the large and small newspapers of Anvilmar City, as well as putting all kinds of advertisements on every street. They even hired people to hand out flyers while also shouting out advertisements.

With such a strong advertising campaign, if the people of Anvilmar City still didnt know that the Walmart household magic machine shop was opening today, they either came from outside the city or they were death and blind.

As for the concept of household magic machines, although many people in Anvilmar City had some understanding from the reports from the newspapers and the Frestech Brand Sore that Victors group had set up, that didnt make up a large part of the populace and their understanding was too shallow.

But whether you knew about this before or not, this time the Walmart Chamber of Commerce had gone all out, so everyone had some understanding of this matter.

Everyone knew that the so-called household magic machine was a machine using magic that could make peoples daily lives easier.

For example, the Magic Air Conditioner could replace the function of large scale Frost Arrays and Flame Arrays. It allowed ones home to be at a comfortable temperature in the hot summers and the cold winters.

Then there was the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker. As long as one put the right amount of water and rice inside, after pressing the switch, they didnt need to care about anything and wait for a bit to get freshly cooked right.

Or for example…...


Because of the advertisements of the Walmart Chamber of Commerce, everyone in Anvilmar City knew about the functions of the household magic machines. Before the Walmart Chamber of Commerces store even began doing business, people were already expectant of it.

When they started doing business, early in the morning, the store was already surrounded by a dense crowd. It completely filled the most prosperous street without leaving a single gap.

According to the advertisement of the Walmart Chamber of Commerce, because it was their first day doing business, all the household magic machines would be sold at a 20% discount. The stores goods were limited, so it would be first come, first serve.

At the same time, the customers that bought a household magic machine would receive a coupon that would give them a certain discount in the Walmart Chamber of Commerces grocery store.

So at eight in the morning, the Walmart Chamber of Commerce sent a manager to give a short speech on the stage in front of the story before announcing the opening of the store. The crowd immediately charged through the open doors and it was like a flood that completely filled the doors.

Hank Wilson watched down at the people charging in and couldnt help praising Xu Yi in front of him, “Chairman Xu, the idea of limited supplies really was good. Look, those people are trying to buy the items as fast as possible and they arent even seriously looking over the quality.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “There is a special phrase which is called ahungry market. Its to make people feel that they wont be able to buy something if theyre late and deliberately not meeting everyones needs. Adding in the special deals youre offering, people think that they are getting an advantage, so they dont care that much.”

“Chairman Xu really understands the thoughts of the customers.” Sitting in front of Xu Yi was a grey haired old man who looked to be around sixty that was in high spirits. He was the Walmart Chamber of Commerces current chairman Colmar Rundst, “From all the rumours, I thought that chairman Xu would be more like a magician who was more focused on research. After personally meeting you, I found that chairman Xu is more like an astute merchant.”

“Chairman Rundst is overpraising me.” Xu Yi gave a modest smile, “Its only a small trick, it isnt much. The Walmart Chamber of Commerce has developed under chairman Rundsts lead for all these years to become a first rate company of our Lampuri Kingdom, that is whats truly powerful. Kennard has often praised you in front of me and he is filled with admiration and respect for you.”

“Admiration and respect for me” Chairman Rundst gave a soft snort, “Ive watched that kid grow up and I saw that he was intelligent since he was young, as well as interested in doing business, so I planned on training him as my successor. I wanted him to run the Walmart Chamber of Commerce for the Emma Family, but I never thought that after training him to a good point, he actually ran off to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce to be that…..general manager It really angers me to death!”

Xu Yi couldnt help secretly laughing. Was this chairman Rundst blaming him for picking the fruit that he worked hard to grow

“This…...Chairman Rundst, I think that Kennard shouldnt be working at our company forever. Letting him stay at our company to learn a different structure and to gain experience will be good for his growth, dont you think so”

Chairman Rundst looked at Xu Yi before giving a slight nod, “Those words are quite right. Chairman Xu, there are many unique things about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that you run, so letting him study at your side is a good choice. But chairman Xu, you should know that it is impossible for Kennard to stay at your company, but youre giving him important work, will there not be any problems”

“Not doubting useful people and not using doubtful people.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Since I chose Kennard as the general manager, then I believe that he will finish the work I give him. As for when he will leave in the end…...Changing workers is inevitable for every company, I just need to take care of everything before that happens.”

Chairman Rundst slowly shook his head and said with a sigh, “For that kid Kennard to meet a chairman like you, it really is his luck. Alright, lets not talk about that kid, lets talk business. Hank, give chairman Xu the plan to read.”

Hank Wilson on the side replied before giving a plan to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi carefully looked it over and found that written in the plan were the main cities that the Walmart Chamber of Commerce was planning to open household magic machine stores in.

According to this plan, if the sales numbers in Anvilmar City were good, the Walmart Chamber of Commerce would be implementing this plan. Their ultimate goal was to set up a store like this in every city of the Lampuri Kingdom.

Of course, to open these stores, naturally it required the support of the companies producing magic machines led by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce from Banta City.

So in the plan, it proposed some requests for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other companies.

After Xu Yi looked it over, he thought about it for a bit before saying to chairman Rundst, “Based on todays situation, Im not worried about the sales numbers of this store. But chairman Rundst, I feel that this plan is a bit too optimistic.”

“Oh Where” Chairman Rundst asked back.

“The reason why this store is so popular, although it seems to be because of the opening day deals and the attraction of the household magic machines themselves, in fact the most important thing is that the people of Anvilmar City have this consumption power.”

“Consumption power” Chairman Rundst thought over this phrase for a bit before giving a nod, “Un, thats right. Anvilmar City is the capital of our Lampuri Kingdom, so naturally the people here will be richer than the people in other places.”

“So that means that we cant use the situation here as a reference and apply them to other places. Compared to Anvilmar City, the consumption power of people in other places arent as strong. Perhaps they want to buy these household magic machines, but there are many people who cant even eat their fill, so they dont have sufficient financial resources.” Xu Yi said, “Although the household magic machines arent considered that expensive, each one still takes several gold coins and some even take more than ten gold coins, so normal families wont be able to afford this.”

Chairman Rundst thought about it for a while before asking with knit brows, “But chairman Xu, based on what I know, your Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines have sold astonishing amounts in Banta City and Banta City is one of the poorest cities in the kingdom. Since this many household magic machines can sell in Banta City, then there shouldnt be a problem in other cities.”

“Theres still a difference here.” Xu Yi said, “The main problem is the problem of transportation. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerces household magic machines can sell well in Banta City because they are locally produced products that dont include transport fees, so its not a problem to sell them for a bit cheaper. But if you want to transport them to other cities to sell, because of the increase in transport costs, the price cant be kept as low.”

“Transport costs……” Chairman Rundst knit his brows even tighter, “I have also considered this problem before, but chairman Xu, based on what I know, your Frestech Chamber of Commerces profit margin is very high. Cant you just lower the selling price and exchange it for higher sales volume”

Hearing this question, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. After this chairman Rundst circled around for a while, he finally couldnt help revealing his real goal.-

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