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The Falling Rain Valley was being developed before the Falling Rain Road was being built and now it had been over two months since the Falling Rain Road was open. Compared to last time when Xu Yi came with chairman Pompeii, the current Falling Rain Valley was more complete. Whether it was the living area or the industrial area, it was much bigger than before.

The current Falling Rain Valley had already truly become a production base for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Now in the steel mill that stood firm, there was already a second furnace. After the initial tests, it would enter the production stage and the monthly output of the steel mill would surpass over a hundred thousand tons.

But as magic machines became more popular in the Lampuri Kingdom and with the partnership with the Walmart Chamber of Commerce, right now the companies in Banta City were producing more and more magic machines, needing more and more alloys from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Even a hundred thousand tons a month was basically not enough.

As more and more alloys were being used, more and more companies realized that these alloys were far better than normal iron. So other than being used in magic machines, there were other companies that had a strong need for these alloys.

Just last month, disregarding the Frestech Chamber of Commerces needs, the various orders for alloy added up to over fifty thousand tons, even surpassing the production of the steel mill.

If it wasnt for this, Xu Yi wouldnt have let chief Siluka and chief Monto build a second furnace this quickly.

When this second furnace began production, their monthly production would meet their requirements. Just based on this steel mill, they would be earning a large profit of hundreds of thousands of gold coins each month.

Moreover, the factories that were earning money in this Falling Rain Valley was not just this steel mill.

As the Falling Rain Valley was being opened up, large amounts of other corresponding factories were being established. Xu Yi had already moved most of the production lines at the Sandton Manor over here.

It was different from before where different production lines were put in the same factory. This time Xu Yi separated the production lines of different products, with each production line getting their own workshop, giving them a space that was several times larger than before.

At the same time, with this increase in space, Xu Yi added more production lines for each product, which greatly increased their output.

For example, the Magic Bread Maker that was the most popular item in Banta City and the surrounding cities. Xu Yi had suddenly increased the one production line to four production lines, going from the previous output of ten thousand units a month to over thirty thousand units a month.

Therefore, just for the Magic Bread Maker workshop, Xu Yi had recruited over a hundred people.

If Automatic Magic Rice Cooker, the Magic Refrigerator, and the Magic Air Conditioner workshops with greater demand were added in, the workers that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had gradually hired were actually over a thousand people!。

Right now just in workshops under the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there were over two thousand workers.

Moreover, these were just human workers.

Because of the hard work of chief Siluka and chief Monto, there were more dwarves that moved to the Falling Rain Valley. There were now over three thousand dwarves and close to a thousand of them were working at the Frestech Chamber of Commerces factories.

Then there were the hundred elf workers from the Night Song Tribe. Right now in the factories under the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there were over a thousand workers from another race, making up a third of the total workers.

Not mentioning the Lampuri Kingdom, this was unique even on the entire Sines Continent.

Other companies would hire at most several dwarven blacksmiths, but the Frestech Chamber of Commerce hired close to a thousand at once.

Other people could live their entire life without seeing a single elf, but the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had stuffed a hundred elves into a single workshop.

Even for someone as experienced as Kennard who had known about this and had prepared his heart, when he saw the dwarves running all over the Falling Rain Valley, his eyes popped out and his face was covered in shock.

“Chairman, I really want to know, where did you find all these dwarves Not to mention that the incomparably proud elves of legend are doing the simplest work for our company. You…..Do you have some special charm”

“Ha, ha, you are not the first person to ask me this. There is only one explanation I have for this, its very simple, its because Im handsome.” Xu Yi gave this narcissistic comment with a big smile.

Kennard wanted to roll his eyes at Xu Yi, but his good manners that had been taught to him since he was young stopped him from doing something this disrespectful.

He visited the workshops of each factory while being led by Xu Yi and Kennard couldnt help being deeply shocked.

Actually before he came to Banta City, he had some understanding of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce from different channels.

Although Hannas had high esteems of Xu Yi and was very optimistic about the development of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he had to admit that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was still a small company in Banta City. They werent even considered second class in the Lampuri Kingdom.

So at that time, Kennard had been feeling a bit of disdain for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce at that time.

But when he came to Banta City and personally witnessed the change that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce brought, Kennard found that his understanding of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been too superficial.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce couldnt just be measured with strength, it really couldnt compare to a first class company like the Walmart Chamber of Commerce. But every product that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce released, they all created trends in Banta City and the surrounding cities, even creating an entire industry.

This was not something that the Walmart Chamber of Commerce could do.

Now that they had arrived in the Falling Rain Valley and after personally witnessing the workshops and production lines inside the workshops, Kennards understanding of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was renewed.

Just from the scale of the production base, the people who had underestimated the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been wrong.

Actually, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasnt weak at all.

Not to mention that there was that magnificent steel mill inside the Falling Rain Valley.

Witnessing the molten iron flowing out of the furnace, Kennard was certain of one thing.

With just this steel mill, if they kept developing, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could become a first class company of the kingdom.

Then with the entire layout of the Falling Rain Valley, Kennard felt even more admiration for Xu Yi in his heart.

If it was said that he felt Hannas appraisal of Xu Yi was exaggerated at first, right now, he even felt that Hannas appraisal had been too conservative.

Xu YI naturally didnt know this, he just took Kennard around the Falling Rain Valley to let him familiarize himself with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces factories as the general manager, meeting each person under him who was in charge. He unexpectedly had created a deep recognition of him in his heart.

After giving Kennard to chief Siluka to entertain, Xu Yi went to the tire factory by himself.

According to his agreement with elder Illusia, the hundred elves would undergo some special training at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. After observing them, they would decide what to do with them.

Now the elves have been in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for several months and through Xu Yis observations, he was certain that these elves had changed. He decided to use the chance of heading back to the elf tribe with Agnes to bring them back to elder Illusia to let her take a look.

But the work of the tire factory was quite heavy, so suddenly taking away a hundred skilled elven workers would greatly affect it. So Xu Yi in the end only decided to take ten elven workers back for elder Illusia to appraise.

When the group arrived at the tire factory, Sophia wasnt willing to leave no matter what after seeing the hundred elves. Xu Yi could only helplessly let Still and Agnes stay to pick who would go.

Now that close to an hour had passed, Xu Yi came back to the tire factory to find that there were already ten elves standing by Agnes.

Seeing the ten elves standing in a row by Agnes and that they were standing straight without shaking at all, Xu Yi couldnt help giving a satisfied nod.

Compared to the sloppy elves from before, these ten elves had without a doubt trained their sense of discipline.

Moreover, the elves pursuit of perfection still remained. When standing in a row, there wasnt even a bit of difference in the space between them. Looking at it from the side, one would find that they were standing in a perfect line that was twenty feet long.

After seeing these two points, Xu Yi was a bit speechless.

He just followed elder Illusias request to train a sense of discipline into these elves, but with this current situation, these elves had been trained into qualified soldiers.

Compared to before, the difference was rather big. He didnt know what kind of reaction elder Illusia would have after seeing them.

“Sir chairman, its the ten of them.” Seeing Xu Yi come over, Agnes immediately greeted him, “The other clansmen say that theyve performed the best during this time.”

Xu Yi nodded.

Of course he understood what performing the best meant.

Because of the conflict they had with the human workers in the household magic machine workshop in the beginning, the elves suppressed the anger in their hearts and tried to perform better than the human workers no matter what they did.

These ten elves were recognized by the other elves as the best, so other than having a good sense of discipline, they were also the elven workers with the best techniques.

Xu Yi thought about it and found that no matter what, he couldnt connect an elf with a skilled worker with a cutting machine.

This really was just too strange.

After stopping his mind from thinking about it, Xu Yi said to the ten elves with a smile, “Very good. I think that after elder Illusia sees you all, she will be very happy. But Im not certain if the beastmen will be happy after seeing you.”-

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