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Magic Industry Empire Volume 2 Chapter 72 - Tire

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Three months passed and the current Falling Rain Valley had completely changed from when it had just developed.

Not mentioning the towering factories that were at the entrance or the neat and stylish buildings in the far residence area, just seeing the cement roads crisscrossing in the Falling Rain valley gave people a new feeling and was quite shocking.

But the entire Falling Rain Valley was not just made of ice cold cement roads and stone buildings.

In all the visible gaps, there were all kinds of strange plants growing.

This was because it was early fally and it was the best time for all plants to grow. Wherever one looked, there would be flowers and leaves. There was a sea of green and a sea of flowers along the factories and the road, looking very vibrant, making the Falling Rain Valley not seem ice cold.

These strange plants were brought over by the Night Song Tribe at Xu Yis request. To the elves that had lived for thousands of years in the Falling Rain Valley, this was their masterpiece.

They used less than half a month and Xu Yi couldnt understand what methods the elves used to turn the Falling Rain Valley into this scene.

This was because elves had a rigid and special talent for beauty, so the Falling Rain Valley seemed more like a work of art, rather than the industrial base that Xu Yi had imagined.

Because of these plants, when walking in the Falling Rain Valley, not only could one smell all kinds of scents walking past the factories, one would be surrounded by a soothing fragrance that filled their hearts with comfort.

Chairman Pompeii jumped out from the horse carriage behind Xu Yi and seeing the scene in front of him, he was instantly shocked.

“Chairman Xu, I thought that the industrial base you mentioned would be messy and dirty, but I never thought that it would look so beautiful! I even think that living here would be more comfortable than living in Banta City.”

Xu Yi laughed, “If youre willing to join our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, then your wish is easy to fulfil. Here, dont you see those rows of buildings That is the residence area built for our companys workers to stay in.”

Chairman Pompeii looked at the houses hidden in the sea of plants and flowers and felt that those buildings had a special style. He couldnt help giving a sigh, “It really is a pity, I dont have that luck. Chairman Xu, I suddenly feel that even if your Frestech Chamber of Commerce doesnt produce magic machines, you can earn quite a lot creating a living area like this. I dare to guarantee that many people want to live in this kind of environment.”

“The problem is, how many people are willing to live fifty kilometers away from Banta City” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

Chairman Pompeii also laughed, “So that means we must make horse carriages run much faster. As long as this happens, itll be more convenient for everyone to ride horse carriages and arrive at their destination faster.”

“Youre right.” Xu Yi smiled before gesturing for chairman Pompeii to come in. He led the way to a factory that wasnt far from the entrance.

On the way, he saw the steel mill that had already started producing and Xu Yi couldnt help sigh with emotion. If it wasnt for the existence of this steel mill, he wouldnt have decided to sell the Magic Kettle technology.

In fact, Xu Yi didnt have time to tell Heinz all the benefits that selling the Magic Kettle technology would bring.

For example, the steel mill, they would be able to earn a large profit from it.

Today, it had been half a month since the press conference. In this past half a month, there were a total of twenty seven companies that signed a contract with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, buying the technology related to the Magic Kettle.

Since these twenty seven companies bought the technology, naturally they wanted to produce the Magic Kettle.

But the Magic Kettle could only use the Silver Leaf Alloy. If they used normal iron, not only would it be not as beautiful, it also wouldnt be rust proof, not even being able to reach the industrial standard set. So the twenty seven companies that bought the Magic Kettle technology had to use the Silver Leaf Alloy if they wanted to produce Magic Kettles.

As for the Silver Leaf Alloy, currently it could only be produced at this steel mill.

Other than purchasing the Silver Leaf Alloy from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, those twenty seven companies had no other choices.

If they hadnt set up this steel mill, just with the small steel factories in the Norma and Angola Tribes, it wouldnt have produced enough Steel Leaf Alloy for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to use. Naturally Xu Yi wouldnt have considered selling the Magic Kettle technology.

But since this steel mill started producing last month, the sum they produced had surpassed the total of the small steel mills from the Norma and Angola Tribes added together, a shocking amount of fifty thousand tons!

Of the fifty thousand tons of steel products, the Silver Leaf Alloy made up over half of it, a total of thirty thousand tons.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had many different magic machine products, so they consumed around ten thousand tons each month.

The current output could not only satisfy the needs of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there was even extra for them to earn from.

This was the main reason why Xu Yi had decided to sell the Magic Kettle technology.

Of course, the Silver Leaf Alloy wasnt just sold to those twenty seven companies.

Because of how light, beautiful, and most importantly, rust proof the Silver Leaf Alloy was, it had widespread use. After many companies learned that the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker was made using this Silver Leaf Alloy, they all approached Xu Yi to buy this special alloy.

Before the Frestech Chamber of Commerce couldnt produce enough Silver Leaf Alloy for themselves to use, so Xu Yi didnt agree to sell it. But now that this large scale factory had been made and the Silver Leaf Alloy production had increased, since last month, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sold some of the Silver Leaf Alloy produced.

According to the data, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had sold over ten thousand tons of Silver Leaf Alloy.

According to the price of four hundred gold coins per ton, based on Silver Leaf Alloy alone, the steel mill had made a terrifying revenue of four million gold coins last month.

Of course, this was not all profits.

When giving the price, Xu Yi had tried to raise the price on these fellows who didnt understand the Silver Leaf Alloys. But these astute fellows didnt know about Silver Leaf Alloys, but they did understand smelting iron ores.

Especially after the Falcao Chamber of Commerces chairman Morgan publicly told everyone that it cost around four hundred gold coins to refine a ton of iron ore. So as long as Xu Yi gave a price of over four hundred gold coins, the companies that wanted to buy the Silver Leaf Alloy all retreated.

In the end, Xu Yi could only helplessly set the price at four hundred gold coins.

To many people, they thought that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt earn much profit from selling the Silver Leaf Alloy, so the hesitant companies happily decided to buy.

But what they didnt know was that this steel mill used cutting edge technology Xu Yi had brought from earth. With the powerful Magic Array refining the ore, the costs were much lower than chairman Morgans estimates.

For each ton of Silver Leaf Alloy, the costs of the steel mill were around three hundred and ninety gold coins.

Although there wasnt much of a difference between four hundred and three hundred and ninety, it was still a profit of around ten gold coins when calculating everything.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had sold ten thousand tons of Silver Leaf Alloy last month, so they earned a giant profit of a hundred thousand gold coins from this.

If they were to sell all the alloys the steel mill produced, that would have been a shocking profit of four hundred thousand gold coins!

It wasnt exaggerated to say that with just a single steel mill, it created profits that were equal to the entire household magic machine workshop and the magic machine workshop combined.

Of course, the current Frestech Chamber of Commerces market was limited to Banta City and the surrounding cities. If they waited until the magic machines had a bigger market, the free market space of the household magic machine workshop and the magic machine workshop was limitless.

The most important function of this steel mill was to meet the Frestech Chamber of Commerces needs, so naturally not all of the alloys could be sold.

Of the amount demanded, that also included the amount the tire factory in front of Xu Yi and chairman Pompeii needed.

The two walked into the factory and they heard the sound of metal clanging.

Chairman Pompeii looked around the factory and he found that he couldnt understand what the workers in the factory were doing at all.

He could only see that these workers were using strange magic machines, perfectly combining the rim and frame that didnt seem strange at all together. Then they took out something that seemed like a wheel based on its appearance, but it was completely made of metal.

Chairman Pompeii lifted up a complete iron tire and found that this frame as wide as his waist weighed at least ten pounds, so he couldnt help knitting his brows.

“Chairman Xu, this is the tire you mentioned This is heavier than our wood wheels and isnt this no different from the iron wheel I mentioned to you before”

“That is an incomplete piece.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, as he led chairman Pompeii and these finished steel wheels to the other side of the factory.

This place had a bunch of steel wheels on one side and the other side had a bunch of black round objects placed in a pile.

On the side of the black unknown objects, there was also a bunch of random things that he didnt know what use they had.

“What are these things” Chairman Pompeii pointed at the black things and asked.

“If I just told you what these things are, you wouldnt understand. So I can only tell you that if these things are put together, that is the real tire.”

Xu Yi and chairman Pompeii went to the end of the production line.

There was a tire that had just been finished. Xu Yi picked it up and placed it in front of himself, firmly standing the tire up.

“What do you think about this tire” Xu Yi pointed at the tire on the ground as he asked chairman Pompeii.

Chairman Pompeii knit his brows and carefully looked over the tire before shaking his head, “To be honest…..I dont know. Chairman Xu, Im not afraid of you making fun of me, but I dont understand how you made this tire or even what this thing is. So if you ask me what I think…..I really dont know what to say.”

Xu Yi revealed a smile and pointed at the tire while saying, “Try pressing down on it.”

Chairman Pompeii pressed down on the tire while feeling confused, but he felt a soft feeling coming from his hand. The tire went down slightly when being pressed by him and once he let go, it bounced back to its original shape.

Chairman Pompeii was shocked by this. He looked at the tired and thought for a bit before saying in a pleasantly surprised voice, “Its surface is actually this elastic! This is great! If this thing is used on the road, theres no problem even if there were a few bumpy places! I dare to guarantee that itll be much more comfortable sitting in carriages compared to before!”

Xu Yi laughed, “Chairman Pompeii really is a professional, being able to see the wonders of this tire so quickly. Thats right, with this tire, there will be much less jolting when it comes to sitting in carriages. Moreover, there is much less resistance when it comes to these tires, so it will definitely be much faster running across the roads.”

“I believe! I believe!” Chairman Pompeii excitedly nodded, grabbing Xu Yis hand and shaking it, “Chairman Xu, when you said that you wanted to change horse carriages, I thought that you were joking. But seeing this tire now, I finally believe that you werent lying at all! Ha, ha, as long as we change to this tire, our horse carriages will greatly change! This is great!”

Xu Yi calmly withdrew his hand and asked, “Chairman Pompeii, are you willing to buy these tires”

When it came to buying, the excited expression on chairman Pompeiis face disappeared. He looked at the tire on the ground before tentatively asking, “Chairman Xu, how much are you planning to sell it for”

Xu Yi raised three fingers with a smile, “Not much, just three gold coins.”

“Three gold coins” Chairman Pompeii quickly calculated this in his heart before revealing a smile, “Chairman Xu, we can discuss the price later. Right now, can you let me test this tire After all, without really using it, Im not certain if its suitable or not, dont you think”

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “Naturally. Not only are we selling tires, we will also take care of all the bearings and all post sale services. We guarantee complete service, you definitely wont be disappointed.”

Chairman Pompeii laughed, “Im in full belief of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces reliability.” He reached his hand out to Xu Yi after saying this, “Chairman Xu, to a happy cooperation.”

“To a happy cooperation.”

When shaking hands with chairman Pompeii, Xu Yi suddenly had a naughty idea. He gently pushed the tire when he reached out his hand.

The tire slowly rolled across the smooth concrete floor of the factory, finally hitting the wall on the side before falling to the ground.

Seeing this, the smile on chairman Pompeiis face became even brighter.-

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