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Itd be great if there was a desk fan

“Hot! So hot!”

A loud complaint suddenly resounded through the room, instantly causing an echo.

“Thats right, why is it so hot Its simply driving people to death!”

“Right, I wish that I can take off all my clothes!”

“Scram! Rem, you idiot, there are girls here!”

[TL Note: I feel pain translating his name as Rem, but its technically the same characters…..]

“Che, Wella, are you considered a girl”


Hearing the complaints of his coworkers, Xu Yi looked up. He wiped off the perspiration pouring out of him with his sleeve.

It was indeed quite hot.

Without knowing it, he had already been working at the Camilla Magic Tower for a month now.

It was already the beginning of July and they were in the middle of summer, so naturally the weather was very hot.

During this month, he had been doing odd jobs in the magic research laboratory under the Great Magician Camilla. He hadnt participated in the magical research work at all.

Xu Yi wasnt surprised by this. For someone like him who had had several years of work experience on earth, he was very clear on the fact that new people had to slowly do foundational work before they were slowly integrated.

Not to mention, his magical power was not outstanding at all among his coworkers and the matter of his interview had already spread. Right now, the others all treated him as someone who Young Miss Still had let in through the backdoor, so there were quite a few coworkers that looked down on him.

“This fellow, is it because he looks a bit good that Young Miss Still has set her eyes on him”

Xu Yi could only reveal a bitter smile at this. Since seeing Still at the interview that day, he hadnt seen her a second time in this entire month. He learned from chatting with his coworkers that Still was Great Magician Camillas granddaughter, but he knew nothing else about her, so god knows how this rumour had spread.

Of course he was clear that these so called rumours had no basis at all.

So he didnt explain them at all and only focused on working hard, while also increasing his level of magical knowledge by observing the experiments of his coworkers.

Xu Yis talent was indeed quite good, although he had only been observing from the side, his level of magic had increased by quite a bit in a single month.

After all, Great Magician Camillas level was not something the teachers of the Senkaiser School could match. Even if it was an experiment he had only arranged a bit of, its level was much higher than what Xu Yi had learned in the Senkaiser School.

“Thats right, when I was called over by his excellency Great Magician to report in, found that his room was very cold. Why is that”

The one who spoke was Rem who was called an idiot. After passing the Magicians Guilds certification test, he was graded as a Fifth Grade Magician, being placed third among the seventeen people in the research lab, including Xu Yi. He was a very extroverted person, being a fiery existence in the research lab.

“Idiot, his excellency Great Magicians room has a large scale Frost Array set in it, of course it would be cold.”

The one who responded was Wella who Rem had complained about. She was a Fourth Grade Magician, being weaker than Rem. She had a serious personality and didnt skimp on reprimanding Rem normally, but most people could see that she treated Rem rather special. They had already been secretly placed as a pair by others.

“Oh Then why cant we place large scale Frost Arrays in our laboratories”

“You still dont believe me when I call you an idiot! Just setting a large scale Frost Array costs thirty gold coins, not to mention it requires ten High Grade Magic Crystals to maintain each day, which requires five gold coins. That takes a hundred and fifty gold coins each month. I say, Rem, how much do you get paid each month” Wella snappily responded.

“This…..ha, ha……” Rem gave to dry laughs and didnt dare respond.

Xu Yi knew that even though Rems monthly salary was high, it was no more than thirty gold coins. Not mentioning the consumption of the large scale Frost Array, he didnt even have enough to set one down.

In the entire Camilla Magic Tower, the only room that had a large scale Frost Array was the respected Great Magician Camillas room. There were no other rooms that had one.

“Actually, I was lucky enough to visit Great Magician Eisenkels Magic Tower last time, they had Frost Arrays in each room. There was even red wine in each room…..” A rather timid voice spoke up.

This voice belonged to the one closest to age to Xu Yi and was the weakest in the lab, Sarash. Because she was placed last among everyone in the lab before Xu Yi arrived and she had a weak personality, she would be rather timid at all times.

“Great Magician Eisenkel Isnt that one of the richest Great Magicians in our Lampuri Kingdom Their situation is naturally better than ours. Tell me, why is it even though they are both Great Magicians, Great Magician Eisenkel has so much money and our respected Great Magician Camilla doesnt even have enough money to install Frost Arrays for us”

Rem let out a long sigh, but he found that no one sympathized with him. He looked around in a daze and found that everyone was looking down, clearly signaling that they didnt want to speak to him.

He only saw Wella glaring at him, signaling him with her eyes.

Rem instantly understood and knew that spoken too much, saying the wrong things. He quickly lowered his head and didnt dare say anything else.

Xu Yi who had seen everything from the side couldnt stop his lips from raising and revealing a smile.

Rems questions made him remember his professors when he was a graduate student. The better ones could pull in more topics, so naturally they earned more. The weaker ones would naturally earn less.

Of course, there were differences in professors that earned more. Some would share the rewards with the students under them, letting everyone be happy.

There were also professors that wanted more for themselves, so they were very stingy to the students under them, naturally raising complaints.

So which kind was Great Magician Camilla

Xu Yi didnt even have the qualifications to see Great Magician Camilla, so without understanding anything, he wouldnt be able to make a decision.

“But speaking honestly, putting in a single large scale Frost Array is good. At least it would be this hot anymore.” Xu Yi pulled back and forth on the front of his shirt, trying to let himself cool down a bit.

Although he could arrange a small scale Frost Array under his clothes for the summer, it consumed a large amount of magic to maintain this array. With his current magic, he could maintain it for less than half an hour and it would take him over three hours to recover. The losses far outweigh the gains.

What was more important was that working in the laboratory meant he had to use magic at any time. So, even for a Fifth Grade Magician like Rem, he didnt dare casually waste magic on anything.

Xu Yi habitually looked up at the wall of the laboratory and saw that it was completely empty. How could there be a trace of an air conditioner

“This technologically backwards world…..” Xu Yi could only shake his head and let out a sigh, “Its fine if theres no air conditioning, it would be good if there was even a single electric fan.”

Thinking of electric fans, something popped in Xu Yis mind like he had thought of something.

After being in a daze for a while, Xu Yi suddenly slapped his leg.

“Idiot! If there isnt one, why dont I just make myself”

The “pa” sound from Xu Yi slapping his leg surprised the people working around him, causing them to look at him with surprised looks. They found that the person who had always silently worked by himself had suddenly encountered something he was happy about, revealing an overjoyed look on his face.

“Did this fellow go crazy”

How could Xu Yi care about their gazes, he was already completely focused on the idea that had just popped up in his mind.

Thats right, he suddenly thought of making his own electric fan!

Of course, there was no electricity in this world, but there was something that could replace it. It was magic!

Xu Yi quickly organized the thoughts in his mind and quickly pulled over a piece of paper, wildly drawing on it.

As someone who focused on mechanical engineering, although Xu Yi did not specialize in productions, he had always been fascinated by the mechanical production industry since he was young. So, he had a very clear understanding of the structure and principle of an electric fan.

Adding in his specialized mechanical engineering knowledge, Xu Yi quickly finished a blueprint for an electric fan.

After looking it over, Xu Yi quickly confirmed his conversion path.

If he wanted to use an automatic electric fan in this world, the first thing was to have a power source.

There was no electricity in this world, but he could achieve the same effect with Magic Arrays. This was exactly what Xu Yi had been studying at the Senkaiser School the entire time without stopping.

The model piano he took out during the interview, it could be considered the embodiment of his research.

The structure of an electric fan was very simple to a high level mechanical engineer like him and replacing the power source with a Magic Array also wasnt hard for him. Xu Yi spent less than an hour and he had already finished the Magic Array.

This Magic Array was a primary grade Wind Magic Array, it could simulate low level wind magic and create rotating wind.

Xu Yi now just needed to combine this Magic Array and the structure of the electric fan together to create an electric fan.

Of course, Xu Yi still had many problems to solve.

For example, how fast would the wind of the Magic Array have to be to actually move the electric fans blades, replacing electricity in activating the fan

Or for example, if the Magic Array was placed inside the electric fan and it could be used, would it affect the shape of the electric fan

Or for example, if Magic Crystals were used as a power source for the Magic Array, what grade would it have to be to ensure that it would work

Or for example…...

As he thought of more and more problems, Xu Yi instead became even more excited.

In that instant, it was like he had returned to his time on earth.

Whenever his research facility came across any difficult problems, Xu Yi would always become excited.

He was in every sense a madman for research. Whether it was researching something or solving a problem, it was even more enjoyable than any form of entertainment.

It was already time to get off work in the blink of an eye, so his coworkers began to leave.

Xu Yi of course kept studying. His coworkers already were not surprised by this.

During this month, Xu Yi stayed overtime almost every day.

His coworkers actually admired Xu Yi for this kind of mindset.

Only they didnt know that this time, he wasnt just doing research on magic.-

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