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Magic Industry Empire Volume 2 Chapter 41 - Larger orders

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The representatives of the other companies in the Business Union that came to the banquet had been completely brainwashed.  With Xu Yis eloquent explanation, these people came to a new understanding of magic machines.

Before they had treated every magic machine from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as a special invention, the product of a spark of inspiration from Xu Yi.

But after listening to Xu Yis detailed explanation, everyone found that these magic machines actually had a point in common.  It was that they had a large, complicated, and extremely detailed theoretical system as a base.

Whether it was the household magic machines like the Magic Fan, the Magic Air Conditioner, and the Magic Rice Cooker, the production magic machines, the agricultural magic machines, or the mining magic machines the Falcao Chamber of Commerce used.  All these magic machines were established with the same magic machine theory. 

Only by studying this set of theory could one truly understand the production process of magic machines.

If they couldnt do it and wanted to produce magic machines, they could only simply imitate and copy them.  If they wanted to arbitrarily make changes to the design like chairman Mitta, they would be seeking their own death.

It was because of Xu Yis explanation that everyone understood that they couldnt look down on this Magic Fan that was only over ten centimeters tall and weighed less than five kilograms.  The theory hidden within was very rich and it was far from being simple.

Just with the fan blade, it involved simple physics like aerodynamics and space geometry that Xu Yi mentioned.

The three fan blades of the Frestech Brand Magic Fan seemed like three pieces of iron randomly put in, but actually why it was that shape, why there were three  of them, and why they were that size……as well as many other questions.  It was all determined after going through countless calculations, it wasnt just randomly placed.

So after Xu Yi explained all of this, although everyone was dizzy from hearing all those words coming out of his mouth, they understood one fact.

Magic machines were actually very deep and it wasnt as simple as everyone thought.  It definitely wasnt something that could be easily mastered.

The various large companies had invested large amounts of funds and manpower into this field of research, but not a single company had come up with a magic machine that could compare to the products of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Back then everyone had thought that it was because they had been studying it for a short period of them.  As they kept studying it, results would appear sooner or later.

But after they heard Xu Yis explanation, everyone realized that it wasnt because they hadnt invested enough money or they hadnt researched long enough.  Rather it was because the difference between them and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was just too big, so big that it filled them with despair, creating this kind of result.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had already come up with such a complicated set of theory for magic machines, yet they were still stuck at researching the most basic Magic Arrays.  They couldnt even touch the most important magic machine design that Xu Yi talked about.

This large difference made many small companies who understood give up the idea of researching magic machines.  It even made the Falcao Chamber of Commerce with their large power give up on wasting more resources in this aspect.

There were a total of twenty eight companies that participated in this Business Union banquet other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce represented by Xu Yi.  After this conference was over, there were twenty three companies that directly left the Magic Fan industry, no longer getting involved in the magic machine industry.

Xu Yi was very disappointed about this

He always hoped that all the companies on the Sines Continent would invest into the magic machine industry, establishing a complete industrial system on the continent faster.

But he couldnt blame these twenty three companies that chose to pull out.

After all, researching magic machines takes a large amount of funds and manpower, so it was quite a burden for any company.

After realizing that the different with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was so big that they couldnt reverse it, it was normal for them to give up.

Then again, from the angle of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, wasnt it better to have less companies as competition

So although Xu Yi was worried that the remaining five companies who didnt show their attitude would also choose to withdraw, he couldnt really say anything.

He couldnt just jump in front of them and say, “Hey, lets study magic machines together.  Ill sincerely support you, giving you technology, money, and people……”

It would be strange if the others didnt think he was crazy.

“Ai, I show my heart to the moon, but the moon shines into the ditch.”  Xu Yi helplessly looked up as he recited this.  He found that it was the next morning and there was a bright sun in the sky, not having a trace of moonlight.

“Chairman Xu seems quite free.”  There was a familiar laugh from behind him, “Although I dont understand what you just said, I feel like the rhythm is quite good.  Can you explain it”

Xu Yi turned back and saw the gentle smile of Seveni.

“Your highness, why are you back again”

“What  You dont welcome me”  Seveni revealed a faint smile, “Chairman Xu, I have never heard of the words youve said before, but it sounds quite good.  Is it the language of your hometown  Can you tell me what these words mean”

“Youre right, its the language of my country.  As for its meaning……”

After hearing Xu Yi explain these words, Sevenis eyes sparkled as she praised, “These words…..It really is elegant.  There is such deep meaning hidden in these short words.  It seems like the literature of your hometown is quite good.  If possible, I ask you to teach me.”

“Its quite hard learning my hometowns language, I dont think you have that much time, your highness.”  Xu Yi said with a shrug, “For example, your sudden arrival this time, it definitely isnt to learn the language of my hometown.”

Seveni revealed a smile, “Thats right, I came this time to give you some good news.”

“Oh  What good news this time”  Xu Yi was suddenly surprised as he asked.

“The first piece of good news is related to the worker cards you talked to me about last time.  Its finally passed in the parliament and if nothing happens, in two months, the kingdom will establish a labour department and then you can get certifications for the dwarves in your company.”  Seveni replied.

“Really”  Xu Yi was filled with joy, “This is great!  Once the dwarven brothers at the company learn of this good news, they will definitely be filled with joy!  Now they can live here without worrying about any inconveniences and our Frestech Chamber of Commerce can openly recruit more dwarves!”

“I have to remind you that although I know that you recruit those dwarves to work at your company, if there are too many of them, it will attract some special attention.  I hope you will pay attention to this problem.”  Seveni said with a serious face.

“Many thanks for your highness warning, I will take notice.”  Xu Yi quickly replied.

“Thats good.”  Seveni paused for a bit before asking, “Thats right, Ive heard that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce even recruited a female elf called Agnes, right”

“Right, we already hired her when you came last time.  Only she wasnt willing to reveal herself to other humans, so you didnt see her.”  Xu Yi replied.

“Ive heard that after she revealed herself in front of many people, so can you invite her out to meet me  To be honest, I have never seen an elf before even with how old I am and Im quite curious about them.”

“This really is a bad coincidence.  She is working at the design department in Banta City, so shes not at Sandton Manor.”  Xu Yi said in an apologetic voice.

“That really is a pity.”  Seveni was a bit disappointed.

“Its fine, you can see her next time.  Or you can stay for a few more days and naturally youll see her.”  Xu Yi said with a smile, “Thats right, you said that the worker cards were the first piece of good news, so is there a second one”

“Of course.”  Seveni nodded, “The second piece of good news is that the agricultural department has received good reactions from the agricultural magic machines all over the kingdom.  Almost all the nobles with territory in the kingdom have greatly requested more agricultural magic machines.  The less than ten thousand agricultural magic machines that your company has made during this time has already been divided, so you need to quickly make more.”

Xu Yi knit his brows, “How is this good news  Every time you come, youre clearly here to tell us to rush your order.”

“Let me finish.  For this demand for agricultural magic machines, the agricultural department has made some estimates and have come up with a new conclusion.  To spread the agricultural magic machines through the kingdom, we need at least seventy thousand agricultural magic machines.”

Xu Yis eyes lit up, “That means…...taking away the twenty thousand we havent delivered yet, there are still fifty thousand lacking”

Seveni nodded with a faint smile, “Now do you understand why I call this good news  Thats right, we still need your Frestech Chamber of Commerce to finish these fifty thousand agricultural magic machines.  I came this time to represent royal father and the agricultural department to make another order to you.”

Xu Yi thought about it, but he didnt reveal an excited look, rather he asked with a frown, “Your highness, I have to say something that doesnt sound good.  For fifty thousand agricultural magic machines, that requires a total of three million gold coins!  Can his majesty and the agricultural department take out that much money  It cant be that his majesty is going to sell me another two mines, right”

“Youre right, royal father cant take out the money, so he can only keep selling you mines.  What  You dont want them”

“Of course I do, but your highness, what if the Falcao Chamber of Commerce does something again  A small mine cost me two million gold coins last time, could it be that his majesty wants to use these two small mines to get fifty thousand agricultural magic machines from our company”  Xu Yi asked in a somewhat dissatisfied voice.

Seveni shook her head, “If you want gold coins, we can just do another auction like last time.  But Xu Yi, royal father doesnt want another mine to fall into the Falcao Chamber of Commerces hands, so there wont be an auction and it will directly be given to you at market price.  Of course, the price of iron has soared, so the estimates of the mines price has increased.  I hope you can understand that.”

“This I understand, but what I dont understand is that could it be that his majesty isnt afraid of the Jole Family resisting again”  Xu Yi asked in a confused voice.

“They wont this time.”  A hard to see cold look flashed in Sevenis gentle eyes, “They wont ever do it again.”

Seeing Sevenis calm face, a chill ran through Xu Yis heart.-

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