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“Sir chairman, cant you think of a way” Ankhto who had taken over for Heinz as the household magic machine workshop manager pointed at the empty space in front of the factory and said with a bitter look, “These fellows have completely blocked our factorys entrance every day. Our workshop cant even get our materials without them investigating it first, its greatly slowing down on production speed.”

“Thats right, chairman, our magic machine workshop has also been greatly affected. If this keeps going, not mentioning the Falcao Chamber of Commerce and Amrit Chamber of Commerces orders, it might even affect the agricultural departments agricultural magic machine order.” Camby on the side also had a pained look on his face, “I really dont understand, just what are you humans thinking Isnt it just an elf, do all these people need to surround us every day”

“You dont understand, this is called chasing a star.” Xu Yi gave a helpless sigh. He looked at the sea of people in front of the factory and also felt a bit of a headache coming on.

Since Agnes revealed herself at the product announcement, it created a raging tide. Countless people surged the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, just to get a single glance of Agnes.

At the beginning, the news only spread in Banta City, so only Banta Citys people came.

But after a few days, the newspapers of the surrounding cities published this explosive news. Not only did countless people come from the nearby Saltan City and Karma City, even quite a few people from the further Canberra City and Norton City came.

Even in the further Cramer City and the kingdoms capital Anvilmar City, quite a few people had rushed over.

Now on the land outside the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there were over ten thousand people waiting there!

All these people surrounded the factory, so naturally it affected the production of the factory quite a bit. It filled Ankhto and Camby who were in charge of the factory with complaints.

Xu Yi also thought at first that these fellows were just here for fun. After a while, they would naturally scatter.

But who would have thought that after an entire week, not only did the crowd outside decrease, rather it gradually became larger.

Seeing these frantic people outside, Xu Yi could only give a bitter smile.

Although he had experienced how terrifying those fans on earth were when they were chasing stars, he still felt a strong headache when he had to deal with this kind of matter.

To these people, Agnes effect was even stronger than the emperors in the entertainment business on fans.

After all, now that there were only humans, elves were existences of legend. Now that a real elf had appeared, the shock it brought couldnt be compared to.

After seriously considering it, Xu Yi felt that he couldnt ignore this matter any longer or it would just become worse.

“Agnes, come out.” Xu Yi suddenly called out.

The space to the left of Xu Yi distorted and Agnes appeared.

Even though he had seen Agnes several times when she followed Xu Yi around, seeing Agnes fine face appearing in front of him again, Ankhto couldnt help taking a few more looks. His eyes were filled with curiosity and praise.

Seeing his reaction, Camby couldnt help asking, “Hey, Ankhto, why do you humans have such a large reaction to seeing elves Is it because Agnes is beautiful”

Ankhto was revealed by Camby, so his face turned a bit red as he explained, “It isnt because of just beauty…...Of course young miss Agnes is very beautiful, not lacking even when compared to young miss Still. But its mainly because Im curious. Theres no choice since this is my first time seeing an elf. I think most of the people outside the factory are the same as me, just purely curious.”

“Then according to what you said, the reason why you dont react when seeing us dwarves is because were normally seen, so you arent curious at all” Camby asked.

“Un…..Pretty much.” Ankhto said in a thoughtful voice, “Actually I was a bit surprised when I came here at first to see all these dwarves, but I wasnt really curious. After all, although there are few dwarves, there are many places they can be seen. For example, in Banta City, including Master Lanus, one can see several dwarves normally. We become used to them after seeing them, so of course we wouldnt be curious.”

“Thats right.” Xu Yi followed up. He turned to Agnes and said, “Look, Agnes, we humans have such a large reaction when you elves appear, it is because you appear just too little. If we can see you each day, well quickly get used to you and wont be that curious anymore, so we can treat you normally.”

Agnes looked at the people outside the factory and nodded, “Un, it should be this way.”

“So youll go out with me now and let those fellows gradually get used to your existence.” Xu Yi pulled Agnes in and said a few soft words before leaving the office with her.

When they came to the office doors, the crowd outside the factory exploded with cheers.

“Look, its chairman Xu! Chairman Xu is out!”

“Ah, look, who is behind chairman Xu Its young miss Agnes!”

“God! I finally got to see young miss Agnes! She is this dazzling! When I see her, I feel like fainting in happiness!”

“Oh, great miss elf, let me kiss your jade feet! Im willing to be your slave for life!”

“Scram! You look like a pig and you think youre worthy of being the noble young miss Agnes slave It should be me who takes that role!”


Seeing Agnes appear, the crowd that was rather restrained was like oil dropped into cold water and it exploded.

It was like the dense crowd exploded from a dam and charged at Xu Yi and Agnes like a wave. They instantly surrounded the factory like a fence and flattened the dirt around it.

Xu Yi knit his brows and raised a hand. His magic energy surged and a dirt wall that was half a meter tall and as thick as a person appeared twenty meters away from them, blocking everyone from coming over.

Waving his hand, two small hurricanes appeared and slowed down the momentum of the crowd.

With the earth wall and the intense wind, it calmed down the excited crowd. From the front of the crowd, the people charging gradually slowed down before they stopped in front of the earth wall.

Seeing everyone calm down, Xu Yi let out a sigh of relief.

It was a good thing he used two hurricanes to slow down the crowd, otherwise in this situation, it was very easy for people to get trampled.

If this commotion took even a single life, not only would the Frestech Chamber of Commerce receive infamy, baseless accusations could be thrown at Agnes because of this.

With Agnes still not fully trusting humans, just based on this, it could ruin everything that elder Illusia worked hard for.

Xu Yi waved his hand and used magic to create several earth walls of different heights before walking to the highest earth wall with Agnes.

“Friends, I know that you all want to see young miss Agnes. Now that she is here, she has some things to say to everyone. I ask everyone to be quiet and listen to her.”

As soon as Xu Yis voice fell, the noisy crowd instantly became silent. Everyones gaze gathered, falling onto Agnes beside Xu Yi.

“Wild fans really are terrifying.” Xu Yi could only secretly give a sigh. He looked at Agnes and took a step back, leaving the highest position to her.

Although Agnes had appeared in front of other humans at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce during this time by Xu Yis request, so she was a bit used to seeing humans and wasnt as unsettled, in front of such a large crowd with all these eyes gazing at her, she was still a bit nervous.

She looked back at Xu Yi and seeing him give her a nod with a faint smile, Agnes nervousness faded a bit. She turned back to face the crowd and after taking a few deep breaths with the method Xu YI taught her, she raised her voice to say, “Hel…..Hello everyone. I…..Im very grateful that everyone is here to see me and Im happy that we elves are this approved and accepted by humans. When I left my tribe to come here, I was worried about whether I could adapt to living with humans. But chairman Xu told me that humans had good hospitality and that I shouldnt worry.”

“Based on what I see now, chairman Xu was right. Humans are indeed not what we imagined. They are not all deceitful and sly people not worthy of trust, there are many good and kind people like you all. But we elves are a race that like quiet and you are just too welcoming, so I really cant get used to this.”

“Moreover if you all gather in front of the factory like this every day, it will affect our work. As a member of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I do not wish to see the company affected because of me. So I hope that everyone can calm down a bit. Can you all not surround the factory like this in the future”

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay. They never thought that Agnes rare appearance would be to raise this kind of request.

“But young miss Agnes, were here to see you. If not here, where else can we see you” A person asked in a loud voice.

“Thats right, we are all loyal supporters of young miss Agnes. Everyone just wants to see you, we dont have any other requests. Could it be that even this isnt allowed”

“You cant say it like this, right Didnt you hear young miss Agnes, we are affecting the Frestech Chamber of Commerces work and also affecting her.”

“Could it be that chairman Xu is causing trouble for young miss Agnes How could that be Chairman Xu, although I admire you, how could you treat young miss Agnes like this! No, I dont agree!”


Agnes didnt think that her words would create this kind of reaction and she couldnt help looking at Xu Yi for help.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Agnes, you dont need to think about me or the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Just say what you really want to say based on your true thoughts.”

Agnes was a bit hesitant, “But…...According to what chairman Xu has taught me about humans, if I say what Im really thinking, they might not be happy. Is this alright”

Xu Yis smile became a bit strange, “Relax, you can just say what you want, I promise nothing will happen. Do you remember how you were the first time you met me But from what I can see, your ways right now cant compare to your ways from before.”

“Really” Agnes thought about it and decided to believe in Xu Yi. She turned around and met everyones gazes. After pausing for a bit, her eyes went from warm with a bit of nervousness to a bit cold and her voice turned a bit cold.

“To be honest with you all, Im not happy that youre surrounding this factory to see me because it makes me feel like I am a monster. Being stared at by everyones curious gazes, I dont like it at all. If it remains like this, I will choose to leave this place and return to my tribe. Ill tell the elder that you humans still cant live normally with us elves. From now on, we elves will never appear in front of you humans ever again!”-

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