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Magic Industry Empire Volume 2 Chapter 6 - Give it to me

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For these five youths who hadnt graduated that long ago and had just entered society, so they were anxious to prove themselves, finding some work with a high wage was without a doubt necessary.

Not only was the work researching magic machines for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce decent and the wage wasnt bad. The only disadvantage was the fact that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasnt really a large company and didnt have any fame.

But for these five youths who werent considered magical geniuses, this was already enough for them.

So after a two day inspection, the five youths all decided to sign a work agreement with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, becoming five first level researchers for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

They were like when Evita and Akali had just joined the company, the five of them received for now a base wage of fifteen gold coins per month.

But according to their contracts, after they worked here for half a year and no problems occurred, they would be promoted to second level researchers. At that time, they would receive the second level researcher wage of twenty five gold coins.

To these five youths, perhaps this was just a simple work choice and wasnt that complicated or difficult, but to Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the five youths joining was of great significance.

In front of the five of them was the Frestech Chamber of Commerces current research facility. The current research staff was only Still, Evita, Akali, Wella, and Sancheli who had been focusing on studying the Magic Array programming issue. Even if Xu Yi was added in, their research power was very weak, causing Xu Yi to give most of their research work to Great Magician Camillas Magic Tower to complete.

This situation clearly wasnt good. First, not mentioning the fact that it cost the Frestech Chamber of Commerce a large amount of gold coins to have Great Magician Camillas Magic Tower help with the research, just based on the fact that they couldnt research anything themselves made it so the Frestech Chamber of Commerce couldnt become a healthy company.

So Xu Yi needed large amounts of magicians to join them.

Even if these five were young, the strongest among them was only a Fourth Grade Magician. But they represented the fact that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was strong enough to bring in magicians, which represented a beginning.

As the Frestech Chamber of Commerce became stronger, even more magicians would join them.

Of course, training their own powerful magician was also necessary.

Therefore Xu Yi injected five hundred gold coins into the magic research facility each month to support Evita and Akalis independent magical research, letting the two of them increase their magic power.

The increase of power for a magician required powerful talent for magic, but it also consumed a large amount of gold coins.

This is because each magicians research required large amounts of magical resources. Without the support of funds, if a magician wanted to rely purely on his talent to grasp a new kind of magic, it was basically impossible.

So every powerful magician on the Sines Continent had large amounts of financial support behind them. Even an impoverished Great Magician like Great Magician Camilla had the Magicians Guild and the Lampuri Kingdoms support.

Accordingly, if a magician had enough funds to conduct magic research, they also needed a decent magical talent. Then it was natural for them to increase their strength.

When Evita and Akali joined the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they were only a Third and Fourth Grade Magician respectively.

And now that theyve worked for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for half a year, although they spent quite a bit of time researching magic machines, with the financial support from Xu Yi, the two of them had studied other magic while studying Magic Arrays. Their strengths had increased by leaps and bounds and now they broke through the boundary of a Fourth Grade Magician.

Evita could even grasp a small bit of Fifth Grade Magic, only being a step away from becoming a Fifth Grade Magician.

And this was an important reason for why the five youths excitedly signed the contract with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Compared to Akali and Evita, Still who had great talent and had more magical power hadnt increased by that much in half a year.

As for the reason…...It was because she was always busy with something else.

“Xu Yi, chairman Rank of the Sarank Chamber of Commerce sent someone to find me today to have me be in an advertisement for their Sarank Chamber of Commerce. Do you think I should go or not” Stills slender brows slightly knit, asking Xu Yi in a slightly worried manner, “Ive avoided him several times, but he keeps sending people to find me, its really troublesome.”

Xu Yi looked at her with a smile and said, “That depends on if youre willing or not, why are you asking me”

Still rolled her eyes at Xu Yi and said with a soft snort, “I am the Frestech Chamber of Commerces spokesperson, you dont think theres a problem if I do advertising for other companies”

“What problem is there” Xu Yi carelessly shrugged his shoulders, “The Sarank Chamber of Commerce deals in luxury goods, it doesnt clash with our Frestech Chamber of Commerces products at all. If you do an advertisement for their company, it wont affect the Frestech Chamber of Commerce at all. If I really have to say something, chairman Ranks eyes are rather sharp. Still is this beautiful and elegant, it really is fitting for you to do an advertisement for their Sarank Chamber of Commerces jewelry.”

Still immediately revealed a smile, “Really You also feel that Im a good match for those jewelry”

Seeing the light in Stills eyes, Xu Yi couldnt help sighing in his heart.

It seemed like whether this was earth or the Sines Continent, girls, especially beautiful girls couldnt resist beautiful jewelry.

“Of course!” Xu Yi gave a very certain nod, “But if I can be honest, no matter how beautiful the jewelry is, it cant compare to your beauty. You are already a radiant piece of jewelry, so why put on those things to ruin your beauty”

Still broke out in laughter. She looked at Xu Yi with an interested expression as she said, “Xu Yi, youve said that youve never interacted with girls before, but I dont believe that.”

“Why not Do I need to lie to you about this” Xu Yi said with an innocent expression.

“This is because your flattery is too good to listen to, it doesnt seem faked at all. You must have frequently lied to girls before. How could you have not interacted with girls before”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes and snappily said, “I am just speaking from the heart. Actually I dont like girls wearing any jewelry, especially a girl who is already beautiful enough. This is because I really feel that a beautiful girl is a special scene and putting on any embellishment like jewelry is ruining it. Still, actually you are as beautiful as a flower under the sun, why would you rather put on jewelry to ruin that beautiful scene”

Still didnt laugh this time, rather her face turned red and she said in a soft voice, “I never said that I would wear any jewelry. Actually I dont even like wearing those things, its very troublesome.” After pausing, she said to Xu Yi, “Since you dont like me wearing jewelry, Ill go turn down chairman Rank.”

“Dont, these are just my thoughts, you shouldnt be influenced.” Xu Yi quickly stopped her, “Also being in the Sarank Chamber of Commerces advertisement will make you more popular and you being more popular brings benefits to our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. When you do advertisements for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the effect will be even better.”

“Then do you want me to go or not” Still waited for Xu Yis answer.

“This…..Can I ask how much chairman Sarank is willing to pay you”

Still reached out a finger.

“One hundred gold coins Isnt this too cheap, damn! Dont go!” Xu Yi immediately shook his head.

Still gave a soft snort and said with a bit of pride, “It isnt one hundred gold coins, its a thousand!”

“Ah A thousand gold coins” Xu Yi was instantly speechless. He finally couldnt help shaking his head after a while and saying with a sigh, “The Sarank Chamber of Commerce really is worthy of dealing in luxury goods, making such a generous move. Still, if your grandfather were to know that just by doing one advertisement for the Sarank Chamber of Commerce you would be able to earn as much as he receives from the royal family in a year, what would he think”

Still stuck out her tongue and naughtily said, “So I didnt mention this matter to him at all.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Thats good, its better not to excite an old person like him. But speaking of rewards, compared to chairman Ranks large move, it seems like the reward our Frestech Chamber of Commerce gives you is a bit low. You only receive fifty gold coins per advertisement, this really is a bit too much. How about this, Still, you give me a price. As long as it isnt as exaggerated as a thousand gold coins, I can promise you as the chairman. You are still a big star in our Banta City, so the price cant be too low.”

Still rolled her eyes at Xu Yi and snappily said, “Get this clear, Im helping you do advertisements, Im not helping the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If it wasnt for you saying it was a problem for the company, I wouldnt even take a single copper coin. Now youre mentioning rewards with me, then good. I wont mention something like a thousand gold coins, Ill just request nine hundred and ninety nine gold coins, will you give it to me”

Xu Yi looked at Stills outstretched little white hand and couldnt help teasing, “This expensive, I cant afford it. How about I give myself to you to settle the debt, what do you think”

Stills face turned red. After looking at Xu Yi for a while, she slightly pursed her lips and said, “Alright, give it to me.”

Xu Yi was stunned. Seeing Stills slightly red face under the Magic Lamp and the slightly nervous look in Stills eyes, he actually became stupid for a while.

The two looked at each other and although they felt it was very awkward, they werent willing to look away.

It was like in this staring match, the two of them both wanted an ending.

Without knowing how long passed, Xu Yi slowly opened his mouth and softly said one word.


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