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This was indeed some good news.

Regarding Xu Yis request to rent some land, the king had considered it and had shown some agreement for now!

As for the specifics, that would depend on when Xu Yi gave an initial plan. After he showed his goals for the land, the king would truly consider it.

Moreover, this was on the premise that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce finished the first batch of agricultural magic machines on time, otherwise there was no need to mention any of this.

Of course, now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had finished the new series of Magic Punch Presses, so this premise was no problem at all.

Compared to the magic machine workshop production line that was already in order, Xu Yi would always be more focused on research and development.

The magic machine workshop workers had already changed to their new workshop and the old workshop had been turned into a magic machine development workshop by Xu Yi.

Including Camby, Bordeau and thirteen other dwarves with the richest experience in blacksmithing specially worked on researching and developing magic machines.

Although the Magic Punch Press could be used now, it was still at initial success. Whether it was Xu Yi or Cambys dwarves, they all felt that these Magic Punch Presses could be improved still.

Actually if it wasnt for the fact that the king and the agricultural departments orders were too tight, according to the ideas of Cambys dwarves, it would take them another three months to finish these production magic machines.

As for Xu Yi who was a well known mechanical engineer on earth, he was very clear that developing these magic machines wouldnt just take a short month and it wouldnt just take three months, there shouldnt be a limit to how long it took.

Even on the industrialized earth, research on machines never stopped with new results being published each year.

This was because for those corporations on earth, if they could advance their technology, they could surpass their competitors and take another part of the market.

Although there was only the Frestech Chamber of Commerce producing magic machines right now on the Sines Continent, so they didnt feel any pressure at all, Xu Yi didnt relax on this aspect.

Actually as Xu Yi researched magic machines even more, there were many times he found he couldnt apply his mechanical engineering knowledge from earth. Rather he had to make a corresponding change based on the specialties of magic or the Sines Continent.

For example, like the medium Magic Drill that he had Cambys dwarves research, it was very different from the drills on earth.

The drills on earth used the spinning drill head to bore into the earth. As for the drill that Xu Yi developed, he combined the unique magic of the Sines Continent and stuck a Fifth Grade Earth Magic Array that wasnt weak on the drill head.

With the help of this Earth Magic Array, the drill only needed to be close to the ground. The Magic Arrays might would appear and easily create cracks in the earth and even in rock layers, saving quite a bit of time when it was drilling.

The small Magic Drill Xu Yi used to drill out the water at the Night Song Tribe was only a test product and it was already strong enough to drill through a rock layer of several meters. The medium Magic Drill developed now went a step further and the drilling power was even stronger.

Heinz had asked Xu Yi why he needed to develop this kind of thing because although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had an iron mine, they didnt have enough funds to open this mine right now. They could only put it aside for now, there was no use in developing this thing.

Xu Yi could only say in his heart that Heinz didnt have any foresight.

Even if they couldnt use it, there were people who could use it.

For example, the Falcao Chamber of Commerces chairman Fuller Morgan.

“Chairman Xu, this thing is actually this strong!” Chairman Morgan looked at the cracked giant rock in front of him in shock, ignoring the large amount of dust raised from it being cracked. His mouth was open in shock and it didnt close for a while.

When he was invited by Xu Yi to witness the testing of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces new product, Chairman Morgan hesitated a while before finally deciding to come take a look.

But he never thought that the small Magic Drill that Xu Yi mentioned to him before would actually be this strong. In less than three minutes, this large stone that was three meters tall, four meters wide, and two meters thick had actually been turned into rubble.

As the Falcao Chamber of Commerces chairman, chairman Morgan could see that this giant rock was iron ore normally found in mines and it was very hard.

If it was the workers in the mine using pickaxes to mine this thing, even if several workers worked on it for one-two hours on this iron ore, they might not be able to crack it.

Xu Yi had two young men who werent that strong pick up this Magic Drill and aim it at the center of this giant iron ore. Then this iron ore that was even troublesome for chairman Morgan with his rich experience in mining actually had a hole appear in the center and was shattered to pieces.

Then the two of them continued pointing the Magic Drill at rather large pieces and all the rocks were shattered into pebbles.

This entire process added together took just over ten minutes.

Hearing chairman Morgans surprised voice, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “How about it Chairman Morgan, are you satisfied with this Magic Drill”

“Of course……” Chairman Morgan suddenly stopped his mouth and he looked at Xu Yi. He restrained the shock and excitement on his face as he gave a soft cough and slowly said, “Un…..This thing is indeed quite good. But chairman Xu, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce cant seem to use this thing, right Why would you invent this kind of thing”

Seeing the indifferent look chairman Morgan pretended to have, Xu Yi found it funny in his heart. He looked surprised as he said, “Who says we cant use it Chairman Morgan, youve forgotten that our company had gained an iron mine from the auction last time. We invented this thing just to open that mine. Chairman Morgan, your Falcao Chamber of Commerce are experts in opening mines, so I invited you here to have a look at this. Is this thing very good at opening mines”

Chairman Morgan really wanted to shake his head, but with facts in front of him, the Magic Drills might would slap him in the face if he denied it. So he could only give a dry laugh before nodding, “Un, its very good.”

Xu Yi clapped his hands and excitedly said, “Then thats great. With chairman Morgans affirmation, it means that this magic machine really isnt bad. I can be assured then. If we wanted to open the mine earlier, our company wouldnt have enough manpower and funds to do so, but now that we have this thing, we can at least give it a try.”

Chairman Morgan couldnt help giving a cold laugh as he said, “Chairman Xu, youre looking down on opening a mine too much. Although I admit that with this Magic Drill, it will be much easier gathering ores, but mining isnt just simply gathering ores. Theres also transporting, processing, and many other things. Each process will take a large amount of manpower to complete and with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce……” Chairman Morgan gave a soft snort, as his expression was filled with disdain.

It was like Xu Yi didnt see chairman Morgans expression at all as he shrugged and responded with a relaxed smile, “That is very easy. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce excels in researching magic machines to replace manpower. The work that you mentioned before, we can use the same method of inventing some magic machines to finish it. This isnt anything hard to do, dont you think”

Chairman Morgan wanted to say that Xu Yi was looking down on mining, but then he thought about it. He realized that since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could invent this Magic Drill, it didnt seem impossible for them to invent magic machines that did all the other work.

Thinking of this, chairman Morgans expression couldnt help changing. He looked at the Magic Drill resting on the side and after thinking about it, he couldnt help asking Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, this Magic Drill…..You should be selling it, right”

Xu Yi laughed in his heart, but he gave a surprised expression as he asked back, “What Chairman Morgan, are you interested”

Chairman Morgan said with a frown, “Chairman Xu, if you are not prepared to sell this thing to me, why did you call me down”

“I just said it, I wanted to ask for your opinion.” Seeing chairman Morgans expression that quickly turned ugly, Xu Yi immediately changed his tone, “But since chairman Morga is interested in this thing, then thats good. Sell! Of course Ill sell! Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce sells magic machines to begin with.”

“Thats good. How much does each one cost” Chairman Morgan asked.

“Un…...We havent set a price yet. But since its chairman Morgan asking…..Alright, since were all old friends, Ill give you an exclusive price. Itll be an exact figure, one hundred gold coins per unit, what do you think” Xu Yi said.

“One hundred gold coins per unit” Chairman Morgans eyes popped out as he looked at Xu Yi in disbelief, “Why dont you simply steal my money”

Seeing chairman Morgans angry expression, Xu Yi innocently blinked his eyes and looked aggrieved as he said, “Chairman Morgan, this is already a very fair price. Youre still not satisfied”

“Fair……” Chairman Morgan resisted and stopped himself from swearing. He took a desperate deep breath and calmed down, as he said in a deep voice, “Chairman Xu, dont joke around. Give a serious price and if Im satisfied, I will order a few units.”

Xu Yi revealed an awkward look and after thinking about it, he finally said with a sigh, “Alright, since its chairman Morgan, Ill give in a bit. Ninety five gold coins per unit, what do you think”

Chairman Morgan looked at Xu Yi and was too lazy to get angry as he coldly said, “Fifty gold coins per unit, dont think about it if its any higher.”

Xu Yi shook his head, “Chairman Morgan, I am unable to accept this price. If you are sincere, Ill give you a serious price. Ninety gold coins per unit, it cant be any less.”

“Humph, this machine doesnt seem to be worth more than twenty gold coins in my eyes. If you dare say ninety gold coins per unit, you are too black hearted. Fifty five gold coins, this is the price.”

“You have to look at how much time and effort our company put in to develop this thing. Alright, the lowest is eighty eight gold coins.”


Arguing back and forth, the final price was set at seventy eight gold coins per unit.

Chairman Morgan wasnt satisfied with this price, but he was helpless about it.

After personally witnessing the might of this Magic Drill, he had to admit that if he had this machine that could help with mining, their efficiency would greatly increase. How could he miss this chance, so he couldnt insist too much on the price he wanted.

Although Xu Yi had an exaggerated look like he suffered a loss, his heart was filled with joy.

The materials for this Magic Drill didnt even add up to a trivial five gold coins.

Although the research cost was high, as long as they can sell enough units, the research costs would eventually become irrelevant.

So calculating with the strictest conditions, if it was sold at this price, just a single unit earned the Frestech Chamber of Commerce over sixty gold coins!

And although Chairman Morgan only ordered a trivial hundred units from Xu Yi, he had also said that if this thing is easy to use, he would continue ordering in large amounts.

Xu Yi was very confident about this.

With the low technology level on the Sines Continent, the mining industry relied purely on manpower. How could this kind of efficiency compare to the efficiency of machine power

As long as the Falcao Chamber of Commerce saw the large efficiency increase brought by the Magic Drill, they wouldnt be able to separate themselves from it.

After they discussed this initial cooperation, they should have gone to eat a meal together to foster a friendship according to normal conventions. But chairman Morgan didnt have any good feelings towards Xu Yi, so he never mentioned this matter.

As for Xu Yi who had other things to do, he didnt mention it at all.

So the two left after saying their goodbyes and Xu Yi directly headed to Banta City on a horse carriage.

What he needed to do was come here to welcome a special group of guests.-

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