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After following Count Sean and Count Anaris to a small booth at the side of the banquet hall, the two counts took their place before Count Sean pointed at Xu Yi and said with a smile to Count Anaris, “Here, Anaris, this is the Xu Yi I mentioned to you last time.”

Count Anaris looked over Xu Yi before nodding with a faint smile, “Ive already heard of chairman Xu as a promising youth, but seeing you today, you really are young. It makes this old mans heart unable to not fill with envy.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Lord Count, you are in a mans golden age, Im the one who is envious of you.”

“Oh Im already an old man and I dont even have the strength to do anything. How can I be filled with energy like a young man like you What are you envious of me for” Count Anaris asked back with a smile.

Xu Yi pointed at the empty seat to the side, “At your age, at least you have a seat to sit in, right”

Count Sean and Count Anaris were stunned. They looked at each other before breaking out in laughter.

Count Anaris pointed at Count Sean as he laughed loudly. He said in a loud voice, “Sean, youre the one at fault here, right How could you accept a guest without arranging a place to sit You still need chairman Xu to discreetly insult you.”

Count Sean also laughed before looking at Xu Yi and saying, “My City Lords Manor has always left a seat for chairman Xu, but chairman Xu is a busy person and its hard for him to come normally. If it wasnt to give you face today, chairman Xu might not have even come to this banquet. Alright, chairman Xu, please sit down. Dont let this fellow Anaris laugh at me for not understanding how to treat guests.”

Xu Yi had a faint smile as he found a seat that was a bit closer to Count Sea before asking, “Lord City Lord and Lord Count Anaris, for you two to specially call me, is there something you need from me”

“It isnt something we need, only Count Anaris wants your help with something. But it isnt convenient for him to say it, so he had me help him call you over.” Count Sean replied.

Xu Yi turned to Count Anaris, “Lord Count, youre too polite. If there is anything I can do for you, please give me the order.”

“This isnt an order, rather Im sincerely asking for your help.” Talking about business, the smile disappeared from Count Anaris face and he said with a serious expression, “Chairman Xu, before this, I want to first tell you about the protest my Karma City merchants have about you.”

Xu Yi was stunned, “Protest Protest what about me”

“Our Karma City and Saltan City are the two cities closest to Banta City, so we can be considered neighbours. But why is it that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has agreed to sell your production magic machines to Saltan Citys Farsak Chamber of Commerce and not to our Karma Citys companies” Count Anaris asked.

“This……” Xu Yi looked at Count Anais in surprise and seeing that he didnt seem like he was kidding, he seriously thought about it before saying with a bitter smile, “Then you really cant blame me. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has given the same conditions to the Karma City colleagues as the Farsak Chamber of Commerce, but while the Farsak Chamber of Commerce could agree, the noble colleagues couldnt. You cant blame me for being unfair to them, right”

“Oh Ive heard the merchants of my city say that it is because your Frestech Chamber of Commerces conditions are too strict and they cant accept that, thats why they didnt agree.” Count Anaris kept saying.

Xu Yi stretched out his hands and helplessly said, “Lord Count, the conditions are the same, so why can the Farsak Chamber of Commerce agree and the colleagues from Karma City cant Actually I also feel this is very strange. I clearly gave them a chance to let them buy production magic machines and sell magic machines produced in Karma City, but they didnt agree at all. Rather each time they chose to come to Banta City to purchase some magic machine products to bring back to Karma City to sell. Could it be that they dont think this is troublesome and very inefficient”

Count Anaris shook his head, “I dont care what they are thinking. As Karma Citys City Lord, I have a responsibility to help them achieve their goals. You just said that the merchants of my city come from far to your Banta City to buy your Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machine to bring back to sell, that is the ky point. Since your Frestech Chamber of Commerces products are this popular in our Karma City, then why hasnt your company considered opening a factory in our Karma City If you directly produce magic machines in our Karma City, cant you just directly selle it”

Xu Yi couldnt help being surprised as he asked in an uncertain voice, “Count Anaris, your meaning is that…..You want our Frestech Chamber of Commerce to invest in building a factory in your Karma City”

“Invest in a factory This term seems quite novel, but indeed this is what I want.” Count Anaris said with a nod and a smile.

After receiving an affirmative response, Xu Yis minds filled with thoughts.

As for investing in a factory in another city outside Banta City, Xu Yi already had this thought.

But for this Sines Continent that didnt have a developed communication system, each city was like its own kingdom. With the Frestech Chamber of Commerces current strength, if they wanted to invest in a factory in another city, they would be facing all kinds of trouble. If they werent careful, they might lose their investment.

So Xu Yi had been discreet about this matter, planning step by step. He would consider this after the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was strong enough.

But that did not mean that Xu Yi wanted to give up, rather now that there was a good chance in front of Xu Yi, how could he just ignore it.

Thinking about it, Xu Yi asked, “Then…..Lord Count, I wonder, what kind of factory you want our company to build”

Count Anaris waved his hand, “That is you companys matter, I dont care. But I can disclose some matters to you first. In order to welcome your Fretech Chamber of Commerce to our Karma City…..Un, to invest in a factory, I will use the City Lords Manors name to rent some land to your company and will also provide some help to your company, to make it easy for you to complete this investment. What do you think”

Xu Yis heart was filled with joy.

According to Count Anaris ideas, this meant that there would be Count Anaris support for this investment.

With Karma Citys City Lords support, as long as no accidents occurred when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce built their factory in Karma City, they would definitely open this market.

But thinking about it, Xu Yi felt this was strange.

“Lord Count, why did you specially come find our Frestech Chamber of Commerce I think that as long as you offered some help, any of our Banta Citys companies would be very happy to invest in Karma City, right”

“Of course thats because your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is special.” Count Anaris said, “Our Karma City and Banta City have carried out business deals for many years. The old companies of the two cities have already invested a certain amount in the other city and have dug out all potential, without any new direction to develop in. But your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is different. Not only was your company just created last year, all your products are unknown magic machines. In Karma City, the magic machines your company produces are very popular and even I have quite a few in my home. So of course I want to invite your company to invest in my city, there is a great need for this.”

“I admit that Lord Counts words are very reasonable and I indeed hope to invest in Karma City, but…..” Xu Yi hesitated for a bit as he looked at Count Sean, “Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is a Banta City company in the end, so for matters in this aspect, I think we should ask for the Lord City Lords opinion.”

“What Chairman Xu, youre kicking this problem to me” Count Sean teased with a smile before he said with a serious expression, “Since I have called you here to talk to Count Anaris, it means that I have already reached an agreement with Count Anaris. You dont need to worry about this, I support your Frestech Chamber of Commerce investing in Karma City and sincerely hope your Frestech Chamber of Commerce can stand firm and develop far.”

“Are you warning me” Count Anaris shook his head with a smile before saying to Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, please be assured. Since I represent Karma City to invite you, that means I will definitely give you the greatest support and promise that your company can safely develop in my city.”

Xu Yi looked at Count Sean and Count Anaris before saying with a smile, “Since there is the Lord City Lords support, if I still rejected the Lord Counts invitation, it really wouldnt be smart. Alright, Lord Count, I represent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to agree to investing a company in your Karma City!”

“Good, lets have a drink to our cooperation!” Count Anaris raised his wine glass with a smile.

Xu Yi and Count Sean also raised their cups and after toasting him, they drank it all.

After that, Xu Yi had a conversation with Count Anaris and reached a preliminary agreement.

Count Anaris said that he would provide an area of no less than five hectares with a good location and surroundings to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to rent and build their new factory on.

Xu Yi represented the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to promise Count Anaris that they would be developing household magic machine production lines for the Magic Fans, the Magic Rice Cookers, the Magic Air Conditioner, and the Magic Lamp. At the same time, they would also create a post sale center for magic machines in Karma City.

Other than this, they would also create a workshop for agricultural magic machines to satisfy Karma Citys need for agricultural machines.

Although these were just preliminary plans, based solely on this agreement, if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could establish a production base in Karma City, it would clearly be bigger than the ones in Banta City.

So when Count Anaris reached this agreement with Xu Yi and left in a satisfactory manner, Xu Yi who stayed behind with Count Sean asked, “Lord City Lord, dont you think…..that like this, it will disperse the power of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce and decrease our tax revenue to Banta City”

“Of course I know this.” Count Sean said with a faint smile, “But I can see that the prospects for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is very good and wouldnt be limited to our Banta City anyway. To leave a bit earlier and open up prospects in another city, whether it is to your company or our Banta City, there will be benefits.”

“Its just for this” Xu Yi was a bit doubtful.

“What, this isnt enough” Count Sean looked at Xu Yi and thought about it before putting down his wine cup. There was a different meaning that appeared in his smile as he said, “Alright, since you want to ask, Ill tell you something. The reason why I agreed to Anaris was one because of our friendship and two because Karma City needs you.”

“Karma City needs me” Xu Yi was even more confused.

If something happened to Karma City that was even difficult to the City Lord Count Anaris, how could the chairman of a small company like him help

“It isnt trouble, just that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce can solve some problems for Anaris. Ill give you an example. Your Frestech Chamber of Commerces factory can suddenly hire two hundred workers, letting two hundred households gain stable income and making their lives even better, which solved a large problem for me. Just this point is something that many companies that are stronger than your Frestech Chamber of Commerce cant compare to.”

Xu Yi instantly understood.

In the end, what Count Sean and Count Anaris cared about was the problem of employment that many leaders on earth cared most about.

And to solve the problem of employment, what was better than the production industry that was filled with labour-

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