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Book 8: Chapter 96: He is my little brother

Xu Yi had returned to the Sines Continent after six years, every one of his actions received the attention of countless people.

People believed that his return to the Sines Continent this time definitely wasnt just to see Heinz one last time, he definitely had other plans.

Facts were as everyone had expected.

After going to Heinzs funeral, Xu Yi appeared in the two empires, the Rudson Kingdom, the Mana Magic Kingdom, the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom, and the other important countries, meeting with the leaders of these countries.

No one knew what the meetings were about, but after this, those countries announced at the same time that they would be entering a new cooperation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. However, they didnt announce the details of this cooperation.

While many people were feeling doubtful, Xu Yi went around the Sines Continent like this before disappearing from the publics eye again.

People were very doubtful about this.

What did Xu Yi come back this time to do

“Dad, is this enough” Freya looked at Xu Yi with a doubtful look, “Just giving them a bit of technical data is enough Can they grasp it”

“Its enough.” Xu Yi nodded, “The major countries of the Sines Continent currently have a complete magic machine industry and accumulated technology. The outer space program sounds very hard, but as long as there is a foundation and they are given a direction for their research, then it isnt that hard to develop it.”

“But to make them develop it themselves, wouldnt the progress be very slow” Freya knitted her brows, “Dad, didnt you want those countries to enter outer space as soon as possible”

“No, if its just entering outer space, we could do it ourselves. The reason that I want those Sines Continent countries to participate is to have them set their eyes on something higher. They shouldnt just limit themselves to this small Sines Continent or this planet alone.”

Freya gave a shrug, “They might not understand your intentions.”

Xu Yi gave a laugh, “Its beyond our control whether they understand or not. Knowing the benefits that come from the outer space program……or rather the threats, even if they arent willing, they will still invest in it.”

Freya couldnt help revealing a smile as she said, “Dad, I really think that you are bad sometimes. The countries on the continent are always being led by the nose by you, they always have to worry about what you think if they want to do anything. Do you know In the past few years, no matter which country I go to, they would always act cautious when meeting me, like they were afraid of offending me. I think that they arent afraid of me, but rather theyre afraid of you.”

Xu Yi revealed a smile, “That isnt certain, perhaps theyre afraid of you Ive heard many people talking in secret, saying that Xu Yis daughter is like the father, shes someone that cant be offended.”

Freya pretended to be angry as she said, “Who said that! How am I that ruthless! Those fellows bullied me as the new chairman and think that Im young and dont understand things, so they try to trap me. If it wasnt for dad saying that you wanted everyone to develop together, I would have already taken care of them!”

Xu Yi looked at the slightly angry Freya and revealed a smile before asking in a gentle voice, “Freya, its been hard being the chairman over the past few years, right”

Freya was silent for a bit before first nodding and then shaking her head. She said with a smile, “It was quite hard in the beginning, but it wasnt that hard after I got used to it.”

“Then do you regret your decision If youre not willing and want to step down, I will support you. Your mom has always told me that she wants you and Xu Zhuo to come to the island so we can live a happy life together as a family.”

Xu Zhuo, that was Xu Yi and Stills second son.

He was different from Freya. He had a name that had the Chinese style from earth just like Xu Yi, so he was different just like Xu Yi.

Xu Zhuo had a different personality from Freya. He was very calm and wasnt as lively as Freya, so he had always been interested in magic research.

With the fine genes passed down by his parents and the excellent magic environment of his family, Xu Zhuo had shown a strong talent in magic since he was young. He entered the Frestech Academy at a young age and directly entered the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility after graduating.

Now that he was twenty eight years old, he was one of the project leaders and his current research project was related to the loss of magic power during consumption.

“No, I dont regret it.” Freya still revealed the bright and carefree smile in front of Xu Yi, “I was only working hard in the first two years to stick with my decision, but after getting used to it, I feel that being the chairman is quite good.”

After a pause, Freya said very frankly to Xu Yi, “Dad, I like the feeling of being able to decide all these important things. This makes me feel like Im in control of my own life and makes me feel free.”

“A position with such heavy responsibility makes you feel free” Xu Yi was a bit surprised as he looked at Freya. He thought that this daughter of his was a natural ruler and was very different from him.

“Un.” Freya nodded, “I like this feeling right now, so you dont have to worry that I wont do the work you throw at me.”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling, “Its certainly good that youre willing to do this. Ive said it before, you should decide your own life. As your father, I can only help you open a path, but whether you walk it or not depends on you. Now that you feel that this is good, then you might as well do it. But you have to know that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce chairman has great power, but also great responsibility, you cant just do what you want based on your own intentions.”

“I know.” Freya hugged Xu Yis arm with a smile, “Dad, now that you already have control over the Magic Cloud Continent, have you ever thought of starting a country and taking over the Magic Cloud Continent as a king Im sure that would be very cool!”

“Cool your head!” Xu Yi hit Freyas head without any courtesy before taking a deep look at her, “Im not interested in that. If youre interested, then you can be the queen, I wont stop you.”

Freya rubbed her head as she said with a smile, “Im not interested either. Although I like the feeling of being in control as the chairman, I still feel that it is very troublesome. If you want me to become a queen like aunt Seveni, then I would be exhausted to death.”

“Its good that you understand.” Hearing Freyas words that came from her heart, Xu Yi let out a sigh, “Your aunt Seveni……When I met her in the beginning, she was just a little girl with affection in her heart, completely different from how she is now……”

Freya secretly looked at Xu Yis complicated expression and after thinking about it, she carefully asked, “Dad, you and aunt Seveni……are you arguing right now”

“No, theres no argument between us. This is the Lampuri Kingdoms problem, we all know this, but we also know that it cant be avoided. This is something that we cant do anything about and no one can complain about.”

“Then you going to the two empires, the Rudson Kingdom, as well as the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom, but leaving the Lampuri Kingdom right after uncle Heinzs funeral……You havent met aunt Seveni since coming back at all, right Raymond asked me about this yesterday.”

“Oh Raymond asked you” Xu Yi asked in a surprised voice, “What did you talk about”

“Raymond just said a few casual things and extended his regards to you. He didnt mention aunt Seveni at all. However, he did talk about you going to Banta City to go to uncle Heinzs funeral, but not going to Anvilmar City.” Freya paused before saying, “Raymond seemed a bit unhappy……

“Unhappy” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “I was in Banta City for five days and didnt Seveni also go to Heinzs funeral”

Freya blinked before she couldnt help giving a laugh.

“Dad, why do I feel that……you and aunt Seveni are like a couple that is arguing”

“Stop speaking nonsense!” Xu Yi reprimanded, “Seveni is the Lampuri Kingdoms queen and you have to give her respect no matter what. Moreover, if your mom heard this……”

“Mom wont say anything even if she heard it.” Freya said with a smile, “Mom told me before that if you were willing in the past, perhaps you would have already become the Lampuri Kingdoms king.”

Xu Yi helplessly shook his head and said with a sigh, “Its all in the past, dont mention it again. In short, when it comes to differing opinions, Seveni and I indeed……have some places that we cant agree on. But she is an old friend that Ive known for over thirty years and the Lampuri Kingdom is our Frestech Chamber of Commerces most important partner and ally, so personal contradictions dont mean anything. You dont need to worry about this.”

“Raymond and I have never had any issues, weve always had a good cooperation. But in the outer space program that you raised, youve deliberately left out the Lampuri Kingdom, so I wanted to know what your true feelings were.”

“My feelings arent important.” Xu Yi shook his head, “The Lampuri Kingdom has the most developed magic machine industry on the Sines Continent and has the most accumulated technology, so they cant be excluded from the outer space program.”

“Is that so” Freya revealed a sweet smile, “Then I understand.”

Seeing Freya agreeing this easily, Xu Yi suddenly thought of a problem. He knitted his brows to ask, “Freya, is your relationship with Raymond very good”

“Yes. We normally talk in private, so our relationship isnt bad. What about it”

“You……You wouldnt have any feelings towards him, right” Xu Yi asked in a hesitant voice.

“Feelings” Freya looked at Xu Yi with a surprised look. After thinking for a bit, she understood what he meant and revealed a wide smile, “Dad, you……youve made a……mistake. Ha, ha……Ha, ha, Im dying of laughter…….I know, so you……you dont need to worry. How could I love Raymond I already knew that Raymond is……”

Freya couldnt stand up straight from laughter and could only force herself to look up at Xu Yi with a mischievous smile.

“Hes my little brother, right”

Xu Yi was filled with embarrassment.-

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