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Book 8: Chapter 95: Outer space program

When the sun came up, Alex personally came to deliver news to Xu Yi.

Heinz was dead.

According to Alex, Heinz had gathered all his family members and good friends in the manor last night to hold a grand banquet. He had drunk a lot and said many things, enjoying his final night. It was only when the first wisp of sunlight came up that he suddenly collapsed in Rias arms without any warning.

“Until the very end, uncle always had a smile on his face.” Alex recalled this scene, “When the sun was about to rise, he seemed to have sensed that he didnt have much time left, so he pulled me to the side. The luckiest thing in his life was meeting you, sir chairman. If it wasnt for you, he would have been a general store owner for his entire life, living a very common life. It was because he met you that he was able to enjoy a life that he never dared imagine before.”

After a pause, Alex said, “Uncle wanted me to pass on some final words to you.”

“Speak.” Xu Yi looked in the direction of Heinzs manor with a calm look on his face.

“Uncle wanted me to tell you……” Alex gave a cough before deliberately imitating Heinzs tone, “Xu Yi, if I think about it carefully, its better if you treat my words from before as nothing. Youve already done enough for Banta City and the Lampuri Kingdom, it should be time to rest. As for the other things, dont worry about them if you dont need to worry about them.”

Xu Yi looked at Alex, “Just this”

“Just this.”

Xu Yi thought about it before giving a nod, not saying anything else.

Alex told Xu Yi about Heinzs funeral and asked Xu Yi if he would be attending.

Alex didnt need to ask this question, but after Xu Yi left last night, he was a bit uncertain about what Xu Yi was thinking and could only come here to confirm them.

“Of course. Heinz is my old partner, how could I not go to his funeral” Xu Yi thought about it before asking, “I plan on giving a speech at his funeral, so arrange it for me.”

Alex was filled with joy when he heard this.

Not only was Xu Yi willing to attend, he would even be giving a speech. That was equal to him supporting Heinzs family and would give great benefits to both him and his family members.

“Alright, sir chairman.”

“Other than that, Heinzs funeral must be handled well. I dont want to see anything bad happening. Help me tell your good for nothing relatives that if they dare cause trouble, dont blame me for teaching them a lesson on Heinzs behalf.” Xu Yi said in a cold voice.

Alexs heart trembled when he heard this. He knew that this wasnt just Xu Yis warning for his relatives, but also a warning for him, so he quickly gave a nod.

Two days later, Xu Yi appeared in public at Heinzs funeral and the speech that he gave quickly spread all over the Sines Continent.

Xu Yi had already left the Sines Continent for six full years.

Perhaps he might have returned to the Sines Continent in these six years, but he never appeared in public. Now that he was actually appearing in public like this, naturally many peoples suspicions were raised.

Could it be that Xu Yi had already finished conquering the Magic Cloud Continent with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and didnt feel it was enough, so he was coming back to take the Sines Continent as well

“Theres no need to mention this joke.” Xu Yi shook his head at Emperor Candra in front of him, “Your majesty, Ive come back this time to see how the Sines Continents magic machine industry has developed. Although Ive received many reports from this side, it cant compare to seeing it personally.”

Emperor Candras smile disappeared and after a bit of silence, he asked with knitted brows, “After youre done, what are you planning on doing”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “I have an outer space program, I wonder if your majesty is interested”

“Outer space program” Emperor Candra was surprised, “What is that”

“Specifically speaking, its to make us no longer limited to the planet under our feet and spread our development to the wide outer space around us. The first step is to launch a lot of satellites and give everyone a deeper and more profound understanding of space. The second step is to launch manned spaceships to let people walk around in outer space. The third step is……”

After saying this, he suddenly stopped and gave a bitter laugh. He shook his head and said, “The third step is to go to Alice and Tildis……”

“Wait.” Emperor Candra cut Xu Yi off, “Youre saying that we can fly to Alice and Tildis That is the moon! How can people go up there Is there even a place to stand on”

“Of course.” Xu Yi said in a certain voice, “Whether it is Alice or Tildis, they are actually planets, but they are just smaller than the planet under our feet. As for going there……not long before this, there was a dragon that already flew to Alice and returned safely.”

“Flew to Alice” Even Emperor Candra could only feel shock when he heard this news.

In the traditional understanding of the world of the Sines Continents people, Aliuce and Tildis were just two bright moons that would only appear in the night sky.

Because they couldnt be reached, people had many fantasies about Alice and Tildis. They never thought that there would be a day that people could go to Alice and Tildis.

It was because of astronomy that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce popularized in the past few years that people understood the sky above them more. They knew that they werent just on a flat piece of land, but rather a giant sphere. They learned that there was a vast space above their heads, they learned that the sun above them was a giant ball of fire, they learned that Alice and Tildis were actually two planets……

But no one ever thought of flying into outer space and experiencing it themselves, let alone landing on the moon.

“Yes, the dragons bodies are much stronger than us humans and the other races, so she could fly into outer space and could even fly to Alice. But we humans and other races cant do the same, so we have to rely on machine power.” Xu Yi explained.

“This means……that your outer space program is to start developing things that we can use to fly into outer space with Isnt this……very difficult” Emperor Candra said in a doubtful voice.

“It is very hard.” Xu Yi was very frank, “But it isnt impossible. We already have the ability to launch satellites, so that means were qualified to enter outer space. Now that the dragon race has collected some data about outer space for us, it will help us enter outer space sooner.”

“Un……” Emperor Candra thought about it for a bit before spreading his hands and asked, “Chairman Xu, it isnt that I dont believe you, but please tell me clearly, what benefits are there for me or our Candra Empire to participate in your outer space plan”

Xu Yi took out a picture from his chest with a smile and placed it in front of Emperor Candra.

Emperor Candra took the picture in a doubtful manner, but after taking a look, his face sank.

“Chairman Xu, what is the meaning of this”

This picture looked to be a normal valley on the surface, but Emperor Candra could tell with a single glance that this was a certain military magic machine research base the Candra Empire had set up in the east province.

This was the Candra Empires top secret base, how did Xu Yi know about this

“Your majesty, dont question who leaked this secret. Take a closer look at this picture, do you see any problems”

Emperor Candra was confused as he seriously looked over the picture. After a while, he noticed that the angle of the picture was very strange.

It should be said that this picture of the valley was observed from a very far place, it could even be said that it was seen from above.

The angle of the picture was above, but it seemed very close. It clearly showed the scenery of the mountain, even clearly showing the leaves of the trees on the side of the valley.

This really made one surprised.

The valley seemed very normal, but it was strictly guarded. It was impossible for any person or flying machine to be this close above the valley without being detected.

“How did you do this” Emperor Candra asked in a deep voice.

Xu Yi pointed up.

“Your majesty, if I said that this was photographed by our companys satellite, would you believe it”

Emperor Candra looked at the sky high above them and he gave a cold snort.

“Nonsense! Your companys satellite is in outer space. Based on the data that your company released, its over a hundred kilometers above the ground, so how could it possibly film things on the ground like this And with such clarity”

Xu Yi smiled without responding.

Emperor Candra looked at Xu Yi for a while before taking a deep breath and relaxing his expression.

Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had done many shocking and unbelievable things, destroying the common sense of the Sines Continents people many times. Even if Emperor Candra felt that this matter was absurd, he knew that it was very possible.

Let alone the fact that Xu Yi didnt need to lie to him about this.

“Chairman Xu, your satellites cant just see this valley alone, right”

“Of course.” Xu Yi acknowledged this without any hesitation.

“Then…..is there a way to make it so you cant see”

“Of course there is.” Xu Yi paused before explaining, “If your Candra Empire also had the ability to launch satellites into outer space, along with the ability to take high definition pictures of the ground from outer space, naturally youll know how to guard against it. Isnt this a very simple fact”

Emperor Candras breathing became louder.

Xu Yis words were simply a threat.

But he had no choice but to believe and listen to him.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerces satellites could see every part of the Candra Empire, what secrets would they have

Seeing the changing expression on Emperor Candras face, Xu Yis smile became wider.

He knew that Emperor Candra had already been moved and he would agree sooner or later.

Then……after taking care of the Candra Empire and the Marlow Empire, which country should he focus on next-

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