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Book 8: Chapter 42: Nuclear Magic Energy

Eleven years ago, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards and the Rudson Kingdom army defeated the Marlow Empire and Candra Empire armies on the Tara Plains of the Candra Empire central province, crushing the resistance of the two empires and forcing them to sign the ceasefire treaty.

In this battle, the most decisive thing was the single attack from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces airship squad.

Just a single attack had flattened a mountain, even destroying the ground in a several mile range, so it could be seen how terrifying the might was.

After witnessing the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Airship squad releasing this attack, the two empires gave up all thoughts of resisting, agreeing to Xu Yis requests.

It wasnt an exaggeration to say that this one attack had changed the situation on the entire continent. It had established the peace of the past eleven years, so it had accomplished lasting achievements.

What created that powerful attack with its destructive might was the predecessor of this giant bullet, the Magic Space Chain Collapsing Guiding Bullet.

Eleven years ago, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had just touched this domain. So although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had this terrifying attack before, they could only really use it three times.

If the will of the two empires hadnt been destroyed by this attack, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could only depend on traditional weapons to win that battle.

But after eleven years, not only had the Frestech Chamber of Commerce completely grasped that terrifying attack, they had even improved on it. The research of this domain reached a deeper breakthrough.

Xu Yi looked up at this thing that looked like a terrifying warhead and he couldnt help giving a sigh in his heart.

He never thought that in this world ruled by magic, he would be able to make something as terrifying as the nuclear bombs on earth.

Yes, this was called the “Magic Nuclear Fission Warhead” and it wasnt just that the name was similar to the warheads from earth.

“Sir chairman, for the detonation experiment of this new warhead, weve already drawn up a plan. Please take a look.” Lamasia, who was in charge of the magic research facilitys military magic machine department, handed a plan to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi took a look while listening to his explanation.

“According to the plan, we will transport this warhead to an island seven hundred kilometers away for a secret detonation test. In order to maintain secrecy, we hope to transport this warhead to the Black Rice Harbour and then set off, taking a detour before reaching the destination. At the same time, I hope that sir chairman can send a team of Magic Airships that will not only protect us, but also give us early warning.”

“That isnt a problem.” Xu Yi replied. He roughly looked over Lamasias plan before saying with a smile, “Actually, you dont need to be this secret. Even if it is revealed, it isnt a problem.”

Lamasia looked at Xu Yi with a shocked look.

Sir chairman had always wanted their department to maintain absolute secrecy. They werent allowed to reveal any information, which was even the reason why they had this magic barrier laid down on this mountain.

But now, he suddenly acted like he didnt care at all. This was just too much of a chance.

Seeing the doubt in Lamasias heart, Xu Yi didnt bother explaining to him. He looked around before changing the topic.

“Have you made any progress with the study into the side effects of Nuclear Magic Energy”

Nuclear Magic Energy was a technology that the magic research facility had accidentally discovered sixteen years ago.

To be specific, they found that because elemental magic energy had different attributes, the natures should have been different.

After researching it for a long time, they found that elemental magic energy was made of fine particles. These particles revolved around the core of the elemental magic energy in different rotations which created different properties.

This special characteristic was similar to the atomic theory from earth.

But naturally there were differences.

The elemental magic energy particles didnt have form and were only a form of energy in space, so normally it would be very hard to disrupt them.

The reason magicians could use different kinds of magic was because through cultivation, they raised their mental force and then used different brain waves through what the Sines Continent called magic power to affect the elemental magic energy. In the end, the elemental magic energy was forced into different forms that would create different kinds of magic.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce magic research facility placed this result in front of Xu Yi, he didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

He had always thought that the Sines Continent was much less civilized compared to earth and had a sense of superiority, so he always had an aloof attitude when dealing with the people of this world.

But these research results told Xu Yi a shocking fact.

The people of this world were behind the people of earth when it came to science and technology, but through over ten thousand years of magic research, they had found a method to grasp energy that far surpassed the technology of earth. It could even be said that they could grasp the essence of energy.

Xu Yi had always found it difficult to understand the concept of elemental magic energy.

It was because energy particles didnt have any shape, but could be condensed into various forms of magic that could be controlled at will. This seemed like something that was unbelievable for Xu Yi.

But this research had given Xu Yi a shocking fact. It was that the elemental magic energy was void energy, made from the very basic particles of this world. It could be said that it was everywhere and couldnt be exhausted.

Magic was just a method of extracting void energy to perform a function.

This ability was something that couldnt be reached with the technology on earth, but it was used to easily on this seemingly backwards Sines Continent.

What really made Xu Yi unsure of whether to laugh or cry was that the people of the Sines Continent had never noticed this in the beginning.

Because there wasnt the scientific concept, the people of the continent viewed magic like the people of earth had viewed witchcraft. Only certain people could grasp it and it had mysterious effects, but no one knew the principle behind it.

So even if the people of the Sines Continent didnt know how they had developed this magic society, using the most powerful way of harnessing energy, they had gone down the wrong path. They only used this energy in the most meaningless way in Xu Yis opinion, which was destructive force.

Of course, he couldnt blame the people of the continent. They didnt know how they developed magic and without basic theories, they could only focus on the most mystical parts of it, which created this situation.

But Xu Yis current task was to use his scientific view of magic to study the fundamentals of magic. He would make it so that magic was no longer just something mysterious that only the magicians knew, but a sharp weapon in the hands of the people of the world.

Nuclear Magic Energy was one of those accidental discoveries. When the elemental magic energy was disturbed by a high frequency magic wave, there would be the phenomenon where the elemental magic energy core and the particles would separate, which caused the core to stop rotating.

When this core stopped rotating, it would release a terrifying energy.

When this happened the first time by accident, it was only a very small pause of the rotation, but it had turned the lab to ashes.

Then after multiple careful experiments, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce found the principle of this energy and started being able to control it at will.

But the eruption of energy from the core would create side effects.

The biggest side effect was that after the magic core erupted, the surrounding magic space would be in complete chaos for a long time. It almost created a sealed chaotic magic space.

This magic space was seriously damaged and even an Arch Magus like Xu Yi couldnt enter it at will.

To dispel this chaotic space, if they didnt use external force, they could only let the surrounding magic space slowly digest it over a long period of time.

But if they used external force, it would take a large price and it would be very dangerous.

So the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt do many experiments into Nuclear Magic Energy. Even if they did, they would pick a remote place that wouldnt affect anything.

If they kept experimenting in the magic research facility, it wouldnt take long before the magic research facility was destroyed.

“Sir chairman, weve already made quite a bit of progress.” Hearing Xu Yis question, Lamasia revealed a confident smile, “Through the magic space data after each magic core eruption, we have already grasped the principle. Just last month, weve already eliminated the strange space with a special elemental magic energy frequency.”

“Oh Thats quite good.” Xu Yi gave a nod of praise, “If you can promptly eliminate the side effects each time, then we would be able to fully grasp this thing.”

“Yes.” Lamasia replied before hesitating a bit and then revealing a look of doubt, “But…..we have found a problem in our research.”-

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