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Book 8: Chapter 32: Amrit Chamber of Commerce was moved

To be honest, even if it took a long time to develop the Curani Kingdom, it wasnt hard at all.

After helping the Curani Kingdom settle a rebellion and after setting up a new king, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had easily gained control of the Curani Kingdom.

So compared to before where they were planning to invest in the Curani Kingdom with the help of the king, gradually developing it, it was much easier for Xu Yi to promote his plan in the current Curani Kingdom.

With the strong control of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there werent any major hindrances to their plans and they quickly carried out their plans in the Curani Kingdom.

Adding in the representatives of the other countries and companies sending large amounts of manpower and resources into the Curani Kingdom, the Curani Kingdom was changing almost every day, changing at an extremely fast rate.

In just a few months, the Curani Kingdom had laid down ten different roads and linked up the north and south roads. It could be said that there was already a complete road network in the Curani Kingdom.

At the same time, the various factories had been gradually built and only needed some time to set up. Once they started functioning in the Curani Kingdom, the Curani Kingdom would be able to produce all kinds of magic machines locally.

For the plan to proceed smoothly, Xu Yi had spent most of his time in the past three months here. This had clearly shown how important this plan was for him.

Moreover, it was because of this attitude that the representatives of the other countries and companies were willing to invest this much. It greatly increased the development of the Curani Kingdom.

Of course, it was impossible for Xu Yi to stay here forever. It would take the Curani Kingdom several years or several dozen years to implement this plan.

As the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman, there were countless other important things he needed to take care of. It was impossible for him to work on only a single project.

According to his schedule, after the mountain opening project today, he would be leaving the Curani Kingdom.

The next time he came would be when the Curani Kingdoms development had reached the second stage.

“Chairman Xu, we are planning to build a quarry nearby. Look, these mountains are stone mountains and the resources are very rich. The Curani Kingdom is having construction done all over and it requires a large amount of stones. Then adding in the roads that are being laid down all over, they also require a lot of stone, so a quarry here should be very popular.” Djokaf suddenly pointed at a mountain in the distance.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “That is your Amrit Chamber of Commerces plan, theres no need to tell me. But this idea isnt bad, you could even build a cement factory nearby and satisfy the needs of the Curani Kingdom, along with the other surrounding kingdoms.”

Djokaf broke out in laughter, “That is indeed our plan. But chairman Xu, to build this factory and mine, we need large amounts of construction magic machines, so well need the support of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. So telling you ahead of time is something that I should do.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “You can go look for the person from the construction magic machine company, its not related to me. Anyway, as long as you pay, they will sell it to you.”

Djokafs eyes flickered and after a pause, he lowered his voice to ask with a laugh, “Actually, we only need to look for them if were buying the magic machines, but if were talking about the technology to manufacture them……we can only look for chairman Xu, right”

“Oh” Xu Yi turned to look at Djokaf with a bit of surprise in his eyes, “What Your Amrit Chamber of Commerce wants to dabble in the construction magic machine business”

Djokaf gave a laugh before rubbing his head, “You see, our companys getting more and more projects in various regions and there is more and more demand for construction magic machines. Although its fine if we honestly buy them from your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, its not convenient. Not to mention that we often have special demands and we cant look for your company for help all the time, right Its better to solve it ourselves.”

Djokaf made it sound nice, but he just wanted to buy the technology from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Xu Yi wasnt that surprised about this.

Over these years, as the magic machine industry developed on the Sines Continent, everyone had more demands for technology related to the magic machine industry.

To satisfy their own demands, some people chose to develop their own technology while others chose to buy from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Xu Yi didnt know how many times he had heard this request and he was already a bit numb to this.

But before this, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce had been focused on their own construction industry and had never proposed buying technology from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Now that Djokaf had suddenly proposed this, Xu Yi felt it was a bit strange.

What Xu Yi felt was the most strange was why it wasnt chairman Cruise who was meeting him, but rather a project manager like Djokaf who raised this issue.

With his good relationship with chairman Cruise and over thirty years of close cooperation between their two companies, chairman Cruise could casually raise this request with Xu Yi and wouldnt have any scruples.

“Is this your intention or chairman Cruises intention” Xu Yi was too lazy to think about it and directly asked.

“Eh……Sir chairman hasnt given any special instructions, but we subordinates feel that if we can develop our own construction magic machines, it would be more convenient.” Djokaf replied.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. He thought that since Djokaf replied like this, this should be chairman Cruises idea.

But he was worried that his request would be denied by Xu Yi and it would hurt their relationship, so he had his subordinate test Xu Yi first.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi shook his head and waved his hand, “Since its like this, tell chairman Cruise to come find me.”

Djokaf was surprised, but he was filled with joy when he heard the relaxed tone that Xu Yi had and quickly nodded.

“Yes, yes, I will definitely tell sir chairman! He will be very happy after hearing this!”

Seeing the relieved look that Djokaf had, Xu Yi revealed a smile.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce never held back transferring their technology, especially in recent years. In order to promote the development of magic machine related skills on the continent, Xu Yi transferred even more technology that only the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had.

However, there were only a few people who could truly absorb the technology they received. When it came to people who could do their own research and make their own breakthroughs, obtaining technology that wasnt inferior to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces, there were even fewer of them.

Even if the Amrit Chamber of Commerce obtained this technology from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, since they never had any foundation in building large magic machines, they might be able to build their own construction magic machines, but it would be hard for them to develop the special use construction magic machines.

Of course, Xu Yi wouldnt stop chairman Xu from doing this.

The Amrit Chamber of Commerce focused on construction and was already a first class company of the Sines Continent. They had plenty of funds, so they should invest a bit into research and development.

Perhaps they might be able to develop something new and might even contribute to promoting the development of science on the Sines Continent.

After saying a few more words, there was a musical ring that came from Xu Yis chest.

Djokaf who was halfway through his words tactfully stopped and pointed at the mountain the distance before leaving.

After he left, Xu Yi took out his Magic Communicator before revealing a smile.

“Hey, Freya, why do you have free time to talk to me today”

Freyas lively voice came from the other side of the Magic Communicator.

“Father, the matters here have been solved. What about your side”

“My side” Xu Yi looked at the mountain with a large hole in it, “Theres nothing for me to do here, so Ill be leaving in the afternoon.”

“Great!” Freya immediately shouted in an excited voice, “I was planning on going home today. If everything goes smoothly, will we be able to see each other at home tomorrow”

“Its a pity that I have to disappoint you. Although Im leaving here this afternoon, Im not going home, but rather Im going to another place to handle some matters.” Xu Yi could already guess Freyas reaction to this answer.

As expected, Freya let out a loud “ah” sound that was filled with disappointment.

“Youre not going home……” But then Freya became excited again, “Where are you going What are you doing”

Xu Yi thought about it and felt that this didnt need to be kept a secret, so he replied, “Im going to Sorcery City to participate in a magic research conference there.”

“Sorcery City Isnt that the Mana Magic Kingdoms capital” Freya paused before excitedly saying, “How about this, father Ill go to Sorcery City as well. I still have many things to ask you and its not convenient to talk about them here. Lets meet and talk, what do you think”

“Youre certain that everything is taken care of on that side” Xu Yi asked back.

“Its all taken care of! There are only a few trivial matters that I can let them handle, theres no need for me to stay here.” Freya replied in a loud voice.

“Un, alright.” Xu Yi thought about it before replying.-

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