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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 26: Chapter 26

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Book 8: Chapter 26: Chapter 26

[TL Note: Theres no name for this chapter, author forgot to write one.]

General Leifaro died like that.

This person who had raised a rebellion in the Curani Kingdom, after killing the king, he had only been on the throne for an hour before he was personally taken care of by the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards easily routed general Leifaros rebel army and didnt need to spend that much effort to stabilize the Curani Kingdom.

The Curani Kingdom was after all a small kingdom and with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards, as well as the powerful Xu Yi personally commanding them, there werent any further disturbances.

After taking care of the rebel army, Xu Yi quickly found the twelve year old heir of the dead king who had luckily survived. He supported him to take the throne and then announced that general Leifaro was labeled as a great rebel, so he would be sentenced to death along with the rebel army as per the Curani Kingdoms laws.

Like so, this new rebellion in the Curani Kingdom was easily eliminated. This small country was stabilized on the surface from the power of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards.

After this, the Curani Kingdoms government announced that they would carry out the will of the previous king. They would start cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and developing the Curani Kingdom.

So the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, along with the various countries and companies they gathered started acting together, bringing countless amounts of manpower and resources into the Curani Kingdom.

The Curani Kingdom started building roads, a magic communication network, and various magic supply stations all over the kingdom……

In short, just like with the developed western countries, the Curani Kingdom was changing bit by bit.

If the Curani Kingdom didnt have this rebellion, then based on the contract the Frestech Chamber of Commerce previously signed with the Curani Kingdoms previous king, although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would have united the countries and companies to develop the Curani Kingdom, they wouldnt have developed this quickly.

But because there was this rebellion in the Curani Kingdom and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce suppressed it, propping up a new king, it gave them control of the entire Curani Kingdom. This made it so they didnt need to worry about any of their actions and it became very smooth.

In just three months, the Curani Kingdom had a basis of a magic machine industrial system and it was almost changing with each passing day.

Although not everyone in the Curani Kingdom would obey, with the few attacks of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards, the dissidents hiding in the Curani Kingdom were completely destroyed. No one in the Curani Kingdom dared to go against the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, allowing them to take action without any opposition. They were able to build various buildings much faster than in the other countries.

The representatives of the various countries and companies, although they were a bit hesitant, feeling worried about the methods the Frestech Chamber of Commerce used on the Curani Kingdom, after seeing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce put down factories one after another and bringing almost all the people of the Curani Kingdom to work in their factories and producing the first batch of goods, they couldnt hold back any longer and they all took action.

Suddenly, the Curani Kingdom became a large work site. Buildings were raised from the ground and every part of the kingdom became busy.

Even in the desert that covered half the Curani Kingdom that no one visited had began changing because of the Moon Goddess Environmental Protection Chamber of Commerce.

This Moon Goddess Environmental Protection Chamber of Commerce was something that Xu Yi suggested. In the end, the Night song Tribe, the Moon Shadow Tribe, and the Azshara Tribe all sent manpower to form this company.

This company was like the name suggested, it mainly worked in preserving and improving the environment and one of their biggest targets was deserts.

With the tradition of spreading plants that the elves had and the unique life magic of the elves, the elves could plant vegetation even in the bad environment of the deserts. They could let these plants grow strong and finally turn into forests.

This ability had been a big problem for the humans who had taken over the continent after the race wars.

Because the elves had taken control of the continent for over ten thousand years, almost the entire Sines Continent was covered in thick forests.

The humans found it hard to live normal lives in the forests, so after taking control of the continent from the elves, whether it was out of their own benefits or out of their hatred for the elves, humans started cutting down the trees.

There were large pieces of territories that were suitable for humans that appeared, but because of serious soil corrosion, there were also large deserts that appeared on the Sines Continent.

Humans couldnt control these deserts, so this situation became worse and worse.

With the special company established by the three elf tribes under Xu Yis suggestion, there was hope of controlling these deserts. It was also Xu Yis contribution to preserving the environment of the Sines Continent.

Of course, this company wouldnt work for free.

According to the agreement Xu Yi had with them, for each ten hectares of land they purified, the company would gain a hectare of land that they would control.

For the three elf tribes that wanted land that they could control, naturally these were great conditions.

So although the Moon Goddess Chamber of Commerce had only been formed for less than five years, they had improved the deserts in many countries already.

Of course, completely controlling the deserts couldnt be done in a single day.

With the desert of the Curani Kingdom, according to the estimates of the Moon Goddess Chamber of Commerce, it would take at least a hundred to two hundred years to see any real achievements.

For the elves that had far longer lifespans than humans, a hundred to two hundred years wasnt that long, so they could wait.

And for Xu Yi, as long as he could stop the deterioration of these deserts, it would be enough.

Anyway, the current population of the Sines Continent wasnt that big and the land they had now was more than enough for the population.

The period of considering using the improved deserts to satisfy the growth in population would take at least several decades or even centuries, not to mention that it depended on if the Sines Continent was still at peace then.

So Xu Yi wasnt worried about the situation in the Curani Kingdom.

The eastern development plan was a very big plan and the Curani Kingdom was just the first step.

Based on his estimates, he wouldnt be able to finish this plan in his lifetime.

All he had to do now was lay down the foundations.

But the method that he used were a bit intense……


There was a thick document that was placed in front of the Candra Empires Emperor Alphonse Candra.

He seriously looked over this thick document and spent over an hour doing so.

When he finally finished reading the document, he calmed himself and after thinking about it, he spent another half an hour reading it again.

It could be seen how important this report was to him.

When he finished reading it a second time, he looked up and closed his eyes to think. Then he turned his head to the empires prime minister Duke Giarbot who had been standing on the side the entire time.

“Why did Xu Yi demonstrate such a large battle lineup in the Curani Kingdom He isnt planning on swallowing the Curani Kingdom.”

Before this report had been given to Emperor Candra, Duke Giarbot had carefully read it over, so naturally he knew what the emperor meant.

After thinking, he carefully said, “Although Xu Yi has never been interested in land, based on his achievements this time, he really might want to swallow the Curani Kingdom.”

Emperor Candra knitted his brows to think for a bit before shaking his head, “He shouldnt want to. If he really wanted land or even found his own kingdom, there were chances for him before and he wouldnt have to wait until now. Moreover, the Curani Kingdom is over six thousand kilometers away from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base, so he wouldnt be dumb enough to choose this place.”

Duke Giarbot seriously thought about it for a bit before shaking his head with a bitter smile, “I really dont know what he is thinking. If its to realize the eastern development plan that he mentioned, theres no need to use such an intense method.”

“Yes……What Im most confused about isnt how he handled this matter, but rather the method that he used.” Emperor Candra patted the report and revealed a bit of an anxious look, “The method he used to take care of the Curani Kingdom was the most intense one, so this isnt like his usual very gentle method of handling things. This makes me……feel a bit anxious.”

Duke Giarbots heart trembled as his expression changed.

Of course he understood why the emperor was unsettled.

Ten years ago, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guard and the Rudson Kingdoms army had defeated the allied army of the two empires. This made everyone think that if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wanted to, they could have defeated the two empires and ruled the continent.

With the scale of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce at that time, it would have been very difficult to control everything, but with the absolute military might of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it wasnt hard to make the continent obey Xu Yi.

However, Xu Yi had surprisingly at the most crucial time chosen to start the peace talks. He kept two empires and later on, he didnt change the continent too much.

Although the Lampuri Kingdom, the Drake Duchy, and the Rudson Kingdom received large benefits, for the two empires and the Sines Continent, these changes were very small.

No matter what the Frestech Chamber of Commerce did, at least the two empires still existed and still had absolute power over the other countries like before.

The Xu Yi of the past wasnt willing to become the ruler of the continent and gave the two empires a path of escape.

After ten years, what if his thoughts had suddenly changed-

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