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Book 8: Chapter 24: Big development in the east

Akali was surprised before giving a disdainful cold snort.

“What Would they dare fight us Do they have the courage”

“They dont on the Sines Continent, but it might really be possible if they were forced into it.” Xu Yi said with a serious look.

Hearing Xu Yis serious tone, Akali put away the contempt and a bit of doubt appeared in her heart.

“Why are those fellows suddenly interested in expanding into the endless seas With their current situation, shouldnt they be focused on developing the magic machine industries in their countries”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Perhaps they think that maintaining the status quo will make it hard for them to surpass our company, so they want to head into the endless seas to find more opportunities and resources.”

“Just with them”

“You cant look down on those established countries. They have bided their time for ten years and have constantly developed themselves, so their progress is far beyond what I could imagine. Although they cant compare to our company when it comes to technology, it isnt like ten years ago where they couldnt compare to our company at all.” Xu Yi said.

Akali was a bit surprised.

“Sir chairman, you mean……Could it be that those countries havent been honest”

Xu Yi thought of his call with Raymond and there was a bitter smile that appeared on his lips. He shook his head and gave a sigh, “Its still fine now, but Im afraid that in the near future, when they think that they are strong enough, they wont be honest anymore.”

“Che, then well just teach them another lesson.” Akali raised her fist and said with a cold snort, “Those fellows have been calm for ten years, they might have already forgotten the lesson from ten years ago. We should deepen the impression that weve made on them.”

“Where did this violence come from” Xu Yi snappily rolled his eyes at her, “Our current goal is steady development and when its not necessary, I wont allow people to destroy the current situation. So unless its necessary, I wont act that easily.”

Akali looked at Xu Yi with a bit of helplessness in her eyes.

“Sir chairman, your biggest weakness is your soft heart. Look, if you steeled your heart a bit, the Sines Continent would have already entered a stage of full development.”

“That depends on if I have enough power.”

Akali still wanted to say something, but Xu Yi patted her shoulder to stop her.

“Alright, I just wanted to tell you this. As for the others, I will arrange another fleet to guard your team of researchers. The leader of this fleet is someone you should be familiar with, its Schuster whos gone to the Magic Cloud Continent several times.”

“Un, Ive met him a few times, so Im familiar.”

“Good, you can see him tomorrow. I still have other things to take care of, so I wont go with you. Other than that…..I might be taking a trip in a few days and wont be back quickly. If youre going to set off in these few days, I wont be able to send you off.”

Akali revealed a faint smile and waved her hand, acting like she didnt care at all.

“Alright, Ive already gone to the Magic Cloud Continent several dozen times and youve sent me off no more than five times Im already used to it. Not to mention that Im not Still, so why would you need to send me off”

Xu Yi revealed a helpless smile. After saying a few more things, he bid farewell to Akali.


Six days later, Akalis team of researchers along with a large fleet of twenty six Magic Ships departed from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main bases harbour, leaving the continent.

This time, her goal wasnt the Magic Cloud Continent, but rather an area in the sea that was between the Magic Cloud Continent and the Sines Continent.

According to the plan, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be setting up a research base on the few islands in this area.

The function of this research base wasnt just to study outer space magic signal transmission like they had announced, but rather to directly build the outer space magic signal relay station.

Akalis team had already made their real breakthrough in outer space magic signal transmission last year and had obtained success in their secret experiments.

The reason they were building this magic signal relay station on the sea, other than moving forward with the next step of their experiments, was to realize the goal of connecting communications between the two continents within a year.

If this plan went smoothly, Akali estimated that they would be able to build and debug all the problems with the relay station in half a year and then connect the two continents in a year.

This was a very important project, whether it was for the Sines Continent or the Magic Cloud Continent, it was very meaningful. So the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had attached great importance to this, sending out Akali as the magic communication departments manager and having her personally lead the team.

While Akali was leading her research team out, at the same time, Xu Yi went over six thousand kilometers to a small country named the Curani Kingdom to the east of the Sines Continent.

This Curani Kingdom wasnt that big and was only double the size of the Stantine Duchy, so it was considered a very small kingdom among the various kingdoms of the continent.

The population of this country wasnt big and based on incomplete stats, it was around five hundred thousand people. This population could be placed at the bottom ranking of the entire Sines Continent.

This country wasnt rich in resources either and over half of this small country was covered in deserts, with the other half being barren land.

The Curani Kingdom could exist in this environment all these years, other than not having anything of value to invade for, was because they Curani Kingdoms people had developed a strong ethnic culture in this harsh environment, so it was hard for others to dominate them.

But this also caused the Curani Kingdom to be neglected or even treated with hostility by the surrounding countries. This made it harder for them to get various resources and made the lives of the Curani Kingdoms people hard, causing them to be in a famine half the time.

Xu Yi suddenly coming to this small country without any value was not because of the country, but rather because of his large plan.

Since Xu Yi made the Banta Declaration ten years ago, requesting all countries of the Sines Continent to focus on magic machine industry development, most of the countries on the continent had started developing the magic machine industry in their countries.

But because the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base was in the southwest corner and most of their influence was in the southwest, the countries in the southwest corner, the two empires, and the surrounding countries had developed to a certain degree, but the other countries werent able to obtain good conditions and developed much slower.

The most clear difference was how much slower the eastern countries had developed compared to the western and central countries. This created a phenomenon on the continent where the west became stronger than the east and for the citizens of eastern countries, they started heading west for better lives.

The stats were precise, but in these ten years, the population of the western countries had greatly increased. Other than the high birth rate brought on by the increase in grain yield, there was also the large number of people migrating over.

Most of these people that migrated came from poor countries to the east.

This caused the population in the east to fall instead of rising, which created a clear contrast to the western countries.

The only exception was the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom.

But the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom was made up of thirteen companies and was different from the system of a traditional country. Their influence wasnt enough to cover the entire eastern part of the continent, so naturally they couldnt change the trends in the eastern countries.

In order to changed this unbalanced phenomenon and to tap into the potential of the eastern countries, as well as using the various resources hidden there, Xu Yi had proposed a plan of big development in the east.

The goal of this plan was to let the eastern countries enjoy the benefits of the magic machine industry, changing their environment, making sure that they didnt fall behind the western countries and one day even catch up to them.

It had to be said, this plan really was big. It involved over thirty countries in the east and over a hundred million people.

When Xu Yi had proposed this plan in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces internal meeting, almost all the high level members had rejected this.

However, when Xu Yi gave a careful analysis to the giant benefits of this plan, he had convinced them to agree in the end.

Xu Yi even convinced the two empires and the countries of the southwest corner to participate. So this time, in his first stop in the Curani Kingdom, other than the investment team from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there were the representatives from the two empires, the various countries, and over thirty companies that came with him.

When it came to the plan that Xu Yi proposed, whether it was the two empires, the other countries, or the companies, they didnt have much confidence.

The only reason they had agreed in the end was because of Xu Yi himself.

But the first target that Xu Yi chose was the Curani Kingdom that was famous for being the poorest, most chaotic, and most backwards country in the east, which had surprised everyone.

But they still came along with him.

But no one, not even Xu Yi would have thought that as soon as they arrived in the Curani Kingdom, this small country would give them a show of power.-

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