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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 16: Choice

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Book 8: Chapter 16: Choice

Seeing the door to the conference room close, Akali turned to Freya beside her with a smile.

“Hey, Freya, could it be that you like him”

Freya immediately glared at Akali.

“Aunt Akali, this joke isnt funny at all. If lord father were to hear this, he might be angry with you.”

Akali gave a shrug, “I dont think so. No matter how much he loves his daughter, you should get married sooner or later. Look at it, youre twenty something this year”

“Ill be twenty four in a bit.” Freya gave a soft snort, “Who said that I have to get married, you and aunt Evita arent married.”

“The two of us are different. Who told the person we like not to accept us.” Akali reached her hand out to pat Freyas head as she said with a smile, “Freya, if sir chairman had accepted me back then, perhaps I might have a daughter who is as old as you now.”

Freya gave a giggle, “That is something between you, dont drag me into it. If you want a daughter, I can be your daughter.”

“Un, Evita and I watched you grow up and many times we treat you as our daughter.” Akali paused before her smile disappeared, “Alright, lets stop joking and talk seriously. Freya, youre about to turn twenty four, its almost the agreed upon time you set with sir chairman. Have you made your decision”

Freya revealed a bitter expression and knitted her brows to think for a bit before slowly shaking her head.

“I still havent thought it through yet.”

“What Youre not interested in taking over the company”

“You cant say that Im not interested. Ive already started with some of the work with the company over the past two years and Ive found that its quite interesting. But……I think that deciding my future this early makes me a bit…..a bit unwilling.”

“Unwilling to be fettered” Akali asked, “I understand this. I wanted to be free when I was young too, I wasnt willing to be restricted to one place. After I found magic communication network, something I was willing to put my life towards, I finally settled down.”

“It isnt just being fettered. I just feel that…..father has many things to consider and he is very exhausted, I dont like seeing him like this.” Freya said.

Akali gave a long sigh.

“Sir chairman does need to consider many things, but theres no other choice. Who told him to be the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman There were the fates of many people riding on him and every one of his actions could decide the development of the continent. So he has to consider many things and not make a single mistake. But if you say that hes very exhausted, I wouldnt agree.”

“Could it be that he isnt exhausted He has to consider all kinds of things all the time, just thinking about it gives me a headache.” Freya pursed her lips.

“Hes used to it.” Akali revealed a faint smile, “Or perhaps it should be said that he enjoys it. Sir chairman has always had a very big ideal and this ideal was said very clearly in the Banta Declaration ten years ago. He worked with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce all these years because he was working hard towards this ideal. Freya, you might not understand it now, but when a person works hard for their ideal, they wont feel tired.”

“Is that so” Freya looked at Akali, but her eyes had already fluttered to some unknown place.

“Alright, theres no need for you to worry about this.” Akali patted Freyas shoulder, “I understand sir chairmans personality very well. Although he wants you to take over the company, he wants you to live your own life more. If youre not willing to take the company, he wont force you. Then again, you still have another year to consider this, so think well.”

Freya thought about it before giving a clap and saying with a relaxed voice, “Right, I still have a year. Then again, I have several younger brothers and sisters, even if Im not willing to do it, lord father can just train one of them to do it. Hei, hei……”

Akali couldnt help reaching out a hand to tap Freyas head before reprimanding, “What nonsense are you saying Sir chairman already announced that you were his only successor when you were born. I understand sir chairman, if youre not willing to take the company, he wont let any of your younger brothers and sisters take the Frestech Chamber of commerce. So do you understand how important your choice is”

Freya stuck out her tongue, “Aunt Akali, I think that you were comforting me, but it turns out that you were reprimanding me like my mother.”

“I just hope that you can take some more time to think about this. Although sir chairman shouldnt care, Still still cares about this very much. Not to mention that your decision isnt just about you, it is related to the millions of people in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Dont look at me like that, your choice is very important, so you cant be that casual about it.”

Hearing the tone of Akalis voice turning strict, Freya stopped being naughty and after a moment of thought, she gave a heavy nod.

“Alright, aunt Akali, I will definitely seriously consider this. If I feel that Im not willing to accept it, I will definitely have a proper talk with lord father. I believe that he will understand me and support me. If I choose to accept it, I will firm my heart and accept my responsibilities.”

Akali gave a sigh and patted Freyas head with a loving look.

“You, although many people think that youre the luckiest girl in the world, you also have to shoulder a pressure that no one could imagine. Its a good thing that your father is the most wise father in the world, or you wouldnt have been able to have such a happy childhood and it would have been impossible for you to live such a relaxed lifestyle. So Freya, thank your dad. His greatness isnt just measured by the changes of the world, but rather by every part of life.”

Freya looked up with sparkling eyes.

“Of course! Lord father is the greatest person in my heart, no one can compare to him!”

“What about Still”

Freya hesitated a bit before giving a firm nod.

“Even mother cant compare! Humph, who told her not to be at home all the time……”

Akali couldnt help laughing, “I cant help Still on this. Shes busy with the New Moon Chamber of Commerce, so she spends less time with you.”

Speaking of this, Akali looked over Freyas body and said, “Actually, Ive had my doubts many times that because sir chairman is too big in your heart, is that why you cant find any boyfriends”

Akali was just joking, but she never thought that Freya would actually nod without hesitation and say with a cold snort, “Why would I be attracted to those normal boys Theyre all annoying like flies, I dont like them at all.” After saying this, she looked at Akali and asked, “Isnt aunt Akali the same Because of lord father, youre not willing to accept any other men.”

Akali could only give a bitter smile, “Then we were both harmed by sir chairman But I can say that its not the same for you since you are his daughter.”

After saying this, Akali stood up.

“Alright, I still have to prepare for the foreign base, I dont have time to chat with you. Freya, think about what I just said, but dont hope that Ill give you any advice. Sir chairman clearly told us that he doesnt want anyone interfering with your decision.”

After saying this, Akali walked out.

When she opened the door, it was like she had suddenly thought of something and turned around to look at Freya with slightly knitted brows.

“I say, cant you change your illusion skin Although I understand that you had to hide yourself as a teenage kid to hide among the students, dont you think that youre too ugly”

Freya gave a giggle, “I had to be ugly not to attract attention. If I had my original face, how could I have snuck in”

Akali thought about it and rolled her eyes.

“Alright, you do make sense.”

Seeing Akali leave the room, Freya wave her hand and with a flash of faint blue light, there was a mirror of water that appeared in front of her.

Freyas facial features were clearly reflected in the mirror and Freya looked at her face for a bit before muttering, “Is it really that ugly I feel that its quite good. Of course, its too young, so it doesnt fit my age at all.”

After a while, Freya released her magic power as from head to toe, there was a faint magic fluctuation that appeared.

With this flash of light, Freya started changing from head to toe.

Before long, she had turned into a completely different person.

The current Freya was no longer the very normal looking girl who didnt have any special features at all and couldnt attract any attention. She had turned into a beautiful girl who had a gentle and noble look, with eyes that were filled with spirit who looked to be around twenty years old.

This girl would become the center of attention no matter where she went, she was completely different from the normal girl from before.

Freya looked at the familiar features in the mirror and touched her face, moving it a bit before revealing a smile that was a bit unnatural.

The illusion skin that she received from elder Lisanya was very easy to use, the only flaw was that it couldnt perfectly show facial emotion, which could be considered a very serious flaw.

“It seems like I have to tell grandma Lisanya about this when I see her next time.”

Freya touched her face and fixed her expression before walking out of the conference room.-

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