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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 114

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Sincere request

Because they were too involved in the design of the new magic machines, Xu Yi and Cambys group of dwarves stayed in the meeting and didnt even leave at the normal time to get off work. When they finally decided their tentative plans and the meeting ending, when Xu Yi finally left the workshop, he found that it was already night outside.

It was already December and the winter freeze had already arrived, so now that it was night, the temperature outside was naturally very cold.

Suddenly coming out of the workshop that was heated up by the Magic Air Conditioner, when Xu Yi was hit by the cold wind outside, he couldnt help shivering.

The dwarves that walked out with Xu Yi didnt show any strangeness. Although they were wearing less than Xu Yi, they were filled with energy and didnt look cold at all.

Camby even excitedly stood on his tiptoes to pat Xu Yis shoulder as he said in a loud voice with a smile, “Chairman, your human bodies are too weak. I think you should exercise to strengthen yourself and dont be like those other magicians, being able blown away with a single gust.

Xu Yi looked at Cambys body that was twice as thick as his with a bitter smile and shook his head, “Forget it, how can I compare to naturally talented people like you dwarves Its better for me to go back and put on some more clothes.”

Camby dug in his chest and took out a bottle to give to Xu Yi.

“Here, this is some half a bottle of good wine I didnt finish yet. Youll feel warmer after a few swigs.”

Xu Yi took it and sniffed it, it really had a strong wine fragrance. He couldnt help knitting his brows as he said, “Camby, didnt I say that you cant drink while working Why do you bring a bottle of wine along with you”

Camby rubbed his head and laughed, “Relax, all those brothers are watching me, so I cant break the rules. I just carry this bottle along with me and take a drink after getting off work. You can relax, there definitely wont be any mistakes.”

Xu Yi helplessly shook his head. He knew that wanting these dwarves addicted to drinking to stop drinking was impossible, so Camby restraining himself like this was already very rare.

Opening the bottle, he raised his head back to take a swig and he felt a warm current flowing down his throat into his stomach. After a while, the essence of the wine came from his stomach and heat came out bit by bit.

Xu Yi let out a breath of wine and felt much more comfortable. He waved his hand to the dwarves before walking out the factory.

When he walked into the darkness away from the factory lights, Xu yi remembered that because of his special orders, the two horse carriages outside the factory had been sent off to bring the magicians back. Now there wasnt a single carriage left.

Moreover, it was already night, so there wouldnt be any carriages in this remote place. So, after Xu Yi looked around, he was depressed to find that he could only walk back to Banta City.

It was a good thing this place wasnt considered that far from Banta City. After Xu Yi gave a bitter laugh, he took another sip of the wine and woke up his mind before he quickly walked towards Banta City.

Without going far, Xu Yi suddenly stopped and his somewhat hazy eyes suddenly became sharp.

“Who Come out!” Xu Yi gave a cold roar into the darkness.

In the shadows of the trees to the left, there was suddenly a strange distortion before a person slowly walked out.

Xu Yi looked in that direction with the moonlight and could see that persons slender form, as well as the two sharp ears on their head.

“Young miss Agnes Why is it you” Xu Yi asked in a daze.

The one who suddenly appeared was actually the female elf Agnes!

Under the moonlight, Agnes body was releasing a faint light that made her seem like she was a dream, not seeming like a real person at all.

Xu Yi knew that this was the special characteristic of the elves.

The elves were known as the race of the moon goddess Elune. They would gain special characteristics under the moonlight, for example the faint glow that was currently surrounding Agnes body. It could counter most of the physical and magical damage against her, as well as making her body more lithe and agile.

All the races of the Sines Continent were certain that challenging an elf of the same grade in the forest and under the moonlight was no different from suicide.

And someone who challenged an elf in the forest and under the moonlight…..That fellow must definitely be insane.

Thinking of this, Xu Yis eyes looking at Anges filled with more vigilance.

Although he had just passed the Fifth Grade exam and was already a Fifth Grade Magician, but since Agnes could use the Shadow Stealth Spell of the elves since they first met, that meant her power was only higher and not lower than Xu Yis. If she suddenly wanted to attack Xu Yi, Xu Yi would suffer quite a bit.

It was a good thing Agnes wasnt showing any hostility at all. After she walked of the shadows, she even gave a standard elven greeting to Xu Yi.

“Hello chairman Xu. Under the brilliance of Elune, I sincerely express my happiness at your return.”

Xu Yi was stunned. Agnes was actually using Elunes name to show her feelings, that meant she was truly happy.

But why was that

Why was it that Agnes would be happy that he was back

“Because I have waited over a week for you.” Agnes replied.

Xu Yi was even more confused, “Its only been a week. To you elves, this is the same time as a blink of the eye for us humans.”

“Yes, but the water source issue to our clansmen, even one second is too long.” Agnes almost perfect face looked to be in low spirits, which was a mood that was very rare for elves, “Before leaving the tribe, the river that flows through the river was almost blocked, so the lives of our clansmen have been very hard.”

Xu Yi looked at the expression on Agnes face and couldnt help asking, “Then you didnt think of another way to solve it Since you live in the Falling Rain Forest, your water source wouldnt only rely on the river, right”

Agnes softly shook her head, “This wasnt a problem at first, but now that the river is drying up, the forest has also been influenced and now many trees of the Falling Rain Forest have started withering. The grand elder said that if this continues, the entire Falling Rain Forest will disappear. Like this, we will be forced to leave.”

Xu Yi wanted to say “leave then, it isnt that big of a deal”, but when he saw the hurt look on Agnes face and remembered the legend of elves loving their home, he couldnt say these words.

“Alright, young miss Agnes, based on the situation you described, if the Falling Rain Forest hasnt been hit by the legendary curse spells, then there is only one reason why it suddenly became like this. That is that the environment upriver has met some kind of destruction.”

“The environment has met some kind of destruction What does that mean” Agnes looked at Xu Yi with a confused gaze.

Xu Yi patted his head. He remembered that environment being destroyed was a popular phrase on earth, but it wasnt said on the Sines Continent.

“Un…..This thing is very complicated, I cant explain for now. Has your tribe sent anyone upstream to check I dare to guarantee that the soil erosion upriver is very serious…...Oh, you dont understand soil erosion either. To put it simply, it means that the area upriver shouldnt have any vegetation and is completely bare. The soil there probably turned into silt and fell into the river, flowing downstream. Finally the silt at the bottom of the river will stack and will cause changes to the river in the end, even blocking it. Dont you think this is correct”

Hearing Xu Yis suddenly giving his guess, Agnes eyes looking at Xu Yi gradually lit up.

“Chairman Xu, you clearly havent been there yet, so why are you so clear on this” Agnes called out in a pleasantly surprised voice.

“I was just making a simple analysis based on what you said.” Xu Yi said with a shrug.

Agnes asked with an expectant look, “Then you definitely have some way to solve it, right”

“That I wouldnt dare guarantee.” Xu Yi gave a bitter laugh.

A river being diverted from soil erosion, even on the advanced industrialized earth, this was a troublesome problem. Not to mention the Sines Continent with such a low technological level.

“But didnt you give me a blueprint last time After the elders saw it, they all said that this method should solve our problem. So you definitely have a method, right”

“But you rejected my request to inspect your tribe, so how can I help you” Xu Yi said as he spread his hands.

Agnes passed for a second before suddenly bending down on one knee and lowering her head, giving a very serious bow to Xu Yi. She said in a very sincere voice, “Chairman Xu, I ask you to forgive me for my offense from before. After I brought your request back last time, the elders agreed to accept your conditions and allowed you to come to our tribe for an inspection. Now I am seriously requesting you to take a trip to the tribe with me and help us solve our problem. Can you save our clan and our clansmen”

After saying these last words, Agnes looked up at Xu Yi with an expectant expression and eyes filled with hope.

The moonlight perfectly fell onto Agnes face and those beautiful and fair cheeks were bathed in soft light. There was a mysterious beauty and attraction that was coming from her that made Xu Yi almost want to directly agree to her.

“This…...Although Im very willing to help you, but you see…...I just returned from Anvilmar City and now there are a bunch of things I need to take care of now, so I cant leave right now……”

“How long will it take you to finish these matters” Agnes kept asking.

Xu Yi stroked his chin, “That is hard to say. There are some things that are hard to take care of, so Im not certain how long itll take.”

Agnes eyes dimmed before she thought it over and pleaded again, “Chairman Xu, I am seriously hoping you can help us. If you need some form of reward, the elders have already decided that as long as you can help us solve our problems, no matter what reward you want, well definitely agree as long as we can give it.”

“Then can you give yourself to me as a reward” Xu Yi couldnt help teasing her.

Who would have thought that Agnes would only hesitate a bit before sincerely nodding, “Alright.”

Xu Yi helplessly rolled his eyes and gave a sigh. He reached out to help Agnes stand up and he gave up his thoughts of teasing her. He seriously looked at Agnes and said, “Young miss Agnes, you have to believe that I do have a way to solve your problem. Otherwise, I wouldnt have given chief Monto those blueprints and had them give them to you.”

Agnes gave a slight nod, “Yes. It is because of this that I came looking for you.”

“Thats good. Then Ill sincerely tell you that although I very much want to help you solve your problem right now, I do have some very important things I have to take care of. Moreover, it definitely wont take just a day or two to solve the problems you have, so I must make some preparations before going to your tribe for an inspection and actually coming up with a real solution. Do you understand what I mean”

Agnes kept nodding, “Yes, I understand. But chairman Xu, around how long will it be before you can come with me to our tribe”

“I really cant give you an accurate answer for this. But I think that within a year, I should have time to take a trip. Does this answer satisfy you”

“Within a year” Agnes innocently blinked those baby black eyes and thought it over before saying with a faint smile, “Alright.”

If this was a human speaking, they normally would have added “I hope you can keep your promise” here. However, Agnes just said a simple “Alright”, like she completely believed that Xu Yi would keep his promise with her.

Xu Yi gave a sigh in his heart as he said to Agnes, “Since its like this, then young miss Agnes, well leave it like this for now. When Ive finished my urgent matters here, Ill notify chief Monto and have him contact you or your clansmen. I hope you can wait patiently for my message.” He waved his hand to Agnes after he finished and turned to leave.

After taking two steps, Xu Yi was surprised to find that Agnes was actually following behind him and didnt look like she was going to leave at all.

Xu Yi turned to look at her, “Young miss Agnes, what are you following me for Didnt we already make a promise You can go back to your tribe now and can come look for me when you receive a message from chief Monto.”

Agnes shook her head, “The elders ordered me to come back with you and since you cant leave, then I can only stay by your side and go with you when you decide to set off.”

Xu Yi pointed at himself and said in a voice of disbelief, “Your meaning is that youre planning to follow me all the time during this period”

Agnes gave a serious nod, “Yes.”

Xu Yi couldnt help wanting to hit his head.

This elven girl, she was actually a simple minded idiot-

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