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Book 7: Chapter 136: Theres no benefits to capturing them

After the Rudson Kingdom and Frestech Chamber of Commerce allied armies captured San Antonis City, almost everyone thought that they would make one single push like with the other Candra Empire provinces. They would advance on Wimbledon City and capture it in one fell swoop.

Because Wimbledon City was the capital of the Candra Empire and if Wimbledon City fell, it would be a very serious attack on the entire Candra Empire, even being enough to announce that the Candra Empire was close to being destroyed.

However, the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces didnt act as everyone had expected. They chose to stop at this time and didnt advance forward, instead choosing to conduct peace talks with the Candra Empire.

Since the split between the two empires and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce two years ago, the continent had been filled with turbulence. Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had suddenly chosen to enter peace talks with the Candra Empire, it allowed the continent to enter a rare peace.

The entire continent started focusing on the peace talks.

No matter how the peace talks ended, everyone was certain that the result would affect the following situation on the continent.

If the peace talks succeeded, the Candra Empire would pay a heavy price to make the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Rudson Kingdom stop.

How deep the price and what it was would determine how the other countries and powers would treat the Candra Empire and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in the future.

If the peace talks failed and they fought again, it would depend on if the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces could take Wimbledon City, pushing the Candra Empire to the brink of destruction.

Even if the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces had swept all obstacles and had defeated the Candra Empire again and again, Wimbledon City was the capital of the Candra Empire after all, representing the entire Candra Empire. The Candra Empire would definitely do all they could to protect it.

When this ancient giant empire was forced into a corner, the strength that it would have would be terrifying.

Even if the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces had a powerful battle power, it wouldnt be easy to capture Wimbledon City.

So all the other countries and powers had to wait for the final result to make their decision.

So there had been many flames of war lit on the continent, but because the Candra Empire and the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces had stopped aggressions due to the peace talks, they had also stopped temporarily. They were all patiently waiting for the results of the peace talks.

However, as everyone expected, what could be considered the two strongest powers on the continent, the peace talks between them wouldnt reach an end that easily.

After the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Rudson Kingdom gave their terms, the Candra Empire side was given seven full days to consider this by Xu Yi. On the afternoon of the final day, Marquis Descartes came to San Antonio City with the Candra Empires decision, meeting with the representatives of the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces again.

This time, he didnt even get to meet Xu Yi.

The Rudson Kingdom and Frestech Chamber of Commerce representatives firmly rejected the terms the Candra Empire gave them, then engaged in five full days of intense negotiations with Marquis Descartes. Only then did they come up with a new peace treaty that they had Marquis Descartes bring back to the Candra Empire upper strata again.

This time the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces gave a much larger window, giving the Candra Empire half a month to discuss this.

Like this, when the Candra Empire came up with new terms for the third round of peace talks, the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces would have been in San Antonio City for a month now.

Many people felt that this situation was a bit strange.

Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Rudson Kingdom didnt feel confident in attacking Wimbledon City, they wouldnt just wait in San Antonio City for a month after capturing it, right

At the very least……they would continue advancing towards Wimbledon City to put more pressure on the Candra Empire. Only then would it be easier to make the Candra Empire agree to their terms, right

But the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces never moved their troops, as if they were satisfied in just capturing San Antonio City which made people confused.

The more sharp minded people noticed that during these peace talks, the one who had the most right to decide was Xu Yi, but he hadnt been in San Antonio City during this time.

Then…..during this crucial moment, where had Xu Yi run off to


September 11th, when the autumn chill came from the continents north, in the south of the Candra Empire which was the Torea Province, which was now called the Torea Dominion, by the southernmost coast, the weather was still burning hot.

But because it was by the sea, there would be breezes that came from the sea, so it didnt feel as uncomfortable.

One could even put chairs on the beach with a parasol, enjoying the sun that shined down and the sea breeze that blew across them. It would feel very comfortable.

This was what Xu Yi and Still were currently doing.

“Hey, Xu Yi, what are you thinking” Still opened her eyes. She felt that the sun that came from the edge of the parasol was still a bit dazzling, so she leaned in against Xu Yi. She slightly knitted her brows and revealed a confused look, “Why are you giving the Candra Empire this much time to build up their strength Youre simply playing with fire.”

“Hey, Still, didnt you say that it was tiring going twenty thousand kilometers to the Magic Cloud Continent That was why I brought you to relax on the beach, dont mention work.” Xu Yi looked at Still, finding it a bit funny.

“Its not like you dont know my temper, I cant keep any questions in my heart.” Still angrily looked at Xu Yi, “Then again, this question is related to the fate of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the entire Candra Empire, even the situation of the entire Sines Continent. How could it be described simply as work”

“Actually, to me, this is just a bit of work.”

Xu Yi stretched himself out. He knew that once Still started something, it wouldnt end unless she was satisfied. He sat up and leaned back in the chair, taking a comfortable position before he spoke.

“Still, Im certain that it isnt just you who has this question. There are many people who are curious why we dont just capture Wimbledon City in one fell swoop with the Rudson Kingdom, but rather choose to engage in peace talks with the Candra Empire at this time.”

“Of course, this is something that is very strange, alright With your performance before, I feel that Wimbledon City cant stop your attacks, so why are you not attacking Wimbledon City” Still asked in a curious voice.

“Then…..have you ever thought, what happens after we attack Wimbledon City” Xu Yi asked back with a smile.

“After you attack Of course……Of course……” Still opened her mouth, but she couldnt say anything else.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “It seems like you understand. Although I am very confident in capturing Wimbledon City by having our company work with the Rudson Kingdom, there are no benefits to us capturing Wimbledon City. Rather it will become a serious burden to us. Do you understand what I mean”

Still thought about it before shaking her head in a lost manner, “I can think of a few things, but I cant fully understand it.”

“Alright, let me explain. Although on the surface, Wimbledon City is the capital of the Candra Empire and there is a serious symbolic meaning in capturing Wimbledon City. People would even agree that us capturing Wimbledon City would mean the demise of the powerful Candra Empire, but in reality Would the Candra Empire really be destroyed”

“Of course thats impossible.” Still shook her head without any hesitation, “The Candra Empire is an empire with a thousand years of inheritance, how could it be destroyed that easily Even if Wimbledon City was captured, the Candra Empires power would still remain. Even the emperor could escape if he felt that the situation wasnt good. To really destroy all resistance from the Candra Empire is almost impossible.”

“Right, that is the key thing. To truly destroy the Candra Empire, even the Marlow Empire thats at the same level couldnt do it in a short period of time. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is only a company and the Rudson Kingdom is only a small country that isnt that powerful, so neither of us could do it. To be honest, destroying the Candra Empire actually goes against the benefits of our company and the Rudson Kingdom. Still, what do you think is the biggest benefit for me”

Still revealed a smile and reached her hand out to pinch Xu Yis face.

“You, you wanted to promote your magic machine industry across the continent your entire life to make peoples lives better, how could I not know that Un, from that angle, destroying the Candra Empire isnt a good thing for you because once the Candra Empire is destroyed, it would be impossible for you to annex the Candra Empire using the Frestech Chamber of Commerce alone and would just create many large and small countries. It would make it harder for you to promote the magic machine industry, am I right”

Xu Yi gave a laugh and reached his head to give Still a deep kiss.

“You really are my most beautiful and intelligent wife. Thats right, that is what Im worried about. Look, the Candra Empires south is in a mess right now. Although including Duke Windsor……Oh, no, it should be King Windsor now. Although this former enemy is willing to cooperate with our company, if I want to promote our standards among the companies, it would be more difficult than cooperating with the Candra Empire.”

“Isnt it I wanted to take this chance to promote our New Moon Chamber of Commerces Magic Illusion Projector, but the conditions that each place gave were different and Im so tired from negotiating with them all.” Still complained.

“That is why I told you not to focus your attention on this place, but rather focus on the Magic Cloud Continent for now.” Xu Yi reached out his hand to rub Stills exposed shoulder to help her with her weariness, “Speaking of this, you havent told me yet, how is the Magic Cloud Continent going”

Hearing this question, Stills eyes immediately lit up.

“Its great over there!”-

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