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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 112

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Shabby Frestech Chamber of Commerce

After leaving Banta City for ten days, when he came back, Xu Yi found that the new workshop that didnt even have a finished foundation when he left was already taking form. There were many workers busily working there, making it a lively scene.

And the workshops beside the construction site were also filled with all kinds of noise. It was clear that the two workshops were filled with people bustling around with their work.

Xu Yi had just jumped out of the horse carriage when Wayne Riley of the Amrit Chamber of Commerce directing the construction saw him and immediately came to welcome him with a wide smile.

“Chairman Xu, youre finally back!” Manager Riley looked at the people coming down from the horse carriages before pointing at the half finished wall of the new workshop behind him and asking, “Look, look, is our construction fast enough”

Xu Yi nodded, “It is fast, but is the quality good with how fast it is”

Manager Riley revealed an insulted expression and said in a dissatisfied voice, “Chairman Xu, you are looking down on us too much. Your project was handed to us by our chairman, how could we not ensure the quality From beginning to end, to guarantee that the workers didnt make a single mistake, Ive been here watching them the entire time.”

Xu Yi patted his shoulder, “Since theres manager Rileys promise, then I can feel assured. Then let me ask you, how long do you think itll take before this new workshop is finished How long will it be before we can start using it”

Manager Riley thought about it, “If nothing unexpected happens, it should be finished in half a month. As for when it can be used…...that is hard to say. It is already winter and its getting cold, so its not easy for the walls to dry, so itll take a while.”

“Itll still take a while” Xu Yi knit his brows, “If I wanted to start using it within the month, do you think it is possible”

“This month Youre this rushed” Seeing Xu Yis serious expression, manager Riley thought about it before nodding, “If chairman Xu is truly in a rush, I can think of a way to have the walls dry faster. But this will affect the entire building and its lifespan will be shortened.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “No matter how short it is, it shouldnt break within three years, right”

Manager Rileys face turned red, “Chairman Xu, are you kidding The houses constructed by this Riley, how could they collapse in three years Not to mention three years, even if it was thirty years, I can promise there will be no problems!”

Xu Yi laughed and said while shaking his head, “Theres no need for thirty years, there isnt even a need to mention three years because I have more plans for this place soon. This workshop might be rebuilt in less than three years.”

Manager Riley looked at Xu Yi in a daze.

Since he was only planning to use it for three years, why did Xu Yi request for the quality of the workshop to be this high

Could it be that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had too much money and not enough places to spend it

“Manager Riler, I still have to ask you for something else. I might not have time during this period, so Ill have to trouble you to help me pass on a message when you see chairman Cruise. I have something to discuss with him, so Ill have to trouble him to contact me when he has time so we can set a meeting.” Xu Yi added.

Manager Riley gave a nod in response.

Xu Yi gave a few more requests to manager Riley before heading over to the curious magicians who were looking over the two workshops.

“Everyone, as you can see, these are the two workshops of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Although they seem rather simple, there are all kinds of magic machines that are produced from these two factories. Right now the two factories can make magic machines worth over ten thousand gold coins for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, creating large profits for our company, which can be said to be the basis of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If these two factories were destroyed by others, perhaps I might even have anything to eat anymore.”

Xu Yi gave two laughs, but he found that the magicians didnt have any smiles on their faces. Rather they all had frowns on their faces, as if they werent satisfied with what they were seeing.

The reason why they agreed to Xu Yis suggestion and came to Banta City with him was because of how fantastic Xu Yi had made the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sound. Who would have thought that when they saw the real scene, this Frestech Chamber of Commerce would only be two small factories like this.

A company of this scale, what future did they have

Xu Yi rolled his eyes as he could easily guess what everyone was thinking. He didnt say anything else as he called to everyone and led them to the household magic machine workshop.

The magicians hesitated a bit before following him.

After all, they had come all this way, they had to at least take a look before making their decisions.

When everyone entered the workshop, they were instantly shocked by what they saw.

The area inside was less than a thousand square meters, but it was actually filled with people. With a rough estimate, there were around two hundred people.

Not a single one of these two hundred people were idle, they were all busying themselves, not stopping for an instant.

What attracted everyones attention the most were the several dozen strange looking iron lumps placed in each corner.

As the workers by them operated these machines, these iron lumps made large sounds before the various iron components the workers placed in took another appearance.

As soon as these components were made, they were immediately delivered to another worker. These workers didnt stop and they skillfully assembled these components together before sending them to the next group of workers.

The next group of workers made some dazzling movements and after these components were assembled, they took another appearance.

The components were assembled bit by bit and after the last group of workers screwed in some strange nails, these components took on the shape of a rectangular box.

“This…..seems to be that Magic Air Conditioner thing” A magician suddenly pointed at the iron box and spoke in an uncertain voice.

“Magic Air Conditioner What is that” The surrounding people instantly asked.

“The night before leaving Anvilmar City, I was a guest at Viscount Lances house. He had some people install some thing in the room and said he had bought something new called the Magic Air Conditioner.” That magician explained, “Its really strange talking about it. The room had been very cold back then, but after Viscount Lance put a Magic Crystal into the Magic Air Conditioner and pressed the switch, the Magic Air Conditioner began to blow out warm air. Not long passed before the room became warm and I didnt even need to wear my coat in the end. If I had to say it, the effect of this Magic Air Conditioner is even better than the large scale Flame Array!”

“It cant be, right” Another magician couldnt help refuting him, “Laying a large scale Flame Array costs all that money and this thing has an even better effect than the large scale Flame Array, so it should cost even more, right”

The other magician shook his head, “Its not considered expensive. I heard Viscount Lance say that his Magic Air Conditioner only cost him thirty five gold coins. The most important thing is that this thing consumes very little Magic Crystals. The night I stayed at Viscount Lances house, this thing stayed on just with a single Magic Crystal, it didnt need to be changed at all.”

“It cant be, right” The others were even more shocked, “Isnt this thing more powerful than a large scale Flame Array”

“Thats right, I heard Viscount Lance say that it not only blew out warm wind, it also blew out cold wind, so it could also be used in summer.” Sensing everyones shocked gaze, that magician was filled with satisfaction and began to explain in an even more complacent manner about what happened in Viscount Lances house.

Xu Yi on the side couldnt help revealing a strange smile.

“Thirty five gold coins This Victor, he really knows how to raise the price.”

When Victor discussed this with Xu Yi, Victor had said that he would set the Magic Air Conditioner at a fixed price of thirty gold coins. Who would have thought that when he heard it from this magician, the price would have actually been raised!

But Xu Yi didnt care whether he raised the price or not. In the end, Victor was buying at a fixed price of twenty five gold coins per unit, so if Victor can sell it at a higher price, that was his skills.

Seeing the magicians discussing among themselves, Xu Yi ignored them and moved over to Heinz who had already given him countless looks.

“Hey, Xu Yi, these fellows all seem like magicians. Could it be that you pulled them over from Anvilmar City” Seeing Xu Yi come over, Heinz immediately asked this in a low voice.

“Un, I just dont know how many of them will stay behind.” Xu Yi said with a nod.

“Let me see. One…..Two…..A total of thirteen people, its too little even if they all stay.” Heinz was a bit disappointed.

“The amount isnt important, the important part is making them stay.” Xu Yi smiled and wasnt as disappointed at Heinz, “Even if only a single magician stays in the end to work at our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, that is a major breakthrough because this is a large significance. There will be a second or third if there is a first and then there will be even more.”

Heinz carefully looked over the magicians talking in loud voices and knit his brows, but his disappointment didnt disappear at all.

“These fellows all seem like Primary Grade and Second Grade Magicians What use can they be Their magic isnt that much stronger than the students.”

Xu Yi couldnt help rolling his eyes, “You think those high grade magicians will agree to come to a small company like ours without any fame at all Let me tell you, to trick them here, I already spent quite a bit of effort. Alright, our company isnt even the number one company in Banta City, we dont need to set our requirements that high. Although these people have normal magic strength, at least they arent like students where they need to spend most of their time on studying. Moreover, they have more experience drawing Magic Arrays, so they are more efficient than students.”

Hearing Xu YIs explanation, Heinz finally revealed a faint smile.

“Un, thats right. The students are too unstable, I cant be assured just relying on them. If we can hire more magicians to replace the students in the future, it would be worth it to give them higher wages. Thats right, what wage did you give them to begin with”

Xu Yi crossed his fingers together, “The lowest is ten gold coins per month and how much will be decided by their production.”

[TL Note: Ten in Chinese is 十, so thats how he crossed his fingers.]

Heinz was shocked, “It cant be, right Its only ten gold coins a month, these noble magicians were willing to follow you like this”

Xi Yi shrugged his shoulders, “Theres no other way, magicians are people too, they also need to eat.”-

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