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For the magicians of the Sines Continent, there was a very clear difference in strength between normal magicians and Great Magicians. The most important part of this difference or the most clear difference was that Great Magicians had spatial magic and normal magicians didnt.

Then above that, there was a clear difference between Great Magicians and Arch Magi. This difference was also manifested in spatial magic.

Although normal Great Magicians could control spatial magic to a certain degree and use it, which was the teleport spell that most Great Magicians used, it couldnt compare to truly controlling space.

Only when one became a powerful Arch Magus, they would be able to use their elemental magic energy to control space and magic space, allowing them to freely control magic space and even forming their own magic space.

This magic space was called a domain by most magicians and was the domain that only belonged to the Arch Magi.

Before Arch Magus Laduca appeared and after he appeared, he made a move against Xu Yi twice. He had solidified the elemental magic energy around them so that Xu Yi couldnt control it or use spells, but Arch Magus Laduca could. That was because he had turned that magic space into his domain.

However, it had been easily taken care of by Xu Yi twice which made Arch Magus Laduca a bit doubtful.

Although his attack was eye catching this time, it had condensed quite a bit of magic power and even condensed all the magic in the magic space in his domain into a powerful attack.

This kind of attack was impossible to block for magicians who didnt have a high enough understanding of spatial magic.

It could even be said that it was impossible for magicians under the Arch Magus rank to block this attack, they could only dodge it.

But the surrounding magic space had been integrated into Arch Magus Laducas domain, so lower level magicians couldnt escape at all.

So for Arch Magus Laduca, since he had used this magic, Xu Yi could only dodge it or die, there was no other possibility.

However, he never thought that not only would Xu Yi not dodge it, he would block it!

Seeing Xu Yi standing there with a smile on his face like nothing had happened, Arch Magus Laduca couldnt help being shocked deep down.

This fellow Xu Yi, did he actually become an Arch Magus!

If he wasnt an Arch Magus, he wouldnt have been able to block his attack just now!

But……Xu Yi had just entered his forties this year

For a magician, there wouldnt even be one in ten thousand magicians that could become a Great Magician in his early forties. This was already considered a shocking talent.

However, Xu Yi had become a Great Magician when he had just turned thirty ten years ago and now….he had actually become an Arch Magus!

In the history of the Sines Continent, there had never been an Arch Magus who was forty years old!

The most talented magician in the history of the Sines Continent, one of the few Great Magi in history who was called the pride of human magicians, Arch Magus Kohler had only become an Arch Magus when he was fifty three years old!

Arch Magus Laduca suddenly had a trace of regret in his heart.

With Xu Yis shocking talent for magic, as long as he continued down the path of magic, he might even break through the limits of magic for humans during the most recent years. He would become a new legend on the continent, becoming a new Great Magus who would leave his mark in history!

If this happened, it would be a very inspirational and rousing matter for all the magicians on the Sines Continent.

Because this meant that human magicians hadnt degraded like many people had said, they could still become a Great Magus that sat at the top, becoming the god of magic that everyone respected!

But after turning to look at Marshal Sudmans livid expression, Arch Magus Laduca calmed down again.

Although Xu Yis shocking magic talent was good news for all the magicians on the continent, he was still the enemy of the Candra Empire in the end.

As a person of the Candra Empire and one of the few Arch Magi that everyone respected nurtured by the Candra Empire, Arch Magus Laduca had to think about the interests of the Candra Empire even if he wanted to follow the principles of the Magicians Guild.

Not to mention that he had already signed a contract with the Candra Empire army, becoming one of the two Arch Magi affiliated with them. This time Marshal Sudman had personally planned and commanded this operation, even giving it the highest grading in the most recently years, so failure couldnt be tolerated.

So even if he was surprised by Xu Yis talent, he couldnt give up the idea of killing Xu Yi.

Moreover, the greater the talent Xu Yi demonstrated, the more difficult this mission was.

“Marshal, have Ofalian also make a move.” Arch Magus Laduca gave a sigh before turning to Marshal Sudman to say this.

Marshal Sudman was surprised, “What You cant handle it alone”

“Although Im not willing to admit it……Yes, Im not 100% confident in doing this because this Xu Yi…..has already become an Arch Magus.” Arch Magus Laduca said in a deep voice.

Marshal Sudman looked at Xu Yi with a surprised look.

He had heard what Arch Magus Laduca had shouted earlier, but he still didnt believe it.

Now that Arch Magus Laduca had confirmed it, he had to believe it.

Xu Yi had already become an Arch Magus! This was too surprising to him, this was also too surprising for everyone.

“This fellow, he really is the biggest unstable factor.” Marshal Sudman gave a snort before raising a hand and sending a signal.

Although Xu Yi had blocked Arch Magus Laducas close to full power attack, he wasnt doing that well.

Just that single attack had consumed close to half of his magic power.

So he knew that even if he had already broken through to become an Arch Magus at the end of last year, it was impossible for him to stay here and contend with Arch Magus Laduca who had become an Arch Magus twenty years ago.

Not to mention that this was the enemys territory, so he couldnt stay any longer.

So while Arch Magus Laduca was surprised, he looked for a way to escape.

But Marshal Sudman had clearly prepared for this and had laid down several magic barriers in the manor. They had been activated after he entered the manor and he wasnt able to escape with spatial magic.

Not to mention that Arch Magus Laduca was still watching him. It wasnt easy for him to escape under the watch of an Arch Magus.

While he knitted his brows and pondered this, the magic space around him suddenly changed.

When the elemental magic energy of the magic space isnt affected by external forces, it would flow steadily and slowly interact with each other.

When Arch Magus Laduca had interfered with his domain, it caused the magic space around Xu Yi to stop, which could be considered a powerful external force.

Now the magic space around Xu Yi was changing again, but the elemental magic energy around him was wildly flowing around at high speeds.

The elemental magic energy wasnt stable, which meant that the magic space around Xu Yi also wasnt stable.

Around Xu Yi was a wisp of flame, an arrow of water, a floating stone, a bolt of lightning…..

There were different spells that had appeared around Xu Yi.

However, the only thing that posed a threat to Xu Yi was the elemental magic energy going wild which destabilized the surrounding magic space.

So in this space, there would be unstable spatial cracks that would appear from time to time.

If you were unprepared, the spatial cracks would fly out and cut your body in half.

But this wasnt the most surprising.

What surprised Xu Yi the most and made him more vigilant was that for this phenomenon to appear, it meant that other than Arch Magus Laduca, Marshal Sudman had prepared another Arch Magus!

“Sending out two Arch Magi at once, you really want me to die……”

Xu Yi took a deep breath and knew that this was the biggest crisis that he had ever faced.

It was a good thing that he had the power of an Arch Magus now, so his understanding of spatial magic already surpassed the understanding of normal magicians.

Although the surrounding space was chaotic, he didnt panic, but rather was calm. He gathered all his magic power and also began exerting force on the elemental magic energy around him.

At this time, they were already competing in terms of control over magic space, which was also a comparison of domains.

Based on common sense, the Arch Magus that Marshal Sudman brought had to be one of the nine Arch Magi of the Candra Empire. Even the youngest one had been an Arch Magus for thirteen years.

Compared to this, Xu Yi, an Arch Magus who just broke through last year wouldnt be able to match them when it came to his domain.

But when comparing, the magic space around Xu Yi quickly stabilized and it didnt take long before everything had disappeared.

There was a black vortex beside Arch Magus Laduca and a person came out before a sigh rang out.

“Xu Yi, why are you the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman……”-

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