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I have some very valuable things

“Your majesty, this picture is the scene after a small Magic Harvester harvests the wheat.” Xu Yi spread a picture on the table, enthusiastically explaining this to the Lampuri Kingdoms King Keynes Lampuri, “Look, the wheat in the field is very rich and if it was harvested with manpower, it would take three days to an entire week before it could be done. Then it would take another two days using a cow turned stone roller to peel it all. Finally it would take about a day to completely extract all the grains. Moreover, once the weather changes, it will greatly affect this process.”

“This entire process together takes around ten days to half a month and the effects arent good, therefore it would waste many grains of wheat and wheat that cant be unshelled in time. But if we use our Frestech Chamber of Commerces small Magic Harvester, this wheat field could be finished harvesting in just an hour. Look, after this wheat is taken from the front of this small Magic Harvester, it only takes the blink of an eye for it to turn into wheat grains spat out the back. The person in charge just needs to prepare the bag at the back of the harvester, look how much effort that saves!”

King Keynes Lampuri was forty eight years old this year and was in the prime of his life. He had a rectangular face and a serious expression, without any extra fat on his body. It could be seen that he paid great attention to exercising, clearly having a lot of energy.

Hearing Xu Yis eloquent speech, he only sometimes cut in to ask about a few details. Most of the time, he seriously listened to him and only stopped to reveal a thoughtful expression.

After seeing Xu Yis introduction of the small Magic Harvester coming to an end, King Heynes thought about it before suddenly asking, “Chairman Xu, you keep saying small. Does that mean that there is a bigger version of the Magic Harvester”

Xu Yi was a bit surprised. He never thought that after the king listened to him for a while, he would first ask about this.

“Your majestys guesses arent wrong. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce will soon promote medium Magic Harvesters and then will promote some large Magic Harvesters. Of course, in my plan, there will be many models of the Magic Harvester to deal with different requirements. This will not be limited to the specifications of small, medium, and large.”

King Heynes gave a slight nod, “Not bad, you can think of this which means that you didnt just come up with the small Magic Harvester based on sudden inspiration. I thought that with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce making all kinds of novel magic machines without stopping, this small Magic Harvester was only a temporary thought for you. I was worried that you didnt consider everything and was afraid that you were just coming here to sell me these things. Looking at it now, Ive underestimated you.”

Xu Yi said in surprise, “Your majesty, hearing your tone, you already had a long term plan in place”

“Thats right.” King Heynes revealed a faint smile, “I understand Count Sean and I didnt doubt the description of his letter, so I didnt doubt the powerful ability of the agricultural magic machines that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce produced. But I couldnt confirm if your Frestech Chamber of Commerce had even more abilities. Like the different kinds of Magic Harvesters you mentioned earlier, although our Lampuri Kingdom mainly has plains, there are complicated terrain. It is impossible to use a single kind of Magic Harvester on all those different kinds of terrain. Moreover, if your agricultural magic machines could only work on the terrain near Banta City, it would have lost most of its value in being promoted.”

Xu Yis eyes lit up, “Your majesty, does this mean you have already agreed”

King Heynes laughed, “If it can increase the harvest, why wouldnt I agree Actually when I decided to summon you, I already made the decision to promote these magic machines. The only problem was how to promote them.”

Aftering saying this, King Heynes stopped and looked at Xu Yi with a ghost of a smile.

Xu Yi immediately understood. The real discussion was coming.

“This……” Xu Yi was silent for a bit before saying with a smile, “Your majesty, I still insist on my basic conditions which is that the technology for the agricultural magic machines wont be given to the agricultural department. If you must insist, perhaps I wont be able to reject, but me and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wont participate in promoting the agricultural magic machines.”

Xu Yi nervously looked at the king after saying this.

He was very clear that in this half slave and half feudal society, there was no doubt of the kings authority. If the king insisted on Xu Yi giving up the technology, Xu Yi couldnt resist at all and could only hand it over.

But like this, it was equal to Xu Yi losing out on the large agricultural magic machine market and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce will suffer a large loss from this.

But the more important thing is that this would be a very bad start.

If the king forced Xu Yi to hand over the agricultural magic machine technology and if he took a liking to another magic machine from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, would he force Xu Yi to hand it over again

In order to avoid any future problem, whether it was in front of Harvey or the king, he had to clearly express his rejection of this idea.

King Heynes looked at Xu Yi for a while before suddenly saying with a smile, “Chairman Xu, do you think Im such a greedy person Or do you think Im a dumb person”

Xu Yi was surprised before quickly shaking his head, “Of course not. You are the outstanding wise king of our Lampuri Kingdom, how could I feel you are greedy or dumb”

“Since it is like this, why did you think that I would make you hand over the technology for the agricultural magic machines” King Heynes then asked.

“This…...Did Viscount Harvey not represent your ideas” Xu Yi mentioned Harveys proposal from the other day.

King Heynes narrowed his eyes before giving a snort and saying while waving his hand, “That is only his proposal, I didnt have these plans. I can promise you now that no matter what magic machines your Frestech Chamber of Commerce develops, they will all belong to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. I am not interested in the technology of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I only care about whether your agricultural magic machines can be used on the farmland of our Lampuri Kingdom and whether they can increase our kingdoms harvest or not. Do you understand what I mean”

Xu Yi was instantly overjoyed. With these words from the king, the stone in his heart finally fell down.

With the promise of the king, this was equivalent to receiving a protective charm. Xu Yi didnt need to worry about someone using their authority or power to steal his technology anymore.

“Thats right, your majesty, while I have this opportunity, I have another suggestion.” Xu Yi decided to strike while the iron was hot, directly telling him of his patent protection plan.

Hearing Xu Yi explain his patent protection plan, King Heynes thought about it for a bit before giving a slight nod, “This idea isnt bad. According to what you said, with this patent protection law, each company can protect their technology with the patent, so they wont need to worry about others stealing their technology to use like before. Like this, those lazy companies would have to think of their own ways to make new technology”

“Your majesty is truly wise.” Xu Yi couldnt help praising.

This King Heynes could actually immediately see the greatest benefit of this patent protection law, he truly was the wisest king in the history of the Lampuri Kingdom.

Other than this function, the companies with the patents need to give up some protection fee. This way the kingdom can gain some income from this and the companies would be willing to hand it over.” Xu Yi added.

King Heynes looked at Xu Yi, “You mentioned this thing and you voluntarily added in the protection fee”

Xu Yi stood straight and said with a righteous appearance, “Your majesty, if you want some harvest, you have to pay something! This is the consciousness a merchant should have!”

King Heynes laughed as he pointed at Xu Yi and said, “Youre reminding me that obtaining benefits from your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I should give out an appropriate price”

Xu Yi laughed, not saying anything and not denying it.

King Heynes laughed for a while before slowly stopping. He said with a nod, “You have to pay to obtain benefits. These words arent bad. But chairman Xu, I am not agreeing to your proposal from before, so Im not agreeing to these conditions that you have set.”

“Why” Xu Yi knit his brows, “Your majesty, I feel that the proposal I gave Viscount Harvey and Miss Seveni was perfect. Not only does it benefit both our Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the kingdom, it also includes all the problems that could come up when promoting these agricultural magic machines. This matter, itll be easily accomplished if we cooperate.”

“Your words are correct, but I dont want this much trouble.” King Heynes took a document from beside him to hand to Xu Yi, “These are my thoughts, have a look.”

Xu Yi flipped through the document with wonder.

The proposal on the document was very simple. King Heynes was representing the Lampuri Kingdom to place a large order for agricultural magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce needed to finish these orders according to the requirements of the agricultural department while also providing technical training, post sale services, and other services.

Simply speaking, this proposal was a simple trade contract. Other than the buyer being the kingdoms agricultural department, there wasnt any official feeling to it at all.

Perhaps if it was put a bit more straightforward, the king was only discussing an ordinary piece of business with Xu Yi.

Of course, the scale was a bit big because the kings first order was for ten thousand small Magic Harvesters.

Xu Yi looked over it carefully a few times and noticed a problem.

“Your majesty, the current market price for the small Magic Harvester is seventy gold coins and if you buy ten thousand at once, the price will be a high seven hundred thousand gold coins. Do…..you have this much money”

Xu Yi had no choice but to doubt this. Based on the information Harvey had blurted out, the Lampuri Kingdoms tax revenue last year was less than a million gold coins. How could it be possible for them to suddenly take out seven hundred thousand gold coins to buy these small Magic Harvesters

King Heynes smiled and spread his hands, as he directly said, “No.”

Xu Yi couldnt help feeling depressed. He rubbed his nose and said with a bitter smile, “Your majesty, we are only a small company, we cant do business on credit.”

King Heynes was amused by Xu Yi and gave a few laughs. He looked at Xu Yi with a teasing expression and said, “Although I dont have money, I have some very valuable things. Chairman Xu, what do you want”

Xu Yis eyes instantly lit up.-

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