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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 Chapter 74

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Akalis talent for magic wasnt considered outstanding. When she had been in school, her teacher had told her that she would at most become a Seventh Grade Magician in her life or an Eighth Grade Magician if she was lucky.

However, since she joined the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, through studying magic machines, it increased Akalis understanding of magic. It had allowed her to greatly increase her level of magic.

After ten years, Akali had gone from a Fourth Grade Magician when she joined the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to a Ninth Grade Magician, being only a step away from becoming a Great Magician.

This could already be considered very good for her who wasnt forty yet.

The transport team had relied on the thirty guards who had brought some military magic machines along to block the goblins, but because they had limited ammo, they were weakening before Akali had arrived and didnt seem like they could last that long.

Now with the inclusion of a powerful Ninth Grade Magician like Akali, the transport team had a chance to catch their breath.

The most important thing was that not only had Akali joined the battle, she brought news of the reinforcement team that wawa coming which greatly increased their morale. It had actually forced the goblins that were getting closer to move back a bit.

Leon in the air who was watching the fierce battle below turned to Cassandra to ask, “Hey, Cassandra, do you know what those humans are holding in their hands It seems like they are quite strong. Although those goblins are very weak, they are being dropped in waves by the humans. Isnt this a bit too much”

“This is the military magic machine that they developed. Dont ask me about it, I cant understand it either.”

Cassandra closely observed the battle below, not shifting her attention at all.

Although she was limited by the pledge of the dragons, so she couldnt enter the battle between humans and goblins, if Akali was in danger, she would have immediately gone down to save her.

This was her first female friend from another race, she treasured her quite a bit.

Seeing that Cassandra only gave a perfunctory answer, Leon felt a bit bored. He looked down before shaking his head to say, “Although the things in their hands are strong, how could they block all the goblins with just the few people that they have I think that this human named Akali really is dumb, what did she charge down there in this situation for To die”

“Shut up!” Cassandra angrily turned to roar at Leon, “Havent you noticed that Akali is a powerful human magician How could she be killed by these weak goblins Moreover, she just requested reinforcements and when they come, these goblins will face a terrible fate!”

Leon looked at Cassandra with a surprised look, “Hey, Cassandra, you really are confident in these humans. There are at least ten thousand goblins here, how many humans do you think need to come to take care of them From what I can see, the other humans will give up on this group.”

Cassandras gaze looking at Leon had a trace of anger and disdain.

“Leon, Ive learned a very important advantage that humans have from Akali, which is cohesion. Their race will never give up on their companions. Im certain that their reinforcements will be here soon!”

Seeing that Cassandra really was angry, Leon didnt dare say anything else, but he couldnt help muttering in a low voice.

“They are so far away and it even took us that long to fly here, how could the humans get here in time……”

Before his voice fell, there was a humming sound that came from the air behind them. Looking around in a daze, he found that in the air behind him, there were several giant black figures flying over.

“What are these things” Leon looked at these large black steel monsters that were even several times bigger than him quickly flying over here.

“These are Magic Airships, they are powerful war machines that were invented by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that Akali is from. Move a bit further, Im afraid that youll be scared by them.” Cassandra said in a low voice.

“What a joke! How could I be scared by this broken thing……”

“Hong, hong, hong, hong, hong!”

There were several beams of light that suddenly came from the Magic Airships that fell onto the ground, creating a series of deafening explosions.

Leon swallowed the rest of his words and even forgot to flap his wings. He tilted in the air and almost fell down.

“Dragon God! What are these damn things! When did the humans create such powerful weapons”

Leon called out in shock as he looked down to see the light fade and the dust settle. In the place where the goblins had been, after the large explosions, there were several large holes in the ground. The goblins werent even left with complete corpses.

Leon quickly calculated it in his heart and found that the attack from the Magic Airship just now was as powerful as a Dragon Word Magic Spell that he released, even far surpassing it when it came to area of effect.

This had greatly shocked him.

In his mind, humans were the smallest and weakest race. They occasionally had a few experts that could match the other races, but most of the races couldnt even take a single slash of his claws.

However, the humans could now release this kind of powerful attack which really had amazed him.

But Leon also had his doubts.

Since the humans had such powerful weapons, why did they stay silent on this continent and give the other races the impression that they were weak

“Right……Cassandra said that these humans were from another continent and were different from the humans of the Magic Cloud Continent. But how did the humans of that other continent become this strong”

Ignoring the doubts in Leons heart, the battlefield had completely changed with the arrival of the thirteen Magic Airships.

Although there were many goblins, each goblin wasnt that strong and they didnt have any powerful weapons. When facing the attacks from the air of the Magic Airships, they couldnt fight back at all.

It didnt take long before the ten thousand goblins had lost over a thousand lives from the constant bombardment of the thirteen Magic Airships. There were several large gaps that had been created in their formations.

The goblins werent fools and naturally knew that they were facing an enemy they couldnt beat, so after a bit of chaos, they started running off in every direction.

Since the thirteen Magic Airship led by team leader Reinhold had finished their rescue mission, naturally they didnt keep chasing. Two of the Magic Airships separated from the group and went to where Akali and the transport team were.

“Team leader Reinhold, thank you for the rescue. I thought that we would die here today.” When he saw team leader Reinhold, the transport team leader Gluer let out a long sigh of relief.

Team leader Reinhold laughed as he waved his hand, “Were all brothers from the company, theres no need to thank us. Then again, it would be against the duty of us guards if we put you in danger. If sir chairman knew about this, he would definitely reprimand us.”

“Its fine, no one would have thought that all these goblins would appear here. If it wasnt……right, miss Akali, how did you know that we were stuck here We couldnt even send a distress signal.” Gluer turned to ask Akali this.

“It was one of my dragon friends who noticed that you were stuck here and told me, thats how I know.” Akali pointed out the window, “Its that black dragon over there.”

“Dragon friend” Gluer and the people of the transport team looked at the two dragons flying in the sky with strange expressions.

The red dragons had always had a good relationship with them and Akali had been very close to that red dragon named Cassandra, this was what everyone knew.

But why did she suddenly have a black dragon friend

“Speaking of the distress signal…..Akali, I hope that you and your communication team can quickly build a complete magic communication network in the surrounding area. If we can maintain communications, we could react to matters like todays as soon as possible, so that our brothers of the transport team wouldnt be in danger.” Team leader Reinhold suddenly said.

“Un, we are working on this problem, but team leader Reinhold, I think that you should know that building the magic communication network is a large project and we need time. We can only do this step by step and cant rush this.” Akali said.

Team leader Reinhold naturally understood this, so he could only give a helpless nod.

Then he remembered what had just happened.

“How were you able to maintain contact with us just now This place is over forty kilometers away from the base.”

“This was a temporary measure that I used with the dragon friend, it wont last long. Look, we cant maintain communication with the base now.” Akali waved the Magic Communicator in her hand as she answered.

Team leader Reinhold tested it and found that he couldnt contact the base.

“Alright, since its like this, lets hurry back to the base. Manager Bannett cares about this rescue mission very much and we need to report to him as soon as possible. Moreover, as for this matter, we need to discuss an appropriate solution, otherwise our movement here will be very limited in the future. Akali, its best if you send some people from your communication team to participate in the meeting.”

“Well talk after we get back to the base.” Akali gave a shrug, looking like she didnt care.-

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