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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 Chapter 33 - Riot

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The third matter was related to a country named the Drow Race Kingdom to the east of the Candra Empire.

This country was called the Drow Race Kingdom because over 90% of the citizens in this kingdom came from the Drow Race.

Because of this, the Drow Race Kingdom always had a higher unity. Although their national strength was average, there were few countries on the continents east that dared to offend them.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce developed the magic machine industry in the Drow Race Kingdom, everything had gone smoothly.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce conducted their magic machine industry standard grading last year, because of how fast the Drow Race Kingdoms magic machine industry had developed, they received a third grade rating from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They were top ranked on the entire Sines Continent.

Therefore, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had transferred some military magic machine technology to the Drow Race Kingdom as per their agreement. They also sold some high grade military magic machines to the Drow Race Kingdom, which greatly increased their military power.

Perhaps it was because of this that the Drow Race Kingdom was much more confident.

Last fall, the Drow Race Kingdom suddenly attacked the Provence Kingdom and the Safina Duchy that was neighbours with them and had total victories. They only used three months to swallow the Safina Duchy and the Provence Kingdom into a single province which shocked the eastern countries of the Sines Continent.

The Drow Race Kingdoms two successful invasions shocked these countries while also giving them a warning.

It was very clear that the Drow Race Kingdoms power was normal before, but after becoming a cooperator of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, after several years of development, there had been a terrifying increase. They were now one of the main military powers on the eastern Sines Continent.

If the other countries didnt want to face the same fate as the Safina Duchy or the Provence Kingdom, it was clear that they had only one choice. They had to cooperate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and work hard to increase their countrys magic machine industry level, obtaining military magic machine technology from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Not to mention invading other countries, at the very least they wouldnt be defeated by the Drow Race Kingdom.

So after the Drow Race Kingdom succeeded in their two conquests, the biggest benefactor of this was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

In the first half of the year, the countries in the eastern part of the Sines Continent that didnt cooperate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce before raised proposals on their own accord, asking to cooperate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

So the Sines Continent settled into peace again because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. All the countries worked hard to develop their countries magic machine industry, turning it into prosperity.

If the situation didnt change, it would keep on like this. Even if the countries of the eastern part of the Sines Continent couldnt catch up to the countries of the southwest corner, they wouldnt fall behind the countries of the southeast corner which included the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom.

But……nothing in this world never changed.

In early March, there was an internal struggle in the Drow Race Kingdom. The Drow Race Kingdoms current kings younger blood related brother prince Wacker created a traitor army under the tag “The Drow Races fate cannot be decided by outsiders”. He had the support of many of the armies in the Drow Race Kingdom and overthrew the king, putting himself on the throne.

Once he took the throne and controlled the Drow Race Kingdom, with the slogan of “The Drow Races fate cannot be decided by outsiders”, he seized all things related to the magic machine industry in the Drow Race Kingdom which he placed under the Drow Race Kingdoms government.

At the same time, the Drow Race Kingdoms citizens began opposing foreign powers.

To the citizens, with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as the leader, the companies that came from the Lampuri Kingdom, the Rudson Kingdom, the Drake Duchy, and the other southwest countries became known as the “southwest corners vampires”. They wanted to chase out all the vampires that were sucking on the blood of the Drow Race Kingdoms citizens after fattening them up.

This wave was small at first, but it started gaining momentum once May came and in the beginning of June, it erupted.

The Drow Race Kingdom had many different riots against the companies of the southwest country. It wasnt just the Frestech Chamber of Commerces stores and factories that were smashed, it was even their workers that were treated harshly.

The data wasnt clear, but according to the information the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announced, out of the seven hundred and thirty six staff that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had in the Drow Race Kingdom, three hundred and forty two staff had been killed in the riots and they lost contact with one hundred and seventy five staff. Only the remaining two hundred and nineteen staff had escaped ahead of time.

According to the described escape of the two hundred and nineteen staff members, during the riots, the Drow Race Kingdom had committed many brutal atrocities to them that they couldnt recount.

When this news was spread, the entire continent was shocked.

People didnt care about the internal struggles of the Drow Race Kingdom because the people targeted werent related to most people.

What most people cared about was the response of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the southwest countries, especially the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Since Arch Magus Levin Hasko had fallen after attacking the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, no one on the continent had dared to offend the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But now the Drow Race Kingdoms government had not just taken a large number of assets from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, their citizens had even committed these atrocities. It was clearly impossible that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldnt react.

But…..the Drow Race Kingdom was over four thousand kilometers from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base in the Stantine Duchy, so how would the Frestech Chamber of Commerce take revenge


“Sir chairman, please look, this is the curve of different magic elemental energy reactions that I recently developed……” Sancheli pointed at the complicated drawing on the large blackboard and looked at Xu Yi with a gaze of anticipation, “Through this curve, weve found that the elemental magic energy in the air and the elemental magic energy in the Magic Crystal follow a certain rule. If we can use this rule, we can definitely precisely control it…..”

Xu Yi looked at Sancheli who couldnt help back his excitement and suppressed the shock in his heart as much as possible.

This fellow Sancheli really was worthy of being a talented magician who could create his own method of controlling elemental magic energy. Just with the vague concept that he gave him last year, he used a single year to create the basic foundation of this system already.

It was as Sancheli said, if they could define the rule of change for different elemental magic energy, then it wouldnt be far for them to control it.

If they could control elemental magic energy, the very crude and rough magic machine research would be able to enter the new stage and they would be able to study it in even more detail.

Or to put it in other words, what the magic research facility and the magic machine development center did was just trying to find applications for magic machines, but what Sancheli was doing was researching true magic machine theory.

Dont look down on theory research, all practical application was based on basic theory.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce could develop all those magic machines because of the basic mechanical engineering theory that Xu Yi had brought from earth, the role that the magic played was just to provide energy for the machines.

Until now, the only two things where the magic was more important were the magic communication network and the Magic Illusion Projectors.

Compared to this, the research that Sancheli was doing was even closer to the essence of magic research than those two things.

When the Frestech Academy taught normal people magic in the past two years, they mainly used the magic theory that Sancheli had developed.

With his brand new magic theory, all kinds of magic was no longer mysterious and had become something that could be explained with enough analysis.

Adding in the improvements that Arch Magus Camilla and Xu Yi made, this turned magic into something that even normal people could grasp.

“Stop!” Xu Yi suddenly raised his hand to cut Sancheli off, “Sancheli, do you still remember the magic item you had when we first met If I remember correctly, you have already utilized the theory that you mentioned earlier on that item, right”

Sancheli revealed a faint smile, “Sir chairman, you still remember. Right, it does indeed use that theory, but I only had a vague concept of this theory then. After studying the magic communication network with Akali until last year, I was able to restructure this concept and formed a complete conclusion, which is what you are seeing now.”

“Un.” Xu Yi nodded. He was silent for a bit before asking, “Then based on what you described, can I understand it like this Un…..Lets put it this way. Snacheli, if I were to make you design some equipment that could connect to the Magic Illusion Projector, can you make it so that the Magic Illusion Projector can project one plus one equals two in a single second”

Sancheli knitted his brows and had a hidden bitterness in his eyes.

“Sir chairman, arent you looking down on me too much Linking something to the Magic Illusion Projector isnt hard at all, alright As for one plus one equals two…..do you need to display such simple computations The automated magic machine technology that I developed for the company several years ago already has more technology than this, alright”

“That is right, one plus one isnt a problem, but can you do this computation ten times in a second A hundred times A thousand times, ten thousand times, a hundred thousand times, or even more than a million times”-

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