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Xu Yi slightly narrowed his eyes while looking at Marquis Southgate with a strange look.

This proposition from the Lord Marquis seemed quite reasonable. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldnt need to do anything and just needed to let them use their brand, so there were no losses to them at all.

But if one looked at it closely, this was the fake brand that many factories on earth hated or it could be considered a knock off. The consequences created by this could be big or small, but there wouldnt be any advantage to the brand being faked at all.

Seeing that Xu Yi didnt say anything, Marquis Southgate seemed to have thought of something as he added with a smile, “I forgot to mention. Chairman Xu, out of the magic machines produced from this, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce will receive 30% of the profits. What do you think”

Xu Yi paused before slowly and firmly shaking his head.


Marquis Southgate was surprised.

He thought that he could discuss this with Xu Yi and even giving 30% of the profits to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was already giving Xu Yi enough face.

If it wasnt for the fame that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had on the continent, as well as the strong influence that they had in the Marlow Empire, he wouldnt have considered discussing this with Xu Yi and have already started producing.

In the end, it was just using the Frestech Chamber of Commerces brand, would the Frestech Chamber of Commerce really dare to cause trouble with him

But he never thought that Xu Yi would reject him directly, not even having a moderate tone that would leave room for discussion.

“Chairman Xu, why not” Marquis Southgate knitted his brows to ask, “Its just using your Frestech Chamber of Commerces brand, it wont have any effect. If you fear that the quality isnt good and will affect your Frestech Chamber of Commerces prestige, you can send people to supervise the production to ensure the quality.”

Seeing Marquis Southgates doubtful look, Xu Yi almost couldnt help giving a cold laugh.

This Lord Marquis really planned on taking advantage of him. Not only did he want to use the Frestech Chamber of Commerces brand to increase his sales, he even wanted Xu Yi to send technical staff to help him.

That way Marquis Southgates produced household magic machines could compare to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces products, while also having the Frestech Chamber of Commerces brand. It would sell extremely well and one wouldnt even need to think to imagine the profits.

The price that Marquis Southgate would pay was just 30% of the profits and some manpower that meant nothing to him.

“No, Lord Marquis, this is impossible.” Thinking of this, Xu Yis tone became even more firm and he revealed a look that left no room for discussion, “Only household magic machines factories that are completely controlled by our Frestech Chamber of Commerce can have our brand, other similar products cant have it.”

Marquis Southgate knitted his brows even more, “Its really not possible”

“Its really not possible.”

Marquis Southgate looked into Xu Yis eyes and Xu Yi didnt turn away at all.

After a while, Marquis Southgate suddenly gave a laugh.

“Alright, since chairman Xu doesnt agree, then forget it. Un, thinking about it now, Ive been thinking too simply. Chairman Xu, please dont mind.”

Xu Yi also revealed a smile, “Its nothing. Since were partners, we can just say whatever ideas we have. If we cant reach an agreement, it wont affect our cooperation, right”

Marquis Southgate nodded, “Un, thats right, we still cooperate on many things, so even if it doesn't work this time, theres still the next time.”

Seeing Marquis Southgates simple smile, while Xu Yi had a smile, he couldnt help giving a sigh deep down.

Marquis Southgate suddenly making this request was clearly a probe.

And Xu Yi not giving any room for discussion would definitely affect their relationship in the end.

But Xu Yi couldnt do anything since Marquis Southgates request had touched one of his principles and it was impossible for him to agree.

Being ambiguous might create a misunderstanding, so it was better to be direct and state his bottom like. Its better to let the other side recognize this point sooner than later.

“Right, Lord Marquis, you said that other day that your private guards wanted some Magic Repeating Crossbows, right” Xu Yi suddenly asked.

Marquis Southgate looked at Xu Yi and he nodded with a smile, “Right, but last time you said that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has already reduced the production of the Magic Repeating Crossbows, changing to producing higher grade military magic machines, so you couldnt supply it.”

“Un, it is like this. But last month the Lampuri Kingdoms northern army replaced their equipment and there are some Magic Repeating Crossbows that were scrapped. If you want, with my relationship with the northern army, I can have them transfer that batch of scrapped Magic Repeating Crossbows to you.” Xu Yi said.

“Really” Marquis Southgates eyes lit up, but then he said in a worried voice, “Since they are being scrapped…..it cant be that they are all broken, right”

“Theres only a small part that is broken, the rest can still be used. This is just a normal replacement and not a real scrapping of equipment.” Xu Yi explained.

“Oh This doesn't sound bad. Chairman Xu, can you really get these for me”

“As long as the Lord Marquis really wants them, you can leave this to me.” Xu Yi said with a serious look.

Marquis Southgate thought about it before giving a nod with a serious look, “Alright, Ill leave it to chairman Xu.”

The two looked at each other before smiling at the same time.

Marquis Southgate knew that Xu Yi suddenly raising this matter was to provide some compensation for rejecting his request just now.

Actually, the Magic Repeating Crossbows werent important, but the attitude that Xu Yi was displaying through this matter was something that made Marquis Southgate very satisfied.

This showed that Xu Yi still wanted to have a good cooperation with him. As long as this was determined, this small setback wasnt considered anything.

Over the next three days, Xu Yi stayed on Marquis Southgates private territory. Through relations with Marquis Southgate, there were many Marlow Empire nobles that had contacted the Frestech Chamber of Commerce before that came to have negotiations.

Including Duke Makaros who was the closest to Marquis Southgate, there were seventeen Marlow Empire nobles with titles higher than count and seventy six smaller nobles who had titles lower than count that wanted to sign the contract with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to set up a communication network.

After this, they would make their final decision based on the magic communication network that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had set up in Marquis Southgates territory, to decide whether to install the same communication network in their own territories.

The territories of these nobles were in the same province and werent that far away from each other. In addition to this, they took up more than a fourth of the entire provinces area.

Akali and her small group had already investigated those territories and drew the conclusion that if there was a magic communication network set up in those territories, with the current breakthrough in magic signal tower technology that gave it a range of eight kilometers, the magic communication network wouldnt just cover a fourth of the province, but rather close to half the entire provinces area!

Then as long as they put up magic signal towers in the blank spaces between these territories, they would be able to have seamless transmission across the territories of these nobles and allow them to talk to each other with the magic communication network.

Once this goal was achieved, this magic communication network would cover half the province, which wasnt that different from covering the entire province.

Of course, the reason why these nobles wanted to build this magic communication network was other than Marquis Southgate taking the first step, the most important thing was that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had reached an agreement with the Marlow Empires upper strata. They decided to attempt to promote the magic communication network in the entire Marlow Empire.

Marquis Southgates territory was chosen as a test spot. As for the other nobles, a part of them were convinced by Marquis Southgate and the other part were the ones that chose to participate.

It was different from several years ago, with the advertising of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, most countries and people on the continent knew about the use of the magic communication network. It was different from the evil magic towers that were used to control people several thousand years ago.

Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt say anything, there were still many people who were willing to try installing these mysterious things that could let you talk to people far away from you.

According to the initial plan, the magic communication network would be installed in the territory of these nobles first. If the Marlow Empire was satisfied with this, they would promote it across the entire province before ultimately having the magic communication network completely cover the entire Marlow Empire.

For Xu Yi, his first goal was to develop the magic communication network in both the Marlow Empire and the Falk Kingdom. Once the magic communication network of these two countries were built, they would connect it to the Drake Duchys magic communication network.

In the end, they would be able to connect to the network the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had already set up in the Stantine Duchy, the Lampuri Kingdom, and the Rudson Kingdom.

If they could accomplish this goal, these countries would be able to communicate with each other regardless of distance, which would be much more convenient.

Just for Xu Yi himself, at least he wouldnt need to come to the Marlow Empire that was three thousand kilometers away for every little small thing.

If he had more time, he might as well spend it with the kids at home…..-

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