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Different from the Candra Empire, because of Marquis Southgate, the Marlow Empire had always wanted to cooperate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, after nearly ten years, the two sides were very close and they had a happy cooperation.

So compared to the Candra Empire whose magic machine industry were still only in the initial stages, the Marlow Empire with the help of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had already laid down the foundation of their magic machine industry.

The current Marlow Empire could not only produce many kinds of household magic machines by themselves, they industrialized the production of many common necessities.

Several years ago, because of flooding in of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and other magic machine companies, the Marlow Empires citizens had been swept away. The citizens of the Marlow Empire even chose the wash basins of the southwest corner because they were easier to use. The cheap plastic or the stainless steel was basins that didnt rust at all.

Now the Marlow Empire had many pieces of technology and were boldly investing in the magic machine industry, so the stainless steel products and other products produced in the empire were also accepted by the citizens.

Even the plastic products that had been monopolized by the Night Song Tribe. Under the negotiations between the Marlow Empire and the Night Song Tribe, the Night Song Tribe finally agreed to build some plastic processing factories in the Marlow Empire, which allowed the empire to produce local plastic products.

It wasnt an exaggeration to say that the current Marlow Empires magic machine industry was already self-sufficient.

Although many of the products couldnt compare to that of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, or even the products of the Lampuri Kingdom magic machine companies, it was still cheap and easy to use. Not to mention that it was produced locally which had many advantages, so it had quite a large market as well.

But when it came to the medium and high end magic machines, the Marlow Empire had nothing.

They couldnt manufacture the Magic Air Conditioner, the Magic Sedan, and other household magic machines, they also couldnt produce larger magic machines like the production magic machines or the construction magic machines.

The only thing that was considered good was that they had been able to produce agricultural magic machines. Although this was based on receiving parts from other companies.

So when Xu Yi came to the Marlow Empire on behalf of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to state that they were willing to transfer some production magic machine technology, the Marlow Empire greatly welcomed this.

After three days of initial discussion, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Marlow Empire had reached a technology transfer agreement.

It was similar to the one that they had signed with the Candra Empire. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce would transfer production magic machines that would make construction material to the Marlow Empire and nothing else.

But since the Marlow Empire had always had a good attitude and since the Marlow Empires magic machine industry was more developed than the Candra Empire, Xu Yi signed another contract with the Marlow Empire.

This agreement was related to magic machine research.

According to the contract, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Marlow Empire would include Arch Magus Alaster in the research of the other two Arch Magi, deepening their study into magic machines.

The research results would be owned by both the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Marlow Empire.

This contract was without a doubt good news for the Marlow Empire.

Because it was well known that in terms of magic machine research, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was without a doubt in the lead.

So even if the contract was one of cooperation, the Marlow Empire would be earning much more out of this.

Moreover, Xu Yi had stated that he was willing to provide technical staff to help the Marlow Empire create a magic machine theory school for normal people, helping the Marlow Empire let more people enter the magic machine industry.

The Marlow Empire was naturally very satisfied and invested into building fifty schools across the Marlow Empire over the next two years.

After this discussion, Xu Yis schedule in the Marlow Empire seemed to be finished.

Other than some parts where they couldnt agree on, there werent any objections that were raised during the negotiations.

After several days, the Magic Airship carrying Xu Yi and several Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff arrived in Marquis Southgates territory.

When Xu Yi came out of the cabin, Marquis Southgate who had already received the news brought Baron Franklin with him to welcome them.

The reason for Xu Yi coming here was mainly because of Marquis Southgates request to improve the infrastructure in his private territory.

In terms of roads, because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other companies had invested in this place early, after several years of construction, this entire territory was already filled with a complete road network. The initial public road network of the Marlow Empire started here, so it could be said that it was already quite good.

So this time they were mainly here to discuss communication. Among the people that Xu Yi brought, naturally it included Akali and her team that were in charge of magic communication.

After giving Marquis Southgate a simple greeting, Xu Yi waved his hand and Akali came forward with her subordinates who were looking around.

Seeing their appearances, Marquis Southgate couldnt help being surprised.

“Chairman Xu, arent you working too hard You just arrived, how about we let them rest first and get used to the environment here before they start working”

Xu Yi shook his head and rejected Marquis Southgates goodwill.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was promoting the magic communication network in many countries, so Akali had many tasks and didnt have the time to take it slow.

“Lord Marquis, is it like this every day” Xu Yi turned to look at the small magic machine production base in the distance. Seeing the Magic Cars and the horse carriages entering and leaving it, he asked Marquis Southgate this.

“Un, its like this every day.” Marquis Southgate replied with a smile, “Actually because its only October, it isnt the peak selling season right now, so there are less than usual. If you came during summer or winter, you would find that it would be more than double the number of vehicles.”

It was clear that the goal of these Magic Cars and horse carriages was to send out products for this small magic production base, transporting them to various parts of the Marlow Empire to sell.

Based on the contracts the companies that came here signed with Marquis Southgate when they arrived, the more profits they made, the more taxes Marquis Southgate received. So seeing business being this good, naturally Marquis Southgate would be in a good mood.

“Oh The Marlow Empire has many household magic machine companies right now, it hasnt affected the sales here” Xu Yi asked.

“Of course not.” Marquis Southgate laughed and shook his head before saying with a confident look, “Chairman Xu, the companies here are from the Lampuri Kingdom. In our Marlow Empire, they make the most high scale magic machines. Theyre much more famous than our Marlow Empires own companies, so naturally they are more popular. Not to mention that theres your Frestech Chamber of Commerce here.”

“Yes.” Baron Franklin on the side said, “Chairman Xu, you dont know just how popular the Frestech Chamber of Commerces products are in our Marlow Empire. Not to mention citizens being able to have one Frestech Brand magic machine, there are many nobles who dont use any other companys magic machines and only use the Frestech Brand. Its because using any brand other than the Frestech Brand is just too embarrassing!”

“Oh Its that exaggerated” Xu Yi was a bit surprised.

Although he knew that the Frestech Brand was the most famous brand in the minds of the people of the continent, he never thought that it would have reached this extent.

But thinking about it, when China on earth had just opened, the citizens saw many household appliances and other products flooding in from other countries that were just as welcomed. It wasnt hard to understand how the people of the Marlow Empire felt about the Frestech Brand magic machines.

“He, he, its just that exaggerated.” Marquis Southgate laughed before signaling Xu Yi with his eyes.

Xu Yi understood and went to the side with him.

“Chairman Xu, there are many household magic machine companies in our empire and they earned quite a bit. Ke……Actually I want to join the business as well, what do you think”

“Of course its not a problem.” Xu Yi replied with a smile, “The Lord Marquis has the funds and the people, not to mention the more important foundation here. If you want to join the industry, I feel that it would be quite easy.”

“Un, I think the same, but theres a problem…..” Marquis Southgate looked at Xu Yi and hesitated a bit before continuing, “If I set up a household magic machine company now, I wouldnt have any advantages compared to the other brands since I dont have any fame. So I was thinking……”

“If the Lord Marquis wants to cooperate with our company, I welcome it.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “As long as you announce that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce supports this company, I believe that you will gain quite a bit of fame. Dont you think so, Lord Marquis”

This was without a doubt a special privilege that Xu Yi gave Marquis Southgate.

In light of Marquis Southgates helping the Frestech Chamber of Commerce enter the Marlow Empire, Xu Yi felt that this kind of special privilege should be enough.

Marquis Southgate didnt seem too satisfied. After hesitating a bit, he shook his head and said, “Chairman Xu, I hope that it can go a step further. I will provide the funds and the people for this company, you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce dont need to care. But I want the produced household magic machines to have the Frestech Brand on it, what do you think”-

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