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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 Chapter 20 - True Value

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After sending off Great Magician Ferguson, Xu Yi looked at the small book that Great Magician Ferguson had left on the table. After a bit of silence, he couldnt help breaking out in happy laughter.

Those old fools at the Magicians Guild headquarters, they didnt know what kind of value the things in this small book had hidden.

If they knew the true value of these things and that they sold it to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for such a low price, their intestines would turn green from regret.

Of course, this couldnt be blamed on them. After all, they didnt have the modern knowledge that Xu Yi had from earth, so it wasnt strange that they didnt understand this.

These fellows thought that the Magic Battleship was the most valuable thing in this small book, but to Xu Yi, it was the lowest value item out of all five things in the small book.

Compared to this, every single one of the other four items had magic theories that Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce urgently needed.

For example, in the first description. That Great Magician had caused a large explosion when he put Fire Elemental Magic Energy into the Magic Crystal, which almost killed a Great Magician.

But if one looked at it from another angle, whether it was normal Fire Magic or a normal situation where the magic inside a Magic Crystal lost control, they wouldnt be able to harm a magician of the Great Magician rank.

But when the two were combined together, they had such a terrifying effect.

This proved that after Fire Elemental Magic was put into a Magic Crystal, it would have a powerful might that surpassed the norm.

If this energy could be properly guided, it would be a very promising channel of energy.

Most of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines mainly used Fire or Wind Magic Arrays.

In the beginning, this wasnt a problem.

But as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce developed more and more magic machines, making them bigger and bigger, there was more demand for power.

Take the Magic Sedan and the Magic Airship. The max speed of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Sedan and Magic Airship were one hundred and fifty kilometers per hour and two hundred kilometers an hour respectively, but it had been a year since that had been improved on.

The main reason for this was that the core of the Magic Sedan and the Magic Airship, the Magic Array, was already being limited.

Because for a normal Magic Array, whether it was fire attributed or wind attributed, the amount of power that it could produce was limited by the grade of the Magic Array. The higher the grade, the more power released.

If the grade of the Magic Array was increased too much, there would be problems. The magicians that were responsible for drawing the Magic Arrays wouldnt be able to do so because this grade of Magic Array surpassed their level of magic by too much.

So considering this, when the magic research facility develops magic arrays, they would try to control the grade of the Magic Array as much as possible. They would try to make it as easy as possible for the lower grade magicians to draw these Magic Arrays.

At the same time, the magic research facility was trying to increase the output of these low grade Magic Arrays, making it so that they could replicate the effects of higher grade Magic Arrays.

But this research was very difficult because there had been ten thousand years of history on the Sines Continent, it was impossible for such a large loophole in the grades of Magic Arrays to appear.

With the failure of this Great Magician, Xu Yi came up with a new idea. It was to let the Magic Array and the Magic Crystal work together to strengthen each other. If they could come together, increasing the output of the Magic Array, it would allow them to achieve their demand for higher energy output.

If the Magicians Guild gave the data from this Great Magicians failure to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it would without a doubt greatly help the Frestech Chamber of Commerces research.

As for the second example, which was the wind attributed magician using a whirlwind to boost his own flying speed, this was in line with Xu Yis idea of using a jet to increase the speed of the Magic Airship.

Only this research was even more difficult because there had been no research into this strange flight magic before.

If he could obtain the date from this magician, it would greatly help the Frestech Chamber of Commerces research in this field, which might give them a breakthrough in the speed of the Magic Airship.

As for the other two things in the book, they had an even greater value.

This Magic Array that combined the four elements seemed like a concept, but if there were enough materials in the Magicians Guild headquarters, this idea could be proven to work. This would greatly help the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in their research on Magic Array energy output.

For example, according to the research of the magic research facility, any single element Magic Array had a natural flaw. It was that it would become more and more unstable the longer it ran. That meant that for most of the magic machines that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce produced, it had to be fixed after a certain period of time so that the Magic Array could be stabilized, to avoid an accident happening from the accumulation of chaotic elemental magic energy in the Magic Array.

This was without a doubt very inconvenient when it came to the use of magic machines, which also greatly limited the service life of magic machines.

So the magic research facility had already started researching Magic Arrays with multiple elements. They wanted to stabilize the elemental magic energy inside the Magic Arrays, increasing the use time and the lifespan.

If the four elemental Magic Array in this book was feasible, then the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would experience a qualitative leap in terms of their magic machine research.

As for the final strange magic item…….

Xu Yi looked at this diagram for a bit before slowly raising his right hand. He made a gesture at empty air and then started using his magic.

After a while, there was a small black sphere that appeared in Xu Yis palm. The space around this black ball seemed to have collapsed as the light around it began getting warped.

This was the effect created once a magician had a certain understanding of spatial magic, which could compress a bit of space which caused it to collapse.

Dont look down on the fact that this black ball was smaller than Xu Yis fist. Xu Yi knew that if he released this magic, if the elemental magic energy compressed in this small ball were released, in a hundred meter range around him, this building would be completely flattened.

This kind of might was equal to a normal guided missile.

If this thing was placed in the Magic Shell and shot from the Magic Cannon, it would be without a doubt several dozen times stronger than it currently was.

Even if it wasnt used in the military, if this kind of might could be controlled to slowly release, it would be a very useful long lasting energy source.

But Xu Yi could only create this small spatial collapse because he was a Five Star Great Magician who was only a step away from becoming an Arch Magus.

On the entire Sines Continent, there were no more than a hundred magicians who were at his level.

Moreover, the magic that magicians could use was very hard to use in magic machines, so although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had research in this domain, they hadnt made much progress.

Xu Yi never thought that when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce couldnt make any progress, the Magicians Guild headquarters would take out things that would give them a very feasible direction of development.

If his guesses were wrong, the magic tool in the final entry was very likely something that could create spatial collapses.

If they could research this magic tool, they might be able to use the large power that comes from the spatial collapse to meet the energy demands of their magic machines.

If the Magicians Guild headquarters had someone else from earth, they would naturally be able to see the great value of this thing.

But it was a pity that they didnt, so even if the Magicians Guild headquarters knew that Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be interested in these things, they didnt know their true value.

Right now the Magicians Guild headquarters was only asking for a few pieces of technology the Frestech Chamber of Commerce hadnt released yet.

To Xu Yi, not to mention these pieces of technology, even if it was several dozen more or even a portion of the military magic machine technology, he would find it worth it to exchange for these things.

Of course, from the perspective of a transaction, he wouldnt be dumb enough to reveal his longing for these things to give the Magicians Guild headquarters a chance to raise the price.

In order to guarantee that the Magicians Guild was willing to make this deal, he pointed out the Mana Magic Kingdom. He indicated that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was willing to work with the Mana Magic Kingdom, which meant that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could give the Mana Magic Kingdom military magic machine technology step by step.

The Magicians Guild was the backer of the Mana Magic Kingdom, so naturally they were happy to cooperate.

“Hei, there are many people and countries that want the military magic machine technology on the continent, it doesnt lack your Magicians Guild and your Mana Magic Kingdom. Its a pity that even if I really gave it to you, do you really think that you can make it just like that”

Xu Yi looked at the giant map of the Sines Continent on the wall and shook his head.

“It seems like I should teach these fellows what anindustrial system really means……”-

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