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Although this was also held by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and was related to the magic machine industry, this was completely different from the Sines Continent Magic Machine Conference.

At the Magic Machine Conference, the countries and companies that participated would talk about the magic machine industry, finally reaching some cooperation deals and it was mainly focused on the business side.

At this Magic Machine Industry Standard Setting Conference, the ones participating were also representatives from the various countries and companies, but it was more focused on the standards, industry rules, and regulations of the magic machine industry, as well as some discussion when it came to research.

As opposed to the high level members of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that cared about the Magic Machine Conference, Xu Yi cared more about this Magic Machine Standard Setting Conference that came a month later.

Because during this conference, they would set the standard of the magic machine industry on the continent, promoting this to all the countries and magic machine companies on the continent, requesting that they follow this standard.

Of course, these standards were all drawn by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. The other countries and companies didnt have any qualifications to raise standards just yet.

So Xu Yi attached great importance to this conference because he needed to carefully set the standards while the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was in a dominant position like this. This would make it easier to control the development of the magic machine industry, avoiding large wastes of manpower, resources, and time because of differing standards.

Moreover, when forming these rules and standards, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt set everything alone by ruling over everything.

After all, each country on the Sines Continent had their own situation. So when unifying the standards, they needed to consider the specialty of different places.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had established a Magic Machine Industry Management Committee, specializing in creating standards, while also strengthening the relationships between the companies of the magic machine industry on the continent.

This was something similar to what the Business Union and the Magicians Guild did on the Sines Continent. Only because of the quick development of the magic machine industry, once this Magic Machine Industry Association was created, it became very influential.

Also at the proposition of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Magic Machine Industry Association proposed a new standard of measure for all personnel participating in the magic machine industry.

Take a normal skilled worker, they were separated from the first to fifth grade before reaching expert and specialist.

At the same time, there were some special personnel in the magic machine industry, which were the magicians that were also ranked.

Only it was different from the workers who were separated into grades based on techniques. The magicians were separated into two kinds, one was for the magicians who worked on drawing Magic Arrays and the other was for the magicians who were in charge of researching.

Among these two kinds, the workers were separated into five grades. It depended on the grade of Magic Arrays the worker could draw and how well they could draw those Magic Arrays.

As for the researchers, they were separated into low, medium, and high ranks. Then there were experts and masters. They were separated based on how profound their magic machine research was.

In short, this grading came from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce evaluating their own staff, so there wasnt much of a deviation.

But once this grading came out, there was a strange phenomenon.

It was that even if your magician grade wasnt that high, when it came to your magic machine industry grading, it might be higher or lower than your magician grade.

Because the magic machine industry was developing quickly on the Sines Continent, peoples attitude towards magicians had greatly changed.

Before this, to determine if a magician was strong or not, they would look at whether their rank was high.

If the magicians rank was high enough, it would mean that this magician could use higher rank spells and naturally would be more powerful, while also being more respected at the same time.

But now if a magician wanted to be respected by people, it would depend on their magic machine industry rank.

Otherwise, what use was a high magician rank

Unless you were an Arch Magus, what use would that have

Then again, even if you were an Arch Magus, they would still be taken out by the Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machines…..

With this change in attitude, some things that people took as natural had gradually changed.

And some people who had always acted aloof had no choice but to lower their heads……

On the fourth day of the Magic Machine Industry Standard Setting Conference, as soon as he finished participating on protecting differing standards for different countries, Xu Yi welcomed a special guest.

“Hei, your excellency Ferguson, its been several years, but you still look quite energetic. It really is a pleasure to see.” Xu Yi smiled as he greeted Great Magician Christopher Ferguson.

Great Magician Ferguson looked at Xu Yi for a while before he couldnt help revealing a bitter smile and shaking his head.

Since Arch Magus Levin Hasko fell at the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base five years ago, the Magicians Guild who had broken all relation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and called all magicians to oppose the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had gone silent.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had used their advantage to develop the magic machine industry across all the countries during these five years, but the Magicians Guild had never made a sound. Other than some normal things and grading magicians, they hadnt done anything else.

Many people thought that the Magicians Guild had easily recognized a fact from Arch Magus Levin Hasko falling and the Mana Magic Kingdom being easily routed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards, which was that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasnt something that the Magicians Guild could threaten.

So they had chosen to conceal their abilities, which was a very wise choice.

Now that five years had passed, the Magicians Guilds prestige on the continent fell as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce developed the magic machine industry. They were even losing control over the branches of the Magicians Guild in each country.

The reason was that with the great benefits brought by the magicians entering the magic machine industry, since the Magicians Guild headquarters had always been hostile towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it was hard for the Magicians Guild to interfere.

So the Magicians Guild branches in many countries secretly worked with magic machine companies and ignored the orders of the Magicians Guild headquarters.

Seeing this situation developing, the council of the Magicians Guild headquarters finally couldnt sit still.

They knew that if this continued, the Magicians Guild that had several thousand years of history on the Sines Continent might really be eliminated by the era.

If they didnt want to be eliminated, they had to make changes.

So Great Magician Ferguson was sent to meet Xu Yi again after five years.

But when he saw Xu Yi, Great Magician Ferguson could tell with a single glance that compared to Xu Yi of five years ago, the current Xu Yis level of magic had progressed by leaps and bounds.

Xu Yi five years ago was around the same level as Great Magician Ferguson and now, the aura that Xu Yi released slightly and the magic fluctuations around him showed that his magic power had reached a deep level, completely surpassing Great Magician Ferguson.

Great Magician Ferguson had heard rumours that Xu Yi was already a Five Star Great Magician before coming here, only being a single step from becoming an Arch Magus.

He didnt believe it at that time because Xu Yi was only a Two Star Great Magician five years ago. He became a Five Star Great Magician after just five years That was too exaggerated.

But seeing it now, he had no choice but to believe.

So he could only reveal a bitter smile.

In five years, not only did the Frestech Chamber of Commerce become a giant that the Magicians Guild headquarters couldnt do anything to, even Xu Yi had almost become a peak magician that everyone could only look up to.

When the current Great Magician Ferguson faced Xu Yi, he couldnt look down on him like five years ago because he had the Magicians Guild headquarters behind him.

He even……had to reveal a humble look on his face.

“Chairman Xu, after five years, youve become more and more mature.” Great Magician Ferguson said with a smile, “I thought that you would refuse to meet me, but I never thought that you would agree so easily.”

“Why would I refuse” Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Theres an old friend who is willing to see me after five years, why would I keep them out”

Great Magician Ferguson gave a dry laugh and after a pause, he continued, “Alright, I know that chairman Xu isnt someone who likes wasting time, so Ill be direct. Chairman Xu, as for the skill assessment for magicians participating in the magic machine industry that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce proposed yesterday, I want to put forth a proposal from the Magicians Guild headquarters.”

“Oh” Xu Yi looked at Great Magician Ferguson with a ghost of a smile.

It seemed like the Magicians Guild headquarters finally couldnt take not doing anything anymore.-

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