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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 Chapter 5 - Hitchhiker

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Two days later, there was a Magic Sedan that quickly left Arafat Town.

Winnie looked out the window and seeing her brother in law and big sister disappearing in the distance, there was a bit of unwillingness in her eyes.

After being in a daze for a bit, she turned to look at Harvat beside her. She found that although there was the same unwillingness with a bit of fear on his face, there was more excitement and anticipation.

Winnie couldnt help revealing a smile as she patted his head and asked in a gentle voice, “Harvat, youre this old already, but this should be your first time leaving home, right”

Harvat thought about it before nodding and saying in a loud voice, “Un, the furthest I went before was Moro City with dad before.”

“Moro City That place is only thirty kilometers away from your home, but this time youre going to a place thats over a thousand kilometers away. Are you scared” Winnie asked.

Harvat thought about it before shaking his head.

“No, with little aunt looking after me, Im not afraid.”

Winnie gave a laugh and patted his head again before taking out some snacks that she had prepared for Harvat. Seeing how happy he was eating it, she finally turned to Joshua who was in the front seat driving the Magic Sedan and said with a worried look, “Ive thought about it and I feel that it isnt reliable to let brother in law by the principal of the elementary school.”

“Oh” Joshua kept looking forward and didnt turn back.

“It isnt like you dont know brother in law, he only knows a few words and now youre letting him be in charge of a school that will teach kids how to read. It doesnt seem right no matter how you look at it, right Moreover, brother in law is an honest person, I think that its not a problem to let him do simple work, but to suddenly make him the principal of a school…..Im afraid he cant do it.”

“Relax, this work isnt as hard as you think it is.” Joshua replied with a faint smile, “When we really need to organize the school, we will send some specialized people. When it comes to operating the school and the most important teachers, theres no need for brother in law to personally do this. In fact, I chose him as the principal because the position of principal just needs someone in it, it isnt that important to begin with.”

“But Im still worried……Im worried that brother in law wont know anything and will be tricked by the merchants and nobles, so that the school wont be able to operate.” Winnie had a worried look.

“You dont need to worry about this. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce chose Arafat Town as the first place for this plan which is Arafat Towns blessing. I believe that whether it is Viscount Razor or the Falk Kingdoms parliament, they are aware of this, so they will definitely support this and ensure its smooth progress. You dont need to worry that people will trick brother in law.”

Winnie silently thought about it before she couldnt help giving a nod, feeling that Joshua was a bit reasonable.

Since five years ago when Arch Magus Levin Hasko fell to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the position of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce on the continent had completely changed.

If it was said that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce did everything they could to cooperate with the other countries, in the past five years, the countries of the continent all fought with each other to find a chance to cooperate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Although the Falk Kingdom could be considered a kingdom with decent strength, they still welcomed the opportunity of cooperation the Frestech Chamber of Commerce offered them.

Although the infrastructure promotion department that Joshua represented wasnt a production department of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, because when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce graded magic machine industries, they placed great importance on infrastructure and gave it high points, many countries began placing importance on this.

Now that Joshua had personally come on behalf of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces infrastructure promoting department for this reason, hoping to promote the infrastructure of the Falk Kingdom, it was naturally a good chance for them.

So the Falk Kingdom had placed great importance on this, even giving Joshua a document that had the highest seal of approval, enabling him to freely inspect the Falk Kingdom. Moreover, he had the right to choose where to increase the infrastructure at will.

Joshua had chosen Arafat Town of course because of Winnies relatives.

But in reality, Arafat Town was also a very suitable choice.

This town had a road connecting it and a magic machine factory that had been built there for several years, allowing the people of the town to have a certain understanding of magic machines, so Joshua wouldnt need to start from the beginning.

Adding in the fact that there was a magic machine factory, there was a certain foundation of finances in Arafat Town, which gave it the ability to support infrastructure growth.

Then there was the fact that this town was close to the center of the Falk Kingdom, which made it just the right fit.

The reason why Kompany was chosen as the principal right away was like what Joshua had said, but it was also purely because they needed a local as the principal.

Compared to letting those nobles of the small town be the principal, Joshua was more assured in having Kompany who was “on his side” take the position.

Because this elementary school was the first trial, Joshua needed someone from the town as a connection to make everything go smoothly.

Putting these two together, Kompany was the best intermediary.

Although Kompany was what Winnie thought he was, because he was educated or experienced, there were many things that he was lacking in, that didnt mean that Kompany was dumb though. Joshua could see when he refused the cigarette that he was a very principled and clear minded person, who was very suited for this job.

As for the operation of the school, Joshua wasnt worried.

Because the Frestech Chamber of Commerces infrastructure promoting department had been working in the Stantine Duchy and the Lampuri Kingdom in the past two years, they had gained quite a few talented people in this aspect. Joshua himself has also gained quite a bit of experience, so there wouldnt be a problem.

Kompany as the principal had more of a symbolic value than a practical value, so he didnt need to do much.

Moreover, like this, he could increase Kompanys prestige in Arafat Town and increase his income, so it could take care of Winnies request to help her big sisters family.

Thinking of this, Joshua couldnt help feeling proud of himself.

Solving a problem that was both public and private, it really was hard to do.

Joshuas group didnt directly leave the Falk Kingdom and drove the Magic Sedan for three hours, coming to the Falk Kingdoms capital Fernandez City that was two hundred kilometers away from Arafat Town.

Although he had already talked to Viscount Razor in Arafat Town, he still had to continue down the official procedure, so Joshua had to come here first to report in with the Falk Kingdoms parliament.

After obtaining the support of the Falk Kingdoms parliament, it would save quite a bit of effort with the Arafat Towns elementary school.

When they were five kilometers away from Fernandez City, Joshua could already see the familiar looking sharp tower in the sky in front of them.

As soon as that tower appeared, there was a crisp ring that came from Joshua.

Harvat who had been staring out the window heard this sound and suddenly jumped up, hitting his head on the roof and wincing in pain.

“Be careful!” Winnie looked at him. She pulled him back down before reaching her hand out to take out a small Magic Communicator from Joshuas right pocket and pressed the button on it.

“Hey, Joshua, Winnie, are you here” There was a clear female voice that came from the Magic Communicator.

“Un, Taylor, were already here. Where are you now” Winnie asked back with a giggle.

“Were still assembling the fourth signal tower. If you look to the front right side, you should see us.”

Winnie poked her head out of the window and looked into the distance, being able to see the sharp tower that was there.

The Magic Signal Towers around Fernandez City was the first step in the magic communication network the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was building with the Falk Kingdom in the Falk Kingdom.

If this Magic Signal Tower was finished, the first step would be done. The magic signal would cover the entirety of Fernandez City, as well as eight kilometers out.

Anyone who entered this range could use the Magic Communicator to communicate from a long distance.

“Since we can connect, that means that the Magic Signal Tower is already finished” Winned asked the Magic Communicator.

“Un, were just on the final review step. Wheres Joshua”

“Hes driving the car. What is it”

“Give the communicator to him, I have to tell him something.”

Winnie gave a sound of understanding before putting the Magic Communicator by Joshuas ear.

“Hey, Taylor, what is it”

“Are you and Winnie going back today or tomorrow”

“Un……I want to go back as soon as possible, but we have to report to the Falk Kingdom parliament first. It should be tomorrow if nothing goes wrong. What is it”

“That……” Taylor on the other side hesitated a bit before saying, “Can you help me bring someone back Someone wants to get a ride, will that work”

Joshua knitted his brows. He turned to look at Winnie who also knitted her brows, but then she gave the hand signal for him to keep asking.

“Bring who” Joshua asked.

“A magician, he wants to join our company.”

“Then why dont you tell him to take the bus and go by himself It only takes two transfer in the Drake Duchy and the Lampuri Kingdom to get to our companys main base from Fernandez City, its not that hard.”

“Hey, Joshua, do you want to do it or not If you dont, Ill find someone else.”

“I……” Joshua clearly wanted to say that he didnt, but he changed his tone, “I just find it very strange. When other companies look for magicians, they all go by themselves. Why do you want me to bring them back with me”

“Ke……He is related to our project manager and he hasnt gone out that far yet, so he doesnt know the way and they asked me to help them. Joshua, cant you just help me with this Ill treat you and Winnie to a meal after we go back.”

Joshua helplessly looked at Winnie who rolled her eyes before giving a nod.

Seeing that Winnie agreed, Joshua let out a sigh of relief in his heart.

“Alright, Ill go to the parliament first and well come to your department tomorrow. Have him wait there for us.”

“Alright, Ill see you tomorrow.”-

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