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Chapter 998: Green Cloud Covering The Two Big Brothers!

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Ye Shengge was dazed.

Perhaps the alcohol had slowed her reaction.

After a while, she said, “Have you let it go”

Li Yinian smiled and said, “Something like that.”

She wouldnt be too upset if Qiao Yanze gave up one day.

Ye Shengge tilted her head and thought of something.

She suddenly smiled and said, “I wanted to introduce you to ten or so young talents to anger Qiao Yanze to death! Nows a good chance!”

Li Yinian couldnt help chuckling.

“Okay, Ill wait for you to introduce me to a young talent!”

“But now, we can find some handsome guys to accompany us,” Ye Shengge mumbled.

She pressed the bell for the service and said, “Call all the handsome guys here!”

Li Yinian didnt know whether to laugh or cry, but she didnt stop her.

She wouldnt let Shengge suffer here anyway.

In the hallway, Gu Yimos pride as a man prevented him from saying the real reason for rejecting the girl.

The girl was disappointed, but she shook off his hand and ran to the lobby downstairs.

He could only sigh sadly.

Suddenly, he saw the leader walking over with three young boys, so he called out to him.

The usher knew that Gu Yimo was Qiao Yanzes friend, so he said humbly, “What instructions do you have, Mr.


“Is Lisa still here”

“Thats right.

She still wants 500,000, so no one has chosen her yet.”


“No problem!” The manager answered and smiled.

“A friend of mine introduced Lisa to me.

I heard that her family is in a difficult situation.

Shes lucky to have met you, Mr.


Gu Yimo smiled in a somewhat unnoticeable manner and glanced at the three boys behind him.

“Go ahead.

I wont disturb you anymore.”

The team leader answered and led the three boys into a private room.

Gu Yimo didnt notice it at first, but three seconds later, he suddenly froze.

‘Wait, hadnt Yinian entered the room just now She said she was here for Shengge… So, what is going on with the two of them

‘No, I should say, what is going on between Ji Shiting and Qiao Yanze

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Gu Yimo didnt dare delay any further as she watched the three boys disappear behind the door.

She immediately pulled out her phone to call someone.

There seemed to be signs of his buddies becoming cuckolds!

The leader brought the three young boys to the room and asked Ye Shengge and Li Yinian to take their pick.

Ye Shengge asked the three of them to stay and ordered them to stand in a row.

The three boys were thrilled to see that the guests werent rich ladies but two young beauties.

However, just as they were about to go forward, they saw the familiar beauty sitting on the right turn cold.

“I told you to stand there and not move.

Didnt you hear me” Li Yinian said indifferently.

She didnt sound very stern, but the three of them didnt dare be impudent anymore.

Ye Shengge was a bit drunk, so she didnt care about these details.

She put her head on Li Yinians shoulder and blinked, trying to figure out their looks.

“Didnt I say I want the most handsome one…”

“The head waiter said theyre the most handsome ones.

Theyre all over 1..8 meters tall, and theyre only twenty years old,” Li Yinian said.

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