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Chapter 997: This Is Just Your Obsession

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“Ah.” Gu Yimo replied, somewhat stunned as he watched Li Yinian walked into one of the private rooms.

‘Sister-in-law is here What is going on As far as I know, Shengge would never come to such entertainment joins, and now that Ji Shiting is back, she has no need to do so.

He had once met Ji Shiting and she didnt think that there was anything wrong with him.

While thinking about it quietly, Gu Yimo stared at the girl opposite him and immediately began to get frustrated and angst.

“Will you give up only after I sleep with you!”

“Yes!” The girls face was flushed and there was no cowardice in her eyes at all.

However, Gu Yimo chickened out the moment he he thought of the way he behaved that day.

When Li Yinian entered the private room, Ye Shengge had already arrived and was seated in a corner with several bottles of Louis XIII on the round table in front of her, holding one of them in her arms.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, she looked up and smiled at Li Yinian, somewhat in a trance.

“Youre here… Im going to have to trouble you again.”

“What are you talking about” Li Yinian sat down opposite her and asked “Why did you suddenly want to drink Besides, how could Mr.

Ji feel comfortable with you coming to this kind of place alone Did he send you here”

“He wanted to have a bodyguard follow me, but I refused.” Ye Shengge said softly, “I asked the chauffeur to send me here.”

Li Yinian sighed silently, thinking to herself that there was really something wrong between the two.

“Shengge, whats wrong” She asked in a mellower voice.

Ye Shengge blinked, and her eyes suddenly began to redden.

“Because he doesnt love me anymore.”

“How is that possible!” Li Yinian was astounded.

“Yes.” Ye Shengge nodded seriously.

“Its true, but he doesnt love anyone anymore.

He has completely lost the ability to love.”

Li Yinians eyes widened in horror and she asked, “Because of that illegal research facility in the basement of Night Banquet”

Ye Shengge continued to nod.

“Simply put, he began to show symptoms of emotional stripping because of an incident.” Ye Shengge said in a hoarse voice, “Id rather he suffer from amnesia instead.”

Lai Yinian also did not expect such a situation at all.

All of a sudden, she was at a loss for words.

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Even if Ji Shiting fell in love with someone else, the situation would probably be less hopeless than it was now.

It was no wonder that Ye Shengge would be that devastated and heartbroken.

“At least Mr.

Ji still cares about you,” Li Yinian said after a long time.

“Hell still thank you for your what youve given him.”

Ye Shengge laughed self-deprecatingly, kicked off her high heels, and knelt on the couch with her knees bent.

“Yeah, thats why he still hopes to be married to me in name.”

“But you dont want to” Li Yinian acutely realized something.

“I dont know how to get along with the current him.” Ye Shengge murmured, “I want to be separated from him but he doesnt agree.”

Li Yinian bit her lip hard.

“No matter what you do, I will support you.” As Li Yinian spoke, her tone became firm.

“Shengge, youve been neglecting yourself because youve been so focused on the company and your kids the last few years.

Its time for you to let yourself take a breather.

So what if Mr.

Ji does not agree He cant tie you up.”

“I…” Tears rolled down Ye Shengges face as she spoke.

“I cant bear to do that.”

Li Yinian felt sad for her.

She said with a forced smile, “This is just your obsession.

Hes not the only man in this world who is worthy of your love.

If your feelings are not destined to be reciprocated, it is better to let go of them early..

The longer you take, the more miserable you will be.”

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