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Chapter 996: Something Might Happen

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That night, Li Yinian was about to participate in the recording of a variety show, but she received a call from Ye Shengge two hours before she left.

Li Yinians heart sank after taking the phone call.

She had known Ye Shengge for three years, and she had always been deemed as invincible, as if nothing could stop her or beat her down.

If it werent for that, she wouldnt have been able to support T.S.

Corporation in the three years after Ji Shiting left.

However, Ye Shengge sounded more dejected than ever tonight.

Li Yinian could feel the sadness and despair through the phone.

Recalling the changes in Ji Shiting that Qiao Yanze had mentioned, Li Yinian felt that something had happened.

Thus, she agreed without hesitation when Ye Shengge asked if she was free tonight.

On the way to the clubhouse, she called Shang Tianyi to postpone the recording.

Shang Tianyi didnt agree.

After all, it was a bad thing to cancel the contract in the entertainment world.

He might even be blacklisted by the TV station, which would be a huge loss.

“Let the others in the company take over.

Shengge doesnt sound good.

I have to accompany her.”

Shang Tianyi was shocked to hear that it had something to do with Ye Shengge.

“Why Isnt Mr.

Ji back”

A few days ago, Ji Shitings video was spreading on the Internet.

Shang Tianyi even suggested Ye Shengge take the chance to make a comeback as the wife of T.S.

Corporations president, but Ye Shengge refused.

“I dont know either.

Just help me reject it and say I cant go on stage because of an emergency,” Li Yinian said.

“Ill contact you after I understand the situation.”

“Okay,” Shang Tianyi agreed.

“Leave it to me.”

After hanging up the phone, Li Yinian arrived at 1912 Clubhouse.

This clubhouse was where Qiao Yanze often came to play.

Li Yinian was relieved, so she arranged to meet Ye Shengge here.

It was nighttime so the clubhouse was dim.

She wore a mask and arrived on the second floor.

She hadnt expected to see a familiar figure from afar.

The young man was grabbing the girls wrist, and they seemed to be arguing about something.

“Go home, dont stay in such a place!”

“No, I want to pay you back! You didnt do anything that day, so I cant ask for your $500,000… My mom used it because she was in a hurry for the operation, but Ill think of a way to pay you back!”

“Are you dumb” The man sounded anxious.

“There must be someone who wants me even if you dont want me.

Ive decided to sell it this time anyway.

I have to sell it!” The girl sounded stubborn.

The man scratched his head.

At this moment, he heard a clear and ethereal voice.

“Gu Yimo”

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Gu Yimo looked over and was shocked.

“Yinian… Why are you here!”

He and Li Yinian were cousins from a long distance away, and the two families rarely interacted.

He wasnt familiar with Li Yinian, but at least they knew each other.

Later, because of Qiao Yanze, they knew about each other, but they hadnt met.

It was awkward to meet her here.

Gu Yimo let go of the girl in front of him and couldnt help but cough.

“Im here to look for Shengge.” Li Yinian looked at the girl and smiled.

She then looked at Gu Yimo.

“Go ahead and play.

Ill head over first..”

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