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Chapter 989: The Same Ye Shengge

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Elsewhere in Yang City.

Grandpa Ji had redistributed the shares of the Ji family, and he and Ji Shiting still held the majority.

Ye Shengge and the two kids had equal shares, but it wasnt a small sum.

Moreover, Ye Shengge would be in charge of holding their shares before the two kids reached adulthood.

In other words, although she wasnt the person in charge of the company, she could still participate in the board meeting as a major shareholder.

Ye Shengge officially resigned from the board of directors, and Ji Shiting returned to the company to become the executive president of T.S.

Corporation after the board of directors made a decision.

The media soon released the news to the public.

Although Ji Shiting had been missing for three years, his name hadnt been forgotten, especially in the economic and financial world.

Everyone felt that he had returned.

To give the shareholders confidence, Ji Shiting agreed to show his face in the media for the first time.

At the press conference held by T.S.

Corporation, Ji Shiting stood on stage and made a brief statement.

He explained the reason for his disappearance in the past three years, thanked his family for their support, thanked his wife, and looked forward to the future of T.S.


The announcement only lasted for three minutes, but it had an earth-shattering impact.

That man was so handsome!

All corners of the Internet were filled with shrieks of amazement.

That mans handsome facial features were enough to beat all the young men in the entertainment industry, not to mention his noble and calm temperament.

He immediately became the target of all the girls, and countless people became his die-hard fans.


Corporations shares soared that day.

However, everyone still remembered that the man had thanked his wife.

He had a wife… This news broke many hearts.

However, wasnt his wife Ye Shengge While Ji Shiting wasnt around, she was the one in charge of T.S.


But… Was it that Ye Shengge Ye Shengge who had retired from the entertainment industry three years ago

The timing seemed to match! Besides, T.S.

Corporation had invested inXue Ning, which made Ye Shengge popular.

Some gossipy netizens still remembered that Ji Shiting was Ye Shengges sugar daddy.

If it was really the same person, it meant that… Ye Shengge had not only hooked up with a sugar daddy, but she had also married into a rich family.

Besides, she could manage T.S.

Corporation when it was inconvenient for Ji Shiting, which showed that she wasnt the kind of woman who would marry into the Ji family as nothing more than a fertility tool.

Instead, she had truly gained the trust and recognition of the Ji family.

Otherwise, how could she have such a great say


Everyone couldnt continue analyzing.

All they could do was feel jealous.

All kinds of rumors spread.

Some people said that they had seen Ji Shiting come to visit Ye Shengge when she was filming on set, but they didnt know that it was the famous Ji Shiting.

However, some people said that they had seen Mrs.

Ji before, and she wasnt like Ye Shengge at all.

Others said that Ye Shengge had gone overseas after she retired.

How could she be the same person as Mrs.

Ji Shiting

The netizens on the Internet had been arguing for days, and Ye Shengges name was trending.

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However, Ye Shengge couldnt care less..

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