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Chapter 988: Bring It Back In One Piece

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Everyone heard it clearly.

Jing Tong blushed and said, “I dont want to be so high up in the air… And I told you, you wont succeed! I dont trust you either!”

“But your father was really killed by you.” Hua Cheng continued to attack her.

“He can only spend the rest of his life in prison.

You have to remember that youre the one who killed him! You, the daughter he pampers!”

“Hes the one who got himself killed!” Jiang Yu said.

“Shut her mouth and stop her from talking!”

The subordinate immediately covered Hua Chengs mouth, and all her struggles were futile.

Hua Cheng was brought to the elevator.

Jiang Yu looked at Jing Tong.

Her face was pale, and she looked dejected.

Obviously, she was still affected by Hua Chengs words.

Jiang Yu hugged her and said, “Dont listen to her nonsense, Jing Tong.

You did the right thing.

Your father brought this upon himself.

It has nothing to do with you.”

The woman in his arms trembled and said hoarsely, “But hes my father after all… Dad might have let everyone down, but hes never let me down…”


Did he think about you when he was doing all this Did he think about whether you could handle it Did he think about how you would suffer No, he didnt think about it.

Youre the person hes letting down the most!”

The mans deep voice was firm.

Jing Tong shivered for a moment and finally came back to reality.

She hesitated for a bit and nodded.

“Youre right…”

At this moment, she suddenly realized that she was being hugged by that man.

The mans unfamiliar aura and warmth made her uncomfortable.

She pushed him away and said, “Lets go.

We cant let them run away.”

Jiang Yu swallowed hard, but the woman was pushing him, so he let her go.


No matter how Hua Cheng struggled, she eventually passed the iris recognition, and the elevator sent them to the research institutes entrance.

The special forces rushed in, and within half an hour, Hua Chengs subordinates were completely subdued, including a few unconscious victims.

However, she didnt see Professor Xu.

Hua Cheng was relieved to know that Professor Xu had disappeared.

Fortunately, she had a special way of communicating with Professor Xu, so she informed him immediately.

She had hope as long as Professor Xu was alive.

Jiang Yu looked at her and immediately understood.

“Tell the people outside to be cautious.

Xu Wei wont be able to run far.”

Before long, his subordinates collected all the electronic equipment and experimental equipment.

Jiang Yus eyes dimmed, and he ordered, “Destroy them all on the spot.”

Although Xu Wei had run away, he couldnt take away the instruments and equipment.

Jiang Yu wasnt interested in checking the operating principles of these instruments.

He knew that completely destroying them in front of everyone was the only way.

He couldnt guarantee that the other higher-ups in the government wouldnt have any ideas about these instruments.

Otherwise, his report wouldnt have been approved so quickly.

However, the captain of the special forces team said hesitantly, “Captain Jiang, we received special instructions before we came.

The higher-ups asked us to bring these instruments and equipment back intact, so…”


Jiang Yus face turned sullen..

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