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Chapter 983: Family Gathered

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Ye Shengge stared at his dark eyes and suddenly smiled.

“Since you said you would respect me, you wont force me, right”

Ji Shiting frowned as he felt that it was a trap.

However, he couldnt deny it, so he looked at her silently.

Ye Shengges smile widened.

“So if I say I dont want it, it means I really dont want it.

Remember to respect my feelings!”

Ji Shiting looked at her smug face and said in a hoarse voice, “Ill decide that based on the situation.”

Ye Shengge snorted, thinking that she mustve been too happy to let him do whatever he wanted today.

She didnt believe that man would really rape her if she didnt agree.

Ji Shiting seemed to know what she was thinking.

He smiled and grabbed her hand again.

“Lets go.

Dont make Grandpa and the others wait.”

Ye Shengge couldnt help following him downstairs, thinking that his meaningful smile was exactly the same as before…

Tonight, Sister Xiu led the kitchen to prepare a feast.

This was the first time the family had gathered together.

At the dining table, the two kids had just drunk soup, and Grandpa Ji wiped Jinqings mouth with a smile.

Seeing that Ji Shiting and Ye Shengge were walking over, Jinchen smiled and said, “Can you feed me today, Daddy”

“No, youre already three years old.

You should eat by yourself,” Ji Shiting said as he looked at his sons face.

Ye Shengge was upset.

“Youve never fed them before.

Whats wrong with feeding them once today”

Ji Shiting looked at her and said, “Mommy is right.

Come here, Jinchen.

Let Dad feed you.”

He then reached out to his son.

Jinchen immediately jumped out of his chair and walked to Ji Shiting.

Ji Shiting picked him up and sat down.

Jinqing blinked and said, “Dad, I want you to feed me too…”

Ji Shiting looked at his daughter and thought that he should treat them equally.

Hence, he nodded and said, “Okay, you come too.”

Grandpa Ji carried Jinqing and put her on Ji Shitings lap.

The man was holding a child on each side, and he could even feed the two kids with chopsticks and spoons.

He looked calm and reminded them to slow down.

His tone wasnt gentle, but he was patient.

Ye Shengge stared blankly and forgot to eat.

She had been looking forward to this for a long time, so she didnt want to dwell on the differences anymore.

All she could do was try to get used to him.

Ye Shengge sighed.

Grandpa Ji was relieved.

He looked at Ye Shengge and smiled.

“Leave the two kids to him.

I think hes getting used to it pretty fast.

You can relax a bit.

Eat up.”

Ye Shengge nodded and picked up her chopsticks.

Ji Shiting looked up at her and raised an eyebrow.

Ye Shengge immediately understood what he meant.

See, I told you I would raise the two kids well.

Ye Shengge glared back at him.

‘You can at least last for ten days to half a month before showing off.

I raised them singlehandedly for three years and I havent even bragged about it.

The man smiled, seemingly trying to say, “Just you wait.”

Grandpa Ji thought that the couple was just flirting.

He couldnt help sighing and thinking to himself that they were really loving..

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