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Chapter 954: Gloating Is His Style

Hua Cheng thought for a bit.

There werent any suitable girls recently.

Just as she was about to reject him, she was suddenly reminded of Ye Shengge in the room.

“Tell them I have one here.” Hua Cheng smiled.

After all these years, she had lost her humanity.

To her, people were all just objects, and they were separated into what she could use and what she couldnt.

The only time she had felt any sympathy was three years ago when Ji Ziliang had knelt in front of her and licked her feet, hoping to take Ji Shiting away after the operation.

She had thought that Ji Shiting would come back if the operation was successful, and Ji Ziliangs humble begging had made her feel like taking revenge, so she nodded and agreed.

However, Ji Shiting hadnt returned yet, and he was still alive.

Thus, they had to spend a lot of effort to get him here three years later.

She wouldnt make the same mistake again.

She would send Ye Shengge out of here, which wasnt against the agreement.

Even if Ji Shiting knew, what could he do to her

Hua Cheng couldnt help chuckling at the thought of Ye Shengge, the wife of the president of T.S.

Corporation who used to be high up in the air and later on became president of the company,becoming a blank canvas and a sex slave of a rich man.

Or perhaps she would be lucky enough to be found by the Ji family, but so what A woman who had completely lost her memory couldnt hold Night Banquet responsible.

“Wheres the goods, Sister Hua” Her subordinate asked.

“Follow me.” Hua Cheng led him to Ye Shengges room.

“How much do we need this time”

“Itll cost at least five million.

This is the best today.” Hua Cheng snorted.

In the past few years, they had lost Jing Zhiyuan, their funding source, so they could only think of other ways to earn money.

Night Banquet seemed glamorous, but because of the huge capital required, the profits werent high, so Hua Cheng cooperated with the underground auction house to send the beautiful girls in the nightclub who were weak and didnt have any family or friends, to the underground auction house.

They basically earned more than a million yuan every month, but that money was still a drop in the bucket for research.

She told her subordinates to go in, but she still stood outside the door.

This wasnt the first time her subordinates had done this, so he dragged a huge suitcase in, covered the helpless womans eyes, put her in the big suitcase, and walked out.

“Sister Hua, its done.”

“Go.” Hua Cheng was satisfied.

Xiao Ruilang had been staying in a five-star hotel in Beijing the day before, but it was already noon when he woke up.

He hadnt slept well last night because he was worried about Ji Shiting and Ye Shengge.

Based on his personality, it would be good enough if he didnt kick her when she was down.

It was his style to stand by and even gloat.

However, what Ji Shiting had told him had been disturbing his peace.

If something untoward really happened to Ye Shengge, how much lesser fun would he have in the future

Xiao Ruilang couldnt help snorting, as if he was laughing at himself.

So what if he was really willing to help those two He couldnt stand seeing them look like they were glad to have just survived a disaster, especially when he thought about how he might have to see them display their affection in public in the future.

He called for room service, walked to the desk, turned on the computer, and checked his email.

He realized that the underground auction center had sent him the auction list.

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