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Chapter 928: Too Lucky

She was furious!

However, everyone was waiting for her to show her card, so she walked over, took a deep breath, and flipped the card.

All eyes were on the card.

Another A!

‘Xiao Ruilang is so lucky today! Ye Shengge thought angrily, but then, she heard everyone cry out, and Xiao Ruilangs face sank.

Ye Shengge suddenly realized something was wrong.

Another A meant Xiao Ruilang had gotten two As.

If both As were 11 points, it would add up to 22 points.

If they exceeded 21 points, they would lose!

If one was counted as 11 and the other was counted as 1, it would add up to… 12.

As for Ji Shiting, his cards added up to… 13 points.

So the winner was… Ji Shiting

“Sorry, Mr.


It looks like my luck is better,” the man said with a smile.

“Damn, this is so exciting!” Someone slapped his thigh.

“Youre amazing, Old Huo!”

Ye Shengge finally came back to reality.

She took a deep breath and looked at Xiao Ruilang.

“Sorry, Mr.


Although she looked apologetic, the gaze in her eyes wasnt apologetic at all.

Since Xiao Ruilang had already guessed that Young Master Huo was Ji Shiting, she didnt need to pretend anymore.

Sure enough, Xiao Ruilang looked angry, but he suppressed it.

He said, “How is it your fault I admit defeat.” He looked at Ye Shengge and smiled.


Ye Shengge didnt care what he was plotting.

She walked to the other side of the table.

Ji Shiting pinched her hand as if he was checking his spoils of war, but Ye Shengge knew that he was trying to reassure her.

Her eyes welled up with tears when she felt the mans burning hand.

“Um…” Young Master Cheng hesitated as he tried to give them an out.

“Why dont…”

“Why dont we forget about the one billion” Ji Shiting suggested.

“After all, I forced Mr.

Xiao to bet with me.

I just wanted to play, not gamble.

I hope Mr.

Xiao doesnt mind.”

“Thats right.

Young Master Huo is very particular,” Young Master Cheng immediately agreed and breathed a sigh of relief.

He didnt want to offend Xiao Ruilang.

However, Xiao Ruilang didnt buy it.

He chuckled and said, “I told you, Ill admit defeat.

I can still afford to pay one billion yuan.

Young Master Huo, tell me your account number.

Ill transfer the money to you immediately.”

“No need.

I dont deserve it.” Ji Shiting refused without hesitation.

“No.” Xiao Ruilang sneered.

“If I win, Ill definitely ask you for the one billion yuan, so I have to give you the money.”

Seeing that Xiao Ruilang was about to flare up, Young Master Cheng said, “Young Master Huo, just accept it.”

Ji Shiting paused and smiled.

“Okay then.”

Someone brought a pen and paper.

Ji Shiting wrote down a string of numbers and wrote down Young Master Huos name.

The paper was delivered to Xiao Ruilang.

Xiao Ruilang looked at the handwriting and seemed to be trying to figure something out.

After a while, he smiled and said, “Very good.”

“Then…” Ji Shiting stood up and hugged the woman beside him.

He put his hand on the womans waist and looked at everyone.

“Ill take my leave first.”

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