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Chapter 872: Mischief

Qiao Yanze and Li Yinian were completely dazed.

They looked at Ji Shiting and then at the two kids.

Their dazed expressions made the two kids chuckle again.

Li Yinian reacted faster.

Even if the two kids didnt recognize Ji Shiting, they shouldnt have called Qiao Yanze and Li YinianMommy and Daddy.

This meant that they recognized Ji Shiting and said that on purpose so that Ji Shiting would think Qiao Yanze and her were their biological parents.

It was probably some prank…

Li Yinian quickly put those thoughts at the back of her mind and played along.

She said, “Okay, Mommy will take you home first and let Daddy talk to this uncle.”

She was still shocked that Mr.

Ji was back…Does Shengge know Li Yinian suddenly understood something upon recalling how energetic Ye Shengge had been these days.

However, she found it strange because she thought that Ji Shiting should have immediately realized that the pair of twins was his and Shengges children upon seeing them… How did he get fooled by them

“Can we give Uncle an invitation to the birthday banquet” Jinchen tugged at Li Yinians hand.

“Of course.” Li Yinian smiled.

“Say goodbye to Uncle.”

“Okay,” the two kids answered.

They turned around and smiled at Ji Shiting.

“See you in three days, Uncle.”

Ji Shiting curled his lips and said, “Okay, goodbye.”

Li Yinian held the two childrens hands and walked to the door of the villa.

She looked at Qiao Yanze when she passed him.

Qiao Yanze didnt recover from his shock until now.

“Ji Shiting!” He gritted his teeth.

Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow and walked toward him.

“What were you doing in the car Call yourself parents.

What if the children go missing”

Qiao Yanze frowned.

He had the same doubts as Li Yinian.

It was one thing for the two kids to prank them, but how could Ji Shiting not guess who the parents of the twins were

“You…” He suddenly clenched his fist and punched Ji Shitings shoulder.

He sneered, “How dare you talk about me Where have you been all these years Why did you show up all of a sudden Have you returned to the Ji family Does Ye Shengge know”

Ji Shiting said calmly, “Lets talk somewhere else.”

Half an hour later, Qiao Yanze started to smoke his fifth cigarette.

There was too much information for him to digest.

Ji Shiting lit up a cigarette and bit it, glancing at the living room nearby from time to time.

The two kids were energetic and had been chasing each other for half an hour.

They kept whispering to each other, making others curious about what they were talking about.

He puffed out a smoke ring and looked at Qiao Yanze.

“What do you want to say”

“You lost your memory,” Qiao Yanze said coldly.

“Seems like its true this time.”

‘No wonder he doesnt remember the existence of the twins.

“Yes.” Ji Shiting tapped the cigarette to flick off the ash.

“You suspect that theres an illegal human body experiment going on somewhere that is conducted with the aim to achieve the goal of mind control.

If the other party succeeds, the consequences will be unimaginable.” Qiao Yanze took a deep breath.

“And you need my help.”

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