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Ji Shiting smiled.

“But I still ended up sharing a room with you.”

He wouldve still been able to capture this woman if she hadnt shown up but he liked this coincidence.

As for Ye Siyan being in possession of key number 203… It seemed Xie Siqi was behind it.

Ji Shiting scoffed.

“Share” Ye Shengges eyes popped.


Ji, isnt this your house Why dont you sleep in your own room”

“My room is occupied.” Ji Shiting shot him a glance.

“Otherwise, do you really think I would want to sleep in the same room as you”

Sleep in the same room… Ye Shengge felt her ears burning.

It was a great opportunity for her, but for some reason, she couldnt be as fearless as she was in front of this man.

She didnt even dare to say that she wanted to sleep with him.

Ye Shengge chuckled dryly and said, “Ill switch rooms after weve settled the contract…”

“The guest rooms are full tonight,” Ji Shiting said sarcastically.

“Or do you plan to take a taxi home later”

Ye Shengge was stunned.

She knew how remote it was when she first came here.

Where would she find a taxi at this hour

Was she really going to spend the night with that man

Ji Shiting saw how conflicted she looked, and he couldnt help grin.

“Dont worry.

As long as you behave yourself, I wont do anything to you.”

Ye Shengge blushed and said, “I… I wont bother you.

Rest assured!”

Ji Shiting expression turned even colder.

“Have you drafted the contract Come here.” He turned around and walked to his desk and powered on his laptop.

Ye Shengge followed him and sat down beside him.

“I just wrote up some details.


She then opened the memo.

Ji Shiting glanced at her phone screen then he looked up at her.

“These are the details you are talking about”

“I didnt expect to sign the contract tonight…” Ye Shengge said.

“I dont like that.” Ji Shiting tapped the keyboard with both hands and said coldly.

“As the decision maker, you have to think about everything and be prepared.”

“Youre right.” Ye Shengge couldnt help using a respectful tone.

“It was my mistake.”

Ji Shiting snuck another glance.

Noticing her seemingly pondering, he couldnt help smile.

“Just be careful from now on.” Ji Shiting started to type on his keyboard.

It wasnt exactly because he was focused, but he didnt seem to be paying attention at all.

Perhaps it was because he was wearing a robe for bed but the man seemed to have lost all sense of distance and coldness.

His hair was ruffled, which made him appear more relaxed.

The mans dark eyes were focused on his laptop with his dark eyes, yet he looked calm and relaxed.

Ye Shengge couldnt help gulpin.

For some reason, she felt that Ji Shiting looked sexy.

Her fingers started to move…

She wanted to stroke his hair… No, she wanted to help him dry his hair.

Realizing that she had such an impulse, Ye Shengge immediately lowered her head and hid her hands behind her back, as if she couldnt control herself.


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